Email from Philipp Majid-Landis concerning Wappen

In reference to coats-of-arms for the Landis families

A coat-of-arms is typically a symbol of nobility, so most coats of arms can be seen as an attempt to emulate noble descent and date back to the 18th and 19th century (there is no actual nobility in Switzerland, but there are the so called regimental families). With the exception of a certain Jacob Landys from Basel ( who might as well have other origins, no Landis belonged to the social elite before industrialization, though there might still be a chance to find evidence for a 15th century ancestor purchasing this coat-of-arms. In modern periods they where usually granted to members of a guild. To this day it is possible to register new coats of arms, because there are no legal regulations to it. This is probably why there is a whole number of such coat-of-arms for the name Landis. The source stated for the coat of arms you mentioned is: "Neues historisches Wappenbuch der Stadt Zürich, by Jean Egli, 1860" (there is also a reprint of 2013):

The following website by the Zürich guild-committee, assigned with matters of heraldry, explains the rules applying to the creation of a coat-of-arms (you might want to use some online translation tool):

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