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Page 387

Appendix One
Legend of the Lame Ox

THE CHAPTER on the Breton Bishop alludes to five possible explanations of the "Lame Ox of Argel" legend.

1. Mistranslation of a Breton original
2. Concoction to explain some McMahon mishaps
3. Vestigial echo of the execution of Tom Becket
4. Resurrection parable, as in the restored fish of St. Cury of Lizard.
5. Textual mosaic.

The fifth merits further elaboration. The correspondence of its five components to points in the Passion narrative struck suddenly at 19.20 hrs on July 30, 1977 in the Ardennes when ground level cloud shrouded the Meuse tree-scape.

(a) HAULING STONES "Not one stone shall be left upon another." Mark 13,1
"Joseph rolled a great stone against the tomb door." Matt. 27,60
(b) BREAK NO BONE "Not a bone of him shall be broken." John 19,36
(c) SUPPER INCIDENT "One of you, eating with me, will betray me. It would be better for that man if he had not been born." Mark 14, 18 & 21
(d) THIS CHURCH WILL STAND "The powers of death shall not prevail against it." Matt. 16, 18
(e) UNTIL IT HAS KILLED THREE "The son of man must be killed, and after three days rise again." Mark 8,31

P.S. Indeed MAHON could be a misconstruction of MEYN, the Kernewek (Cornish) word for a STONE and BO (Cow) could be a misconstruction of BETH the Kernewek word for a TOMB.

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Appendix Two
Variant Spellings of "Kerog"

SMALL wonder "Kerog" is spelt "Garruc" on the 1620 Barony map in view of the fifteen Breton variants noted in Chapter 2. And in Wales the name lent itself to similar gross flexibility evidenced in documents quoted by Vaughan Owens in his "Vicars of Llangurig" (1956)

  1253 & '91 Llankyric (Taxation Roll)
1512 July 6 Kyric (Bangor Register, Pryce)
1520 Nov. 14 Gurik (Bangor Register, Pryce)
1666 July 28 Guricke  
1676 Mar. 16 Girricke  
1684 Guric (Dineley on Beaufort's 'Progress')
1687 Sept 20 Gerrig  
1698 Sept 20 Girrik  
1711 Girrick  
1765 Apr. 27 Gurrick  
1834 & '41 Girrig  

Page 390

Appendix Three
Kerog Registration

KEROG'S Registers are extant from 1812 until the present day. Earliest Baptism recorded 8-5-1812 was Ann dt. of Davison & Ann HAMILTON. Earliest Marriage Stuart Simpson & Anne McDowell 14 - 6 - 1825, though Banns were read for Robert Marshall & Jane Best on 7, 14, 21 Nov. 1819. Earliest Burial, John Simpson of Sess aged 72 on 16 Apr. 1817. He was born, apparently, in 1745. But Jane Moutray aged 78 who died 18 - 9 - 1817 was, apparently, born in 1739, the earliest date deducible from the Kerog Registers. Earlier sources for genealogical re­search would be

  1814 Vestry Minute Book
1804 Speer Ledger
1800 Kirkpatrick's Sponsors (see Chap 5 above)
1834 Dispensary patients
1827 Mann's Memorialists
1830 St. Matthew's promoters
1807 Favor Royal detailed Rent Roll
1760 Favor Royal simple Rental
1824 Cony Moutray's Notebook
1750 Ulstertide Passenger Lists
1708 Property Deeds
1661 Hearth Money Rolls
1667 Stone Memorials
1631 Muster Rolls
1624 Spens Roll of Gustav's mercenaries

Page 391


In the first forty years of Kerog Registration there is no recorded case of a Centenarian. But in the ninety years between 1860 and 1950 there are no less than fifteen. The record holder is still Ellen Bailey who died on 11th December, 1863. Kerog's 36th Rector has entered her age in the Burial Register in clear and distinct figures. Here is our total longevity tally to date.

age name place year of death
107 Ellen Bailey Garvaghy 1863
104 Mary Armstrong Cecil 1889
  Margaret Neely Drumcullion 1880
  Robert Busby Cravny 1873
103 Francis Neely Drumcullion 1908
  David Hall Drumfad 1939
  Anthony Sloan Mullaghbane 1894
101 Sidney Baxter Halftown 1854
  Martha Alexander Garvaghy 1883
  James Barrett Cullenbrone 1883
  Maria Armstrong Balnahaye 1910
  Edith Johnston Balnahaye 1919
  Margaret Hurst Millix 1945
100 David Camick Cecil 1893
  Thomas Cuddy Fallaherin 1906
99 Maria Robinson Crossboy 1914
  Sarah Jane English Tullybrian 1944
  Mervyn Moutray Trew 1964
98 Anne Moore Callumbrone 1853
  Eliza Mayne Ballygreenan 1874
  Margaret Wallace Ballygawley 1886
  Annie Simpson Collenbrone 1936
97 Andrew Morrison Roughan 1872
  Hubert Macmanaway ex-Richmond 1967
96 Samuel Wiggam Ardnaloghy 1883
  Ellen Litde Balnasagart 1977
  Nason Moore Drumcork 1982
95 William Henderson Ballygawley 1983
95 James Hamill Tullyvar 1985
  Elizabeth Irwine Annagh 1897
  Samuel Young Annagh 1897
  Nancy Cairns Ballygawley 1897
  Moses Lockhart Millix 1924
  Isabella Daly Annahilla 1939
  Ann Knott Ballygawley 1940
  Elizabeth Davidson Glencul 1940
  Gibson Myles Glencul 1965

This roll of ancients has twenty women and seventeen men. Most of their domiciles are in the highlands. The dozen or so who ex­pired on lower locations may well have started their lives, or lived most of it in the highlands. Some certainly did.

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Appendix Four
Staff Succession

HERMITS, Abbots, Rectors, Vicars, Wardens, Organists, Sextons

493 Kerog
806 Maol Foth Artaig
837 Ceallac McCosgragh
1390 Denis Campbell
1406 Laurence Farrell
1411 Simon Magran
1411 Patrick Lucheran
1417 Donatus Lucheran
1421 Patrick Mckasaig
1421 Magon Hanratty
1426 Solomon McKeever (Vicar)
1426 Patrick Farrell (Vicar)
1429 Maurice Corcran (Vicar)
1432 John Campbell
1429 Rory Maguire
1438 Patrick Angus
1458 Bernard Campbell
1493 Peter Mulugyr
1493 Donald Cullel
1501 Bernard Magennis
1506 Donald Angus
1609 Laurence Harley
1612 Hugh Carter
1633 Archibald Erskine
1655 William Moore
1662 George Walker
1665 John Roan
1667 James Semple
1678 Walter Stewart
1681 Andrew Hamilton
1690 Alexander Moutray
1729 John Crawford
1730 William Crawford
1743 Galbraith Richardson
1780 Anketell Moutray
1802 James Graham
1834 John James Moutray
1877 J. Maxwell Moutray
1908 Hubert Macmanaway
1924 Robert WS. Maltby
1960 C. Brett Ingram

Page 394


  1683-? John Lawson
1729-30 John Ireland
1793-24 William Falls
1824-'29 Thomas Murray
1829-34 John James Moutray
1839-41 William Moutray
1860-63 J. Maxwell Moutray
1869-72 J. Maxwell Moutray
1935-'38 Cecil WA. Noble
1938-41 Hubert W. Coffey
1941-'43 Trevor Reilly
1947-52 Christopher Somerset Lowry
1956-'59 John A.E. Sutton

Page 395


  1702 William Arthur Joseph Tully
1753 James Hethrington Joseph Hill
1754 William Little Joseph Hill
1780 (John Whyte ?) (Henry Upton ?)
1802 Thomas Harvey Francis Houston
1815 Richard Armstrong George Speer
1816 John Speer  
1817 Alexander Moutray  
1818 John Simpson  
1819 Alexander Moutray  
1820 William Neely  
1821 Thomas Simpson John Simpson
1822 John Simpson  
1823 John L. Speer Henry M. Speer
1824 Stuart Simpson H.M. Speer
1825 Henry Speer Joseph Simpson
1826 John L. Speer Stuart Simpson
1827 Alexander Moutray Thomas Simpson
1828 Edward Hull Alexander Moutray
1829 Alexander Falls Hughes John Speer
1830 Thomas Simpson John L. Speer
1831 John L. Speer John Simpson
1832 John L. Speer John Buchanning (sic)
1833 Hans Morrison James Smith
1834 John Simpson Hans Morrison
1835 James H. Buchanan Hugh Moor
1836 George Kirkpatrick William Little
1837 Henry Simpson William Buchanan
1838 John Simpson James Smith
1839 Thomas Buchanan Hugh Moore
1840 Joseph Simpson Samuel Happer
1841 Robert Buchanan William Moore
1842 Thomas Simpson John Simpson
1843 William Smith James Mitchell
1844 Henry Simpson James Wright

Page 396

KEROG WARDENS (continued)

  1845 Samuel Happer Hugh Moore
1846 Henry Simpson Robert Simpson
1847 John Dale Thomas Simpson
1848 Archy Little Robert Neely
1849 Henry Simpson William Little
1850 Robert Simpson William Neely
1851 Thomas Neely John Dale
1852 John L. Speer Henry Simpson
1853 Robert Simpson George Speer
1854 Samuel Hopper Henery Simpson
1855 Robert Neely William Neely
1856 Samuel Hopper Henery Simpson
1857 Robert Simpson Robert Giles
1858 Alexander Spear Robert Simpson
1859 William Happer Thomas Montgomery
1860 James Simpson Thomas Montgomery
1861 James Simpson Robert Simpson
1862 Thomas Neely William Neely
1863 James Simpson Henry Girvan
1864 James Simpson Joseph Smith
1865 James Simpson Joseph Smith
1866 James Simpson Joseph Smith
1867 Thomas Mann Edmund Moutray
1868 Thomas Mann Edmund Moutray
1869 no minutes        
1870 Joseph Smith William Bingham
1871 Thomas Mann Robert Simpson
1872 Thomas Mann Robert Simpson
1873 William Rea Samuel Smith
1874 Charles F. Moutray Matthew S. Todd
1875 John Jervis Robert Simpson
1876 Nason Currans Alexander Eagleson
1877 David Jervis Francis Kirkpatrick
1878 Robert McCreery Francis Montgomery
1879 Robert Gervis William Wright
1880 George Smith Robert Simpson
1881 George Neill John Hopper
1882 George Neill E. Moutray

Page 397

KEROG WARDENS (continued)

  1883 Charles F. Moutray Robert Simpson
1884 William Rea John Hopper
1885 Francis Kirkpatrick Edmund Moutray
1886 Alexander Eagleson Nason Currens
1887 Thomas Neely Joseph Bingham
1888 Robert Gervis William Rea
1889 Robert Simpson John Hopper
1890 WJ. Smith Hugh McCreery
1891 William Rea John Scott
1892 Alexander Eagleson Samuel McMullen
1893 WD. Gervis WJ. Smith
1894 Nason Curren Thomas Neely
1895 William Booth WJ. Smith
1896 William Rea Naason Currans
1897 John Little William Booth
1898 WD. Gervis Wm John Smith
1899 WH. Neely John Little
1900 James Gervis William Gilbert
1901 James Anderson William H. McCreery
1902 William Rea WD. Gervis
1903 William J. Neely Walter E. Rea
1904 WJ. Neely Walter E. Rea
1905 Joseph Brush Robert Barrett
1906 John Gervis jr. Edmond Moutray
1907 John C. Moutray John Booth
1908 William Neely James Anderson
1909 William Rea J.P Robert Barrett
1910 Edmund Moutray Walter Rea
1911 John Little William Booth
1912 Henry Carlton Sproull George Neill
1913 William Rea J.P. Henry Carlton Sproull
1914 Edmund Moutray WJ. Neely
1915 Walter Rea William Rea jr.
1916 William Brush William Booth
1917 Guy Kirkpatrick James Gervis
1918 William Rea J.P John Charles Shea
1919 William Litde William Rea jr.
1920 James Anderson David Gervis

Page 398

KEROG WARDENS (continued)

  1921 William Neill John Little
1922 William Rea jr. Samuel Thompson
1923 Albert Buchanan Guy Kirkpatrick
1924 Henry C. Sproull James Gervais
1925 William Brush Eddie Moutray
1926 John Little Henry C. Sproull
1927 William Neely Walter Rea
1928 Sgt. W. Moutray W Booth
1929 Samuel Thompson Samuel Barrett
1930 W Rea James Anderson
1931 Albert Buchana Stewart Little
1932 Alexander Moutray John Little
1933 WD. Rea James Anderson
1934 John Clarke Samuel Barrett
1935 George Little Alexander Moutray
1936 William Little jr. Stewart Little
1937 John Little Samuel Barrett
1938 WD. Rea Hugh H. McCreery
1939 Thomas Little Alexander Moutray
1940 Walter Rea James Anderson
1941 James Rea Samuel Barrett
1942 Rupert Kirkpatrick William Little
1943 Stewart Little John Clarke
1944 James Anderson James Rea
1945 J.C. Shea James Patton
1946 William Little Samuel Barrett
1947 Alexander Moutray Victor Walker
1948 Joseph Albeit Little William Brown
1949 Frank McKeown WJ. Little
1950 George Lee Willie Henderson
1951 Thomas Moore R.S. Little
1952 Samuel Clarke Robert McCreery
1953 Hugh McDonald Samuel Barrett
1954 Ivan Rea Thomas J. Stockdale
1955 Samuel Little Richard Little
1956 Robert McKeown Thomas Law
1957 Kenneth McNeill Hugh H. McCreery
1958 Milford Brown Edgar Bingham

Page 399

KEROG WARDENS (continued)

  1959 WD. Rea Ernest Little
1960 WD. Rea Ernest Little
1961 Rupert Kirkpatrick Thomas Finlay
1962 Samuel Barrett Richard Little
1962 Samuel Barrett Richard Little
1963 William Little Allan J. Anderson
1964 Edgar Bingham Albert Barrett
1965 Robert McKeown Kenneth McNeill
1966 James Patton sr. Thomas Moore
1967 William J. Little Robert David Barrett
1968 Samuel Henry Robert McCreery
1969 Samuel Little Thomas Finlay
1970 Mervyn Little James Patton jr.
1971 Thomas Moore James McDonald
1972 Joseph Moore Alistair McDonald
1973 Alexander Moutray Benjamin Coote
1974 Robert D. Barrett William McKeown
1975 William J. Little Thomas Moore
1976 Trevor McNeill Wills Law
1977 Stanley Little James Watt
1978 Arthur Clyde Ingram William J. Little
1979 Aileen Lynd Samuel Little
1980 Kenneth Lynd Mervyn Little
1981 Eric Cobane Thomas J. Stockdale
1982 James Patton William McKeown
1983 Helen Little Aileen Lynd


Before Kerog installed an organ the praise was led by a Cantor or Precentor. As still in the "Wee Free" churches in the Highlands, when the Minister announced the hymn, the Cantor rose, turned around to face the congregation, took a tuning-fork from his breast-pocket, pinged it on the seat-back to get his note, and then started the singing. There was no choir. Such an elite was considered just as unprotestant as a musical instrument by many post reformation rustics. On 16th May 1816 Churchwarden John Speer "Paid John Con £ 5".

Page 400

On the 8th April 1817 Churchwarden Sandy Moutray was more explicit. He wrote "Paid John Con for singing in the Church £ 5". The last payment to him was in 1818. The Methodist sensation in Lisnawery was reaching its climax after seven years of growth. There were also revivalist rallies in the village which might have attracted singers as well as sinners.

John Conn, a native of Millix where his brother Gervis still lived came to Keavy when he married Margaret Dunn. His sister Sally Conn was already married to Hugh Dunn in Keavy. After 1818 no Cantor is mentioned in the Kerog Accounts. The Curate, Rev. William Falls, who ran the parish for the absentee Rector on 18th September 1818 got Churchwarden John Simpson to pay two shillings and sixpence for "Three Prayr (sic) Books for the Singers." Was this an embryo Choir? The Vestry Clerk who answered the responses may have started the singing after 1818, though his salary dropped from £ 10 in 1816 to £ 2 in 1838 and £ 1 in 1845. When Kerog's last Clerk, Roughan School-teacher Henry Gervan, was appointed in January 1872 he was given "Three pounds per annum to act as Clerk at Morning Service with promise of an increase at a future period, should the funds of said parish allow of it." He died 12th May 1878.

The 37th Rector Dr. Maxwell Moutray was instituted the previous year, and was refurbishing the run-down church he had inherited from his hyper-thrifty father. It was very likely about 1880 that Kerog got its first organ. Sandy Moutray recalled the harmonium in use when he arrived in the parish at the very beginning of the 20th century, but described a wrecked organ with protruding pipes on the gallery which was eventually sold as scrap to Walker of Halftown. Walker didn't take the lid, and today it covers the Olaf console.

When the 38th Rector transformed Kerog he purchased a fine Estey Organ from Brattleboro, Vermont which is still in perfect order, and was used exclusively until Brett Ingram acquired the Olaf organ from Waterford in 1975. From 1974 to 1977 the organ was accompanied by Sharon Ingram, playing at first a violin and later a viola, and Clyde Ingram on a bassoon. This tuneful ensemble was augmented, on special occasions, by the Augher violinists Juliet and Diana Hamill. Kerog's four instruments have had a dozen organists, starting:

Page 401

1880 Jane Harrell Moutray
1900 Caroline Moutray
1905 Eva Rea (later Lady Stewart)
1907 Elizabeth Neely Rea
1910 Flora MacManaway
1922 Violet Moutray
1924 Ethel Booth
1932 Greta Little
1942 Margaret Shea
1947 Millie Moutray
1969 Noeline Little
1971 Joan Ingram

Churchwarden John Speer does not name the Sexton to whom he paid five pounds on 16th May 1816. Churchwarden Sandy Moutray on 8th April 1817 "Pd Sextoness five pounds". In 1822 the Churchwarden paid twelve shillings for "three planks to make a table for the School, and a window base and sash for the Sexton's house". He adds ten pence for "Carage of the three planks from Aughnacloy" (sic). It was still a Sextoness who occupied the house in 1823 and 1825, for in 1825 Churchwardens Speer and Simpson paid one pound, two shillings and sixpence "For a cloak for the Sextoness". The salary had dropped from £ 5 per annum in 1816 to £ 4 in 1833 when the first entry of a Sexton's name occurs.

1833 Alexander Maynes (1776-1836)
1871 Mary Anne Gervan (1809-99)
1899 Jane Hethrington (d. 18-3-1905)
1906 Jane Mulligan (Defeated Wm. Bell by 7 votes to 6. Dismissed 1914)
1914 Robert Davidson (1877-1941)
1942 Ellen Davidson (1876-1965)
1965 Frank McKeown
1971 Thomas Finlay

Page 402

Appendix Five

Map one
distance across Ulster is about 100 miles

Page 403

Map II
TOWNLANDS (Originally, Town & Lands.)
Ancient Irish territorial divisions varying from
approx. 300 to 1,000 acres, probably staked out
in pre-Christian times, and still preserving their
pre-historic place-names.
Ingram's original drawing in the lower left corner
did not scan properly, replaced by alternate map.

Page 404


Page 405

Map IV
Kerog is set between the Dublin highways to Londonderry and Enniskillen. So, the main road through the parish joined Richmount on one, to Favor Royal on the other. It ran through Tullylinton, Kerou, Cam Lane, Ballylagen and Collembrone. Just below Jim Rea's mini-fort, it was crossed by a road joining Clonully Mill and Lisdoart Mill, via Balnasagart House, Feddan Top, and Drumkork. There was then no Tullybrian Straight, no Waterside, no road from the Church to Bell's Cottage (Sarah McKeown's), nor any road from the Church to Wilfrid Bingham's.

Page 406

is "On the road that leads to Belfast towards Manhattan"—at the Valleytop, the head of the shallow and fertile CLOGHER VALLEY with its "fresh fields u feed the Fnesians, and friendly folk forby."

View an enlargement of this map

Page 407

Appendix Six


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Page 408

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Page 409

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Page 410


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Appendices end on page 415. Footnotes on pages 411 to 415 copied separately

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