Mary Lou Nenno Videos

This index will be adapted for whatever family will possess this CD. As of October 2003, over 20 GB of videos from the Anderson, McFarland, Horan, Illian, Jurgenson, Nenno, Roscoe, Wilson, and De Vos families have been transcribed into MPG format. Links to these video clips may also appear in picture and genealogy sections of this CD.

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  1. Mary Lou Strumberger and Bob Nenno recall how they met (June 2003 ; 194 seconds)
  2. Bob Nenno recalls his parents and siblings (June 2003 ; 213 seconds)
  3. Bob Nenno recalls pulling a stunt on his dad (June 2003 ; 116 seconds)
  4. Bob Nenno recalls his grandma Zastrow, grandpa John J Nenno (June 2003 ; 193 seconds)
  5. Mary Lou Nenno recalls Bob's sisters Della, Evelyn, Marlene, Ida (June 2003 ; 153 seconds)
  6. Mary Lou Nenno recalls how she became interested in genealogy (June 2003 ; 352 seconds)
  7. Mary Lou Nenno relates John Nicholas Nenno's divorce (June 2003 ; 90 seconds)
  8. Mary Lou Nenno describes her meetings with Emily Roscoe and several other Nennos (June 2003 ; 651 seconds)
  9. Mary Lou Nenno describes how John Nicholas Nenno shot himself (June 2003 ; 87 seconds)
  10. Mary Lou Nenno recalls a black man who took the name "nenno" (June 2003 ; 246 seconds)
  11. Mary Lou Nenno describes the New York church built by Jean Nenno (June 2003 ; 46 seconds)
  12. Mary Lou Nenno recalls working with Betty Nenno Wilson (June 2003 ; 141 seconds)
  13. Mary Lou Nenno recalls how she acquired many old pictures (June 2003 ; 244 seconds)
  14. Mary Lou Nenno describes A.J. Nenno and other siblings of Bob (June 2003 ; 215 seconds)