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Major/Minor Program Information

The Mathematics Department offers a liberal arts major, leading to a bachelor of science or bachelor of arts in mathematics from the College of Letters and Sciences; or a teaching major, leading to a bachelor of science in education from the College of Education.

Each emphasis of the major requires 37-39 units in mathematics consisting of 7 core courses and an additional 3-4 specialized courses in the student's area of concentration. Both BA and BS degree choices provide students with a strong background for advanced study at the graduate level.

In addition, the department offers several minors/emphases for students who would like a stronger background in mathematics to complement their chosen major.

Mathematics Majors

The Department of Mathematics offers several distinct emphases for a degree in mathematics:


    Student interested in pursuing graduate work in mathematics or combining their mathematics major with a second major or emphasis in music, art, or language would be interested in the PURE MATHEMATICS emphasis.


    A student interested in a career as a statistician, an actuary, a demographer, or a specialist in marketing, quality control, or economics would be interested in the MATHEMATICS STATISTICS emphasis.


    A student interested in using the tools of mathematics to solve applied problems common in the sciences, engineering, and social sciences might be interested in the APPLIED MATHEMATICS emphasis.


    A student interested in a career as a mathematics educator at the secondary school level would be interested in the MATHEMATICS FOR SECONDARY EDUCATION emphasis.


Mathematics Minors/Emphases

Mathematics Minor (22 units)

  • Math 253, Math 254, Math 255, and Math 280
  • Select six elective math units in courses numbered 300 or higher except Math 375

Actuarial Mathematics Minor (24 units)

  • Unique Requirement: Math 255, Math 280, and Math 441
  • Account 244, Account 249, CompSci 181, Econ 201, Econ 202, FNBSLW 446, FNBSLW 464
  • Select one course: CompSci 172, CompSci 174, CompSci 347

Mathematics: Secondary Education Emphasis (24 units)

  • Math 253, Math 254, Math 280, Math 342, Math 353
  • Select one course from Math 355 or Math 452

Mathematics: Elementary Education Emphasis (23 units)

  • Math 152, Math 231, Math 352, Math 370, Math 375, Math 415, Math 416


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