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Wright family tree
Prints made in Northern Ireland.
Page 13 (upper left)
Person S ; (see comment below)
clothing dated by Leslie Bellais at 1880s
estimated age 35-40: birth 1840-1854
  Page 13 (upper right)
Person P : Emily McFarland
clothing dated by Leslie Bellais at 1875-6
estimated age 30: birth 1845-1846
Person P ; also on page 12 in same dress
husband &

wife (?)

Page 13 (lower left)
Emily Mary (Wright) Brown (?)
clothing dated by Leslie Bellais at about 1885
estimated age 30: birth 1855
similar to Page 6 lower left
  Page 13 (lower right)
William Canovan Brown (?)
clothing to be dated later by Leslie Bellais
estimated age 40-45: birth later
similar to page 5 upper right
wife &

husband (?)

From this page alone, it is natural to think that the top two photos are husband and wife. However, the woman in the upper right photo appears elsewhere in this album with two other women who are probably her sisters, and these three women would then be daughters of Alexander and Jane McFarland. Based upon relative ages when all three appear in the same photo on page 11, the upper right woman is likely Emily McFarland. However, Emily also appears on page 12 of this album opposite a man different from person S above. One of these two men is likely Emily's husband, and I have chosen the man on page 12, because the photo on page 12 appears posed by a professional photographer, as for a special occasion, whereas the above image does not. This judgement leaves the identity of person S unresolved.