Augustus Adams and sons
Augustus (1806-1892), front center; his sons sons were named Darius, J. Phelps (1835-1904), Henry A. (1837-1917), John Quincy (1839-1915), H. Raymond (1842-1919), Oliver (1846-1891), Walter (1848-1919), and Charles H. (1855-1929), but it is not known who is whom in this photo, yet, and one son is missing here. Clothing dated mid-1870s. One possibility is that this photo was taken at the funeral of Darius, the missing son, who (died in 1872. Walter Adams would then be 24 years old.

On the basis of age and other physical characteristics, proposed IDs are:
[Standing, left to right] Walter, Phelps, and Henry
[Seated] Charles, John, Augustus, Oliver, and Raymond

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