UW Whitewater SMA

Welcome to the Student Math Association.

We are a student chapter of Mathematics Association of America located at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater.

We here at SMA welcome anyone interested in Mathematics to join us personally or electronically to share new, interesting, and innovative ideas.


About Us

The Student Math Association can be a great way to get involved with more of the social aspects of college. If you're looking for clubs to join, consider us, especially if you have, or are considering a mathematically related major/minor. We don't just sit around and play with our pocket protectors either...
Last semester SMA:

* Hosted multiple talks on different areas of Mathematics given by professors of the Math department.

* Had several social events including a social meeting, potluck, euchre night, game and dice night, and paintball.


This semester we are working hard on making SMA a better social and academic club.

Our purpose is to promote the interest of mathematics, to aid students with an interest in mathematics, and to promote interaction among undergraduates, graduates, and faculty. Interacting with others' helps you to better network in finding employment, aids in educational advancement, and exposes you to countless other opportunities.


Please join our group and help us to improve SMA to better serve all.

How to Join:
Step 1: Either show up at one of our meetings or get in contact with us electronically.
Step 2: Sign the "New Members" or "Sign In" sheets.
Step 3: Enjoy the benefits of being a member.