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This index is for use on CD or DVD only. As of September 2010, videos from the Anderson, De Vos, Downey, Horan, Illian, Jurgenson, McFarland, Robbins, Roscoe, Russell, and Salyer families have been transcribed into MPG format using Broadway or Adobe Premier software. Links to these video clips may also appear in picture and genealogy sections of this album. Currently about 35 GB of video has been digitized; a (700 MB) CD or (4.6 GB) DVD sent to you will contain those videos closest to your own interests.

Newer versions of Windows Media Player allow the viewer to adjust the sound and image quality to enhance the video. For example, some videos have a "rumble" in the sound track due to air conditioning: reduce the lower sound frequencies. Or some videos may seem too dim or bright : these qualities may be adjusted. Older videos were done on half-inch VHS tape; newer videos used digital 1/8 mini-DV tape.

  1. Don Anderson Sr
  2. De Vos family
  3. Madeleine Downey
  4. Alberta Horan
  5. Illian family
  6. Eileen Jurgenson
  7. McFarland family
  8. Mary Lu and Bob Nenno
  9. Betty Nenno Wilson
  10. Joan Robbins
  11. Roscoe family
  12. Ruth Russell
  13. Grace Wachowiak