VIDEO CLIPS from the De Vos family

Newer versions of Windows Media Player allow the viewer to adjust the sound and image quality to enhance the video. For example, some videos have a "rumble" in the sound track due to air conditioning: reduce the lower sound frequencies. Or some videos may seem too dim or bright : these qualities may be adjusted. It is possible, with effort, to make such alterations a permanent part of the file, depending upon the viewer's tastes. Original videos were done on half-inch analog tape, which will probably be unreadable by about 2010.

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  1. Winnie, Susan, and Diana swim (1992; 59 seconds)
  2. Winnie, Susan, and Diana at bedtime (1992[ 128 seconds)
  3. Grandma Suzanne Lake sings (1994; 77 seconds)
  4. Madeleine De Vos sings in Flemish (Gately Terrace, Madison, 1994; 182 seconds)
  5. George De Vos celebrates 72nd B-day (1994; 159 seconds)
  6. Bob Martin recalls his youth (Antioch, Illinois, 2003; 115 seconds)
  7. Marge and Ed Martin recall how they met (Antioch, Illinois, 2003; 100 seconds)
  8. Ed Martin recalls his youth (Antioch, Illinois, 2003; 252 seconds)
  9. Bob Martin recalls early years of his kids (Antioch, Illinois, 2003; 264 seconds)
  10. Marge Martin recalls early years of her son Bob (Antioch, Illinois, 2003; 87 seconds)
  11. Marge Martin recalls early years of her sons Ed and Tom (Antioch, Illinois, 2003; 207 seconds)
  12. Marge Martin recalls her grand- and great-grandkids (Antioch, Illinois, 2003; 157 seconds)
  13. Bob Martin recalls sports with his family (Antioch, Illinois, 2003; 77 seconds)
  14. Bob Martin recalls stories of uncle Oscar (Antioch, Illinois, 2003; 261 seconds)
  15. Marge and Bob Martin recall uncle Oscar (Antioch, Illinois, 2003; 107 seconds)
  16. Susan De Vos, Marge Martin recall George and Joe DeVos (Antioch, Illinois, 2003; 298 seconds)
  17. Marge Martin recalls Oscar, Marina Tack (Antioch, Illinois, 2003; 210 seconds)
  18. Marge Martin recalls Oscar's love of kids (Antioch, Illinois, 2003; 194 seconds)
  19. Marge Martin recalls Oscar's wife Mary (Antioch, Illinois, 2003; 92 seconds)
  20. Marge Martin recalls her parents (Antioch, Illinois, 2003; 69 seconds)
  21. Marge Martin recalls her grandma Mathilde (Antioch, Illinois, 2003; 248 seconds)
  22. Marge Martin recalls Joe's wife Madeleine (Antioch, Illinois, 2003; 39 seconds)
  23. Marge Martin dicusses Cèsar, Mathilde, Henri (Antioch, Illinois, 2003; 88 seconds)
  24. Marge Martin recalls Ghislena (Antioch, Illinois, 2003; 42 seconds)
  25. Marge Martin recalls her brother Maynard (Antioch, Illinois, 2003; 340 seconds)