Grace (Lambert Reinke) Wachowiak Videos

This index will be adapted for whatever family will possess this CD. As of October 2006, over 30 GB of videos from the Anderson, McFarland, Horan, Illian, Jurgenson, Lambert, Nenno, Roscoe, Wilson, and De Vos families have been transcribed into MPG format. Links to these video clips may also appear in picture and genealogy sections of this CD. The files on this menu are available in MPG1 or AVI format, the latter being very large (400-2700 MB) but producing sharper images.

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Grace Wachowiak family tree
  1. Grace (Lambert) Wachowiak comments on a McFarland tapestry (Sept 2003 ; 182 seconds)
  2. Grace (Lambert) Wachowiak remembers her grandmother Matilda McFarland (Sept 2003 ; 501 seconds)
  3. Grace (Lambert) Wachowiak earliest memories as a child (Sept 2003 ; 289 seconds)
  4. Grace (Lambert) Wachowiak remembers her siblings (Sept 2003 ; 167 seconds)
  5. Grace (Lambert) Wachowiak comments on the father of her children (Sept 2003 ; 101 seconds)
  6. Grace (Lambert) Wachowiak remembers her own children (Sept 2003 ; 730 seconds)
  7. Grace (Lambert) Wachowiak remembers her parents (Sept 2003 ; 258 seconds)
  8. Grace (Lambert) Wachowiak comments on her grandchildren (Sept 2003 ; 437 seconds)
  9. Grace (Lambert) Wachowiak miscellaneous comments (Sept 2003 ; 101 seconds)