Kelly Album

Contributed by members of the Kelly family, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland
Electronic form by Tom McFarland, December 2012

Catherine (McFarland) Wright family tree
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Andrew McFarland family tree

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0 Album origins
1 Matilda (Wright) Kelly (?)
2 Catherine (McFarland) Wright
3 James Alexander McFarland (?) B
4 Martha (Delap) McFarland
5 Emily Wright, William. C. Brown,
Robert Kelly, Charlotte (McFarland) Kelly
6 Emily Wright, Andrew Wright, Robert Orr Clements
Charlotte (McFarland) Kelly with child
7 Man G, women F, H, I, J
8 unknown couple with 3 children (1880)
9 Ellen McFarland & Tilda McFarland, with husbands;
siblings M, N, Charlotte (McFarland) Kelly with child
10 Women J, O, 2 young siblings
11 Andrew, Matilda, and Emily Wright, McFarland sisters
12 Andrew Wright, Emily McFarland and husband
13 Emily Wright, Wm C. Brown, Man
Person S, Emily McFarland
14 Robert Orr Clements in riding outfit
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15 Women T, J, 2 others
16 (empty) backs of page 15
17 Women Q, U, 2 others
18 Women T, O, Tilda McFarland
19 Woman V
20 Man W, 3 others
21 Robert Kelly, Matilda Jane Wright
22 Matilda Kelly, Ellen McFarland, one other
23 Andrew Wright, Andrew McFarland (?), one other
24 Andrew Wright; memorial
25 Woman Y
26 Woman Z
27 William Brown, John Wilkin (1923)
28 James Kelly (1937)
29 Andrew Wright grave
30 Renee McCormick, Norah Brown-Davis (2017)
31 Renee McCormick, Norah Brown-Davis
Jim Kelly, Tom McFarland

The following 6 photos had been removed from the album and kept by Renee McCormick's sister Doris Kelly, then scanned in 2017
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40 marriage photo
41 Charlotte (McFarland) Kelly
42 couple
43 Emily McFarland and husband
44 man from New Zealand
45 woman

See a list of birth dates used to identify people in these photos
Catherine (McFarland) Wright family tree
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