This document contains pictures, family trees, and genealogical information from about 2500 related individuals.
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Adams Album (Pat Stephenson)
Anderson album (Don Anderson)
Cox album (Tom McFarland)
Medard De Vos Albums (George De Vos, Tack)
Cèsar DeVos Albums (John/Jim DeVos, Marge Martin)
Edgerton album (Bill, Sherry Jandt)
Hannah Landis albums (Flood, McFarland)
Horan Albums (Alberta Horan, Joyce Keller)
Illian Albums (Carroll Flood, Sally Bailey)
Kelly album (Renee McCormick, Belfast, Ireland)
McCormick album (Kari McCormick, Phoenix, Arizone)
McFarland albums (several authors)
John Nenno Album (Mary Lu Nenno)
Wm. C. Nenno Album (Claudia Nenno Trombly)
Potter Album (John V. Potter)
Robbins album (Joan Juehring)
Roscoe album (Emily Roscoe)
Seely Album (Eileen Jurgenson)
Tack Album (Georgine Van Steyvoort; before 1950)
Weir Album (Thomas Weir)
Family Trees and Name Search
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Family Histories

Davids (James Downey)
Harris (Barbara Johnson)
Landis (Thomas Landis McFarland, Larry Landis)
Landis Scrapbook (Carroll Flood)
McFarland (Alberta Horan)
McFarland (Book Ulsterheart by C.B. Ingram)
Nenno (Elizabeth Wilson)
Nenno (Emily Roscoe)
Patterson (various)
Obituaries, Notices, and Wills
Unsolved Problems
VIDEO CLIPS (on CD only)