Ulsterheart, an Ancient Irish Habitation
by the late Rev. Cecil Brett Ingram
Electronic form created October 2011 by Tom McFarland

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The book, Ulsterheart, an Ancient Irish Habitation was published in October 1988 by All-Ireland Heritage, ISBN: 0962154407 ; OCLC number 22378274. This book is out-of-print, the publisher seems to have gone out-of-business, and only 5 copies exist in libraries world-wide. New copies are un-obtainable.

Ulsterheart is an intensely personal documentary of nineteenth century life in the parish of Errigle Kerog, County Tyrone ("Kerog" is the spelling preferred by Rev. Ingram, the author, as noted by his daughter, Gladys Perrier), mentioning many specific people and their contributions to the economy and culture of the community. Families and relationships are recounted, giving this book a strong appeal for those of us who trace our ancestry to this county in what is now Northern Ireland. Especially useful is an alphabetized index to all Church of Ireland baptisms from 1812 to 1832, in Chapter 5. I will suggest that the Rev. Ingram conceived this book as an affirmation of his role in the community which had nurtured his family and church since the dawn of history, doubtless inspired by similar efforts in the book of Genesis by Moses. Even so, the Rev. Ingram is acutely aware of deep dependencies between all who live nearby, regardless of their ancestry or religion.

The objective of creating this digital display of ULSTERHEART is to make an out-of-print and otherwise inaccessible book available as a genealogical resource. To this end, the following were scanned: introductory pages, all of chapters 1, 4, 5, 7, and 8, all the appendices, the Personal Name Index, the Place Name and Subject Index, bibliography, footnotes, and a few other pages containing names or maps (together about half of the book). Parts of this book which focused on Church history were not scanned, unless I could foresee how this information would aid family history research. However, since church and family are often strongly linked, a fair dose of church history was scanned. This web display was created with the aid of scanning software which may incorrectly render some letters or words. Also, the content of several pages may be combined onto a single page for web display.

To reduce the chance of offending someone over copyrights, only about half of the scanned pages are actually displayed here. As of April 2012, this web display is acceptable to the surviving family of the Rev. Brett Ingram. However, if someone requests that part of this display be deleted or altered, I will comply. If you have an interest in seeing portions not displayed here, it may be possible to make these portions available to you. Please contact me at the address in this link.

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