The Chess Club plans to meet during the Fall 2015 semester at 6:00 PM Thursdays in the UC, in paricular in the public seating area adjacent to the first floor information desk. Any changes in club meeting time or location will be announced here (on this web page).

All levels of chess-playing skill are welcome at the club. If you forgot the rules of the game, no problem.

The following student is the chief officer of the Chess Club:

Andrew Schley, email to:

Andrew is a professional chess teacher, willing to work with club members to up-grade skills.

The following two Mathematics faculty have an interest in chess: Thomas Drucker and Thomas McFarland

A proposed Chess Club Constitution is available

Club Activities? Mostly informal,such as:

The chess club owns boards, pieces, and clocks, but these are in limited supply. If you have a preferred set or clock, please bring it, though recently it has been possible to download free "chess clock aps" for cell phones which work quite well.

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6 October 2015