Electronic form by Tom McFarland, April 2010

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Page Subject of photo
  Album origins
1 Thomas Weir
2 John Potter
3 unknown woman
4 Kate (Vermilye) Potter
5 Unknown girl
6 Unknown boy
7 Irwin S. Soringer
8 Unknown woman
9 Unknown woman
10 Unknown man, Phoebe Vermilye
Jessie Vermilye, Kate Vermilye
11 Robert K. Woodward, Jennie Barnes
Albert M. Cox, Unknown woman
12 unknown young man, Alice Landis
Adeline Brown, DR Winnie
13 Thomas A. Weir, unknown woman
unknown girl, unknown infant
14 Wallace Kingsbury, unknown woman
unknown young man, uncertain woman
15 William Weir, Almina Weir
Thomas A. Weir, Henrietta Davids
16 Unknown man
17 Unknown man
18 Unknown man
19 Henry S. Davids
20 Emeline (Davids) Cox
Page Subject of photo
21 Louise Landis
22 Unknown infant (Glendon V. Weir ?)
23 Unknown infant
24 Oscar Vermilye
25 Carrie Case
26 3 Woodward children
27 Robert F. Woodward
28 John Vermilye Potter
29 unknown infant
30 Edmund Landis (?), unknown man
Maria (Vermilye) Weir, unknown woman
31 2 unknown men and
2 unknown women
32 3 unknown women and
Maria (Vermilye) Weir
33 2 unknown adults, a child and
Maria (Vermilye) Weir
34 2 unknown children
Lonny Cox, Jessie (Vermilye) Woodward
35 2 unknown women, and
two unknown men
36 Ino Vermilye funeral bouquet
37 Kate Potter
38 Alice W. Ceal_t
39 Unknown girl
40 Ino Vermilye funeral bouquet
The following items were not mounted in the above album, so page numbers are artificial
Page Subject of photo
41 Maria (Vermilye) Weir
42 Unknown woman
43 Uncertain man
Page Subject of photo
44 unknown man
45 Unknown girl
46 Glendon Vermilye Weir
Sam Weir in Sandwich, Illinois (October 2010)
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