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The author of "ULSTERHEART", my husband, died on 17th December, 1987. Just over a month later the printed galley proofs of his book arrived with me for reading and correction. In the throes of my loss and loneliness, this was a welcome challenge. Fortunately throughout almost 40 years of our marriage, I was used to checking his typescripts before he submitted them for printing. The prospect of this latest task of reading and checking was not too daunting. I embarked on it willingly and with an amalgam of love, pride and humility. His buoyant spirit seemed to spring out of the pages as I read. His deeply researched local history has been presented in an entertaining fashion, spiced here and there with humour and illustrated by his photography.

Brett had intended to make additional acknowledgements to those in his Preface: to Mrs. Elizabeth Finlay for generously sponsoring part of the publication; to the Rev. Margaret Johnston for kindly granting permission to quote extracts from "Poems of a Parachute Padre" by J. W. Johnston; to Mr. Edgar Bingham for the loan of his copy of the aforesaid publication; to Mrs. Lil John­ston Beattie and Mrs. Sarah McAdam for lending issues of "Quar­terly News". Numerous sources are mentioned in his footnotes and Bibliography. In the case of some other brief quotations and reproduction of illustrations where the author did not have the opportunity of applying for permission, I trust that those concerned will be indulgent.

I am grateful to three of our long-standing friends: Mr. Jack Johnston for his time and care in writing the "In Memoriam" and for his advice on various points; to Dr. George Gillespie and Dr. Michael Dewar who responded patiently to my queries. Mr. Da­vid Trimble, a more recent friend of ours, has also been most helpful.

Finally, I wish to thank the Publishers and Printers for their co­operation: Donna and Bill Hotaling, and Dorothy Sherwood, of All-Ireland Heritage, Inc.; and Fred Thompson and the staff at Graphic Composition, Inc.

Irene Joan Ingram.