Newer versions of Windows Media Player allow the viewer to adjust the sound and image quality to enhance the video. For example, some videos have a "rumble" in the sound track due to air conditioning: reduce the lower sound frequencies. Or some videos may seem too dim or bright : these qualities may be adjusted. It is possible, with effort, to make such alterations a permanent part of the file, depending upon the viewer's tastes. Original videos were done on half-inch analog tape, which will probably be unreadable by about 2010.

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  1. Don Anderson recalls his Nenno grandparents (June 2002 ; 448 seconds)
  2. Don Anderson recalls his parents and siblings (June 2002 ; 417 seconds)
  3. Don Anderson recalls his children (June 2002 ; 414 seconds)
  4. Don Anderson recalls his mother's siblings (June 2002 ; 653 seconds)
  5. Don Anderson discusses Roscoes, Aleen, and grandpa Nenno's first marriage (June 2002 ; 491 seconds)
  6. Marge Anderson recalls Don Anderson (June 2002 ; 350 seconds)
  7. Don Anderson recalls miscellaneous (June 2002 ; ? seconds)