In a nutshell, Math 177 is unlike other Math courses you might have had trouble with, in that you are very likely to have a lot of fun here!
If I can,
you can !
[1] Persons with no prior experience are made to feel comfortable
[2]  Your grade does not depend upon whether or not you can "win" games, though your ego (self-esteem) will probably be affected, alas.
[3] Most students will receive a "B" or an "A" as a final grade.

[4] You must bring a chess set to each class, possibly borrowed. Prof McFarland sends away to the U.S. Chess Federation for relatively cheap durable sets and boards, and re-sells them to students for zero profit at the start of the semester, while they last.

[5] You must buy (or otherwise legally obtain) a book on how to play chess well. You will have a great deal of freedom to choose a book which suits your interests and budget. Used books are fine, but library books are not allowed. Some former students might be willing to sell books which they bought earlier but have outgrown.

Also check the syllabus for a more specific description of the course, or contact THE BOSS.

Prof. Mcfarland

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12 August 2016