VIDEO CLIPS of Alberta (McFarland) Horan

Newer versions of Windows Media Player allow the viewer to adjust the sound and image quality to enhance the video. For example, some videos have a "rumble" in the sound track due to air conditioning: reduce the lower sound frequencies. Or some videos may seem too dim or bright : these qualities may be adjusted. It is possible, with effort, to make such alterations a permanent part of the file, depending upon the viewer's tastes. Original videos were done on half-inch analog tape, which will probably be unreadable by about 2010.

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  1. Alberta remembers her childhood in Lowry (August 2001 ; 207 seconds)
  2. Alberta reflects upon her sister Eileen (August 2001 ; 266 seconds)
  3. Alberta remembers her grandmother Jemima Burdick (August 2001 ; 253 seconds)
  4. Alberta remembers difficult times on the farm in Lowry (August 2001 ; 269 seconds)
  5. Alberta remembers her brothers Tom and Gene (August 2001 ; 297 seconds)
  6. Alberta remembers her children Joyce, Jean, Patty (August 2001 ; 329 seconds)
  7. Alberta remembers her husband Joe (August 2001 ; 609 seconds)
  8. Alberta reflects on her Christian faith (August 2001 ; 115 seconds)
  9. Alberta reflects on her efforts to preserve family history (August 2001 ; 261 seconds)
  10. Alberta reflects on Eileen's change-of-name; renewed contacts (August 2001 ; 515 seconds)
  11. Alberta remembers her mother's sisters (August 2001 ; 130 seconds)