Brian C. Tompsett has assembled an impressive on-line transcription of the British royal genealogy, borrowing from the "Complete Peereage". Noting differences between the Tompsett website and the Mormon website, I emailed Brian in March 2011 .

Brian Tompsett replied, calling my attention to a number of sources of information on the genealogy of the British royal family. Brian especially cited the large Complete Peerage, but also contributed a number of on-line sources of information. His references are below.

The seed corn for this database was published in 1992 as a GEDCOM by
Denis R. Reid  and available from[1-9]
and this has been made Web browsable:
and also made Web browsable by Birger Wathne via
 (now no longer available)

Another Royal GEDCOM can be found in the FHS package, available as:[12].zip

This database has been re-validated from sources and expanded from 3000 to
over 30000 records by my own research. It is a quite different dataset now.

The research bibliography includes:

For details of the Lineages of world Royal Families and overall structure:
 "Dynasties of the World" by John E. Morby, Oxford University Press, 1989.
 republished as
 "The Wordsworth Handbook of Kings & Queens", Wordsworth 1994.

Handbooks useful for navigation:

 "Larousse Pocket Guide to Kings & Queens of Britain and Europe", Larousse,
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 "Great Dynasties" 1980, Mayflower Books, translation of
 "Grandi Dinastie" 1979, Arnoldo Mondadori (Italian)

For the basic British Royal Lineage with modern data
 "The Royal Line of Sucession - The British Monarchy from Cerdic AD534 to
 Queen Elizabeth" by Patrick W. Montague-Smith (Late Editor, Debrett's Peerage)
 Pitkin Pictorials, 1986.

and also
 "Kings and Queens of Great Britain" by Anne Tauté. Hamish Hamilton, Penguin 
  1990. (a large wallchart)

 "Lines of Sucession, Heraldy of the Royal Families of Europe"
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For depth on British Royalty:
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 Bund III. Includes Die Konige von Grossbritannien.  (In German)
 Bund I, II and IV show many other Royal lines.
 "Europaische Stammtafeln Neue Folge" by Detlev Schwennicke
 Bands 1.1 -> XIX,  1998.

For breadth of coverage, but beware of errors (there are a lot of them!)
 "The Royal Families of England Scotland and Wales - With pedigrees of Royal
 descents in illustration." by Sir Bernard Burke, Harrison, 1876.

 "The English and Norman Conquest" by Ann Williams, The Boydell Press, 1995.

 "King Alfred The Great" by Alfred P. Smyth, Oxford University Press, 1995.

For details of Lancastrian and York Royal families and the families of Clarence-
Mortimer, Beaufort, Holland, Stafford and Bourchier and Neville. Correcting
Burkes' Errors.
 "Lancaster and York - A century of English History (AD 1399 - 1485)" by
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For details of the Fitzalan family and the Dukes of Arundel
 "Thomas Arundel - A study of Church Life in the Reign of Richard II" by 
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For detail on the de Montford's, de Clare's, the house of Savoyard and the links
to the Welsh and Scottish lines
 "Edward Plantagenet (Edward I) The English Justinian or The Making of the
 Common Law" by Edward Jenks, Putnam's, 1902.

The links with the house of Savoyard
 "Edward I" by L.F. Salzman, Constable, 1968

The house of de Valois
 "Genesis of Lancaster or The Three Reigns of Edward II, Edward III, Richard II
 1307-1399" by James Ramsay, Oxford, 1913. "The Scholars History of England,
 Volume V.

The links between de Valois, the Low Countries, Burgundy and England:
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Details of the early ancestors of the house of Guelph:
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 British Empire" by Sir Bernard Burke, 18th Edition, 1856.

 "The Complete Peerage or a history of the house of  Lords and all its members
 from the earliest times" by G.E. Cokayne revised by G.H. White, 1953.
All volumes have been referenced, but particular mention can be made of:
The siblings of William the Conqueror, and 
 details of the de la Poles, Dukes of Suffolk: Volume XII.
The bastards of Henry I, ibid Volume XI.
The bastards of Charles II, ibid Volume VI.
The Earls of Pembroke and the Earls of Orkney, ibid Volume X.
The Earls of Thomond, ibid Volume XII pt 1.
The Earls of Huntingdon, ibid Volume VI.
The Dukes of Norfolk, ibid Volume IX.
The Earls of Oxford, ibid Volume X.
The Dukes of York, ibid Volume XII pt 2.

For details of the de Valence line
 "Aymer de Valence, Earl of Pembroke 1307-1324. Baronial Politics in the Reign
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For details of the links between Eleanor of Castile and other lines:
 "The Court and Household of Eleanor of Castile in 1290. An edition of the
 British Library Additional Manuscript 35294 with introduction and Notes"
 by John Carmi Parsons, 1977.
For details of modern desendant of James I, Prussian royals 
  and general Peerage details:
 "Burke's genealogical and heraldic history of the Peerage Baronetage and
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For details of the Counts of Aumale as decended from the Dukes of Normandy:
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For details of Piers Gaveston:
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 Reign of Edward II" by J.S. Hamilton. Wayne State University Press, 1988.

Links between the Scandanavian Houses:
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 "Nachkommen Gorms des Alten" by S. Otto Brenner, extracts provided by
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 16 Aug 1996

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  (Data extracted by Tom Camfield )

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 Kings of Iberia by Paul Theroff. Net Posting 03/05/94, via Rik Vigeland
   see also

 Burke's Royal Families of the World, 1977. Data extracted by John Macleod
 of London <>

For Arabic/Iberian Links:

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For Islamic Lines:

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 "The Encylopeadia of Islam" 1927-1998.

For Biblical lines:
 The Bible, Authorized Version. (i.e. James VI version)

For the Dukes of Burgundy:
 The House of Burgundy by Paul Theroff. Net Posting via Rik Vigeland
   see also 

 "Les Grands Ducs de Bourgogne" by Joseph Calmette. Albin Michel, 1949. or
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The Medici's:
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Links to the Governors of Virginia:
 "The Royal Descents of 500 Imigrants" by Gary Boyd Roberts, Genealogical
  Publishing, 1993. (Data extracted by Michael Clark  and
  Ed Chapman  Jan 1995 )

Link to Lady Godiva:
 Netposting by Todd Farmerie  6 Feb 1995 and
 Tom Camfield .

The de Clares:
 "A Baronial Family in Medieval England: The Clares, 1217-1314" by Michael
 Altschul. John Hopkins Press, 1965.

The Spencers:
 "A Short History of Althorp and the Spencer Family" (An early 1950's guide
  to Althorp)

Early Viking details:
  The Prologue of,
 "The Prose Edda" by Snorri Sturluson. Translation by Athur Brodeur.
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Jacobite descendants:
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Dukes of Norfolk:
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 Debrett's 1995, extracts provided by Louis Epstein 

 The Cliffords:
  "The House of Clifford from before the Conquest" by Hugh Clifford 
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 The Kennedy's:
  "Culzean Castle & Country Park" (guidebook), National Trust for Scotland,

 The Douglas's (but beware that Hume took liberties with the truth!):
  "David Hume of Godscroft's 'The History of the House of Douglas' "
 edited by David Reid. The Scottish text Society, 1996

 The Cecil's of Burghley:
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 The Sykes of Sledmere:
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 Miscelaneous Links to English Gentry:
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 Canonised Royalty:
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 The Agilolfing dynasty of Bavaria and the Kings of Lombardy:
 "Reallexicon der Germanischen Altertumskunde", data extracted by
 Stewart Baldwin 

 Contemporaneous Information obtained from various sources such as BBC Radio
 and TV News, Hello Magazine, Newspapers, and the usenet newsgroups and soc.genealogy.medieval and other similar sources.