Spring, 2001
Computer Science 765-171
Introduction to Programming

Dr. Bennette Harris


Office and Office Hours
Baker 336
Office Hours:MWF 8:50-9:55 & 1:10-2:15, TuTh 9:30-10:45, or by appointment

Important DatesFall 2000Spring 2001
Last day to drop without a W 9/182/2
  Last day to drop semester course  10/133/2
Midterm grades due10/193/15
No classes  9/4; 11/23-26  3/24-4/1, 4/13
Last day of class12/135/11

Mathematics 760-143 (Finite Mathematics), 760-152 (Elementary Functions), or concurrent registration in 760-253 (Calculus I). In general, solid logical and problem solving skills are required for success in this course.

Course Waiver
This course along with Computer Applications (765-162) is a prerequisite for entry into courses offered in the MCS major. Prospective MCS majors who feel that they have already mastered the material covered in this course can have this prerequisite waved, freeing up time in their schedule for another course. Students interested in receiving a waver for either 162 or 171 should contact Dr. J. Kane (send e-mail inquiries to kanej@mail.uww.edu).

Turbo Pascal--Programming and Problem Solving, by Mickey Settle and Michel Boillot. We will cover selected sections from Chapters 1-10. Computers are available for your use in the basement of McGraw Hall and Anderson Library. Visit the labs soon to get acquainted with the PCs there.

Required Supplies
You will need three 3.5" diskettes, IBM format, and a velcro-closure envelope folder (please get the 9.5"x12" size that fits normal 8.5"x11" letter size paper - the larger 15" size won't fit in my briefcase!). Disks ($1.00) and folders ($1.75) can be purchased at the bookstore.

Purpose of Course
This course is designed to be a first professional course in computer programming. We will discuss many important topics: top-down design, modularization of programs, proper program construction and style, program documentation, proper program logic and loop control, use of user-defined functions and procedures, defining and using one and two dimensional arrays, simple string handling in Turbo Pascal, working with sequential files, and using records. Warning: this course is not merely about programming computers--you will be actively engaged in the program creation process! As such, there is a tremendous amount of work to be done in this course. You will learn how to plan a solution to a problem using a computer program and then implement that solution using Turbo Pascal.

Homework will be assigned daily (a course schedule is available) and some class time will be devoted to answering questions on previously assigned work. It will be impossible to cover every detail of all the questions which are asked. If yours was not answered, or you still don't understand, see me during office hours or make an appointment for a more convenient time. To be of maximum educational benefit, homework should always be done as if it were to be handed in. Sloppy work, messy notation, and leaving-out-of-steps practiced on homework is very hard to avoid under the pressure of an exam. Although homework will not be collected or graded, a great many questions on the exams will be modeled on the homework problems assigned in the text.


        Hour Exams: 3 @ 150 pts each:   450
        Programs:                       450
        Final Exam:                     500
        Total:                         1400
Your final course grade will be assigned as follows: A: 90% or better; B: 80 - 89%; C: 70 - 79%; D: 60 - 69%; F: below 60%. Passing course grades will be awarded only to those students who turn in all programming assignments and take all scheduled examinations. Dates for the hour exams have already been set (see the course schedule). If you know you will be absent the day of an exam, please talk to me beforehand or leave a message to make arrangements to take the exam.

Attendance, Testing and Grading
Because most students find a first course in programming challenging, regular class attendance in this course is strongly encouraged! Your semester grade will be based on the total points you earn: exams, quizzes and in-class work, computer programs, and the final exam. You may use a calculator on all exams. Programs turned in late will normally incur severe late penalties. Students with legitimate excuses which prevent them from turning in work or taking exams must call me or send word as soon as possible describing the problem. Usually, something can be worked out to everyone's satisfaction when sufficient prior notification is made.

Make-up Policy
If needed, any make-up tests will be given on one of the authorized make-up days during final exam week. For those situations not covered by the policies shown below for accommodation of religious beliefs and scheduled university events, I will be the sole judge of whether a make-up test will be permitted.

UWW Policies
The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is dedicated to a safe[A], supportive and non-discriminatory[B] learning environment. It is the responsibility of all undergraduate and graduate students to familiarize themselves with University policies regarding Special Accommodations[C], Misconduct[D], Religious Beliefs Accommodation[E], Discrimination[F] and Absence for University Sponsored Events[G]. For details please refer to the Undergraduate and Graduate Timetables; the "Rights and Responsibilities"[H] section of the Undergraduate Bulletin; the Academic Requirements and Policies[J] and the Facilities and Services[K] sections of the Graduate Bulletin; and the "Student Academic Disciplinary Procedures" [UWS Chapter 14][L]; and the "Student Nonacademic Disciplinary Procedures" [UWS Chapter 17][M].

[A] http://www.uww.edu/bulletin/legal/legal7.html#Safety
[B] http://www.uww.edu/stdhdbk/uwwpolicies.html#bias
[C] http://www.uww.edu/StdRsces/dss/
[D] http://www.uww.edu/bulletin/legal/index.html#Misconduct
[E] http://www.uww.edu/bulletin/legal/legal5.html
[F] http://www.uww.edu/bulletin/legal/legal6.html
[G] http://www.uww.edu/bulletin/legal/index.html#Absence
[H] http://www.uww.edu/bulletin/legal/index.html#Rights2
[J] http://www.uww.edu/gradstudies/policies_page.html
[K] http://www.uww.edu/gradstudies/policies.htm#services
[L] http://www.uww.edu/stdhdbk/uwsystem.html#14

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