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In Memoriam vii (scanned)
Acknowledgements xv (scanned)
Preface xvii (scanned)
Contents (scanned)
Chapter one KILGREENDAWN (pre- 400 A.D.) From Ice Age to Gaelic Invasion 1 (scanned)
Chapter two BRETON BISHOP (400-545 A.D.) Kerog's work in Wales, Cornwall, Brittany 30
Chapter three ARGEL MILLENNIUM (545-1610) Abbots and Mediaeval Landlords 60 (10% scanned)
Chapter four ST. KEROG'S (1610-1700) More Landlords and Reformed Rectors 85 (scanned)
Chapter five THE ULSTERHEART CHURCH (1700-1820) Kerog III, and country life 126 (scanned)
Chapter six PRODIGAL DAUGHTER (1820-1870) Kerog's Chapel-of-Ease, in the village 183 (10% scanned)
Chapter seven THE FIRST EVANGELIST (1830-1886) Sects, and the Moutray Raj. 224 (scanned)

Chapter eight KEROGRAPHY (1810-1890) Industry, Trade, Health, Transport, Emigration, Education, Organisations 272 (scanned)
Chapter nine CHRYSALIS (1860-1924) Romance and Pop, Democracy and War. 316
Appendices 387 (scanned)
Bibliography 407 (scanned)
Notes 411 (scanned)
Sponsors 417 (scanned)
Personal Name Index 419 (scanned)
Place Name & Subject Index 440 (scanned)

"The thought of our past years, in me doth breed —perpetual benediction." (Wordsworth's 'Intimations')


ERRATA (contributed by Gladys Perrier in May 2012 and implemented in this digital presentation)

p xii omits Garvaghy "Brochan" House p 290.
p 234 shows Finlay's Engineering Works not Lisnawery School and Methodist Church.
p 300 omits Martray Manor.
p 417 M.B. Gillespie should be George Gillespie, MB.
p 420 Bac Cosmor should be Bac, Comor.
p 440 Arnagg should be Armagh.
p 440 Amargh should be Armagh.
p. 442 Clencul should be Glencul
p. 444 Grevan's should be Gervan's
p. 445 Kilfaddy should be Killyfaddy.
p. 445 Kilsherry should be Kilskeery.
p. 446 Northern Whit should be Northern Whig.