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Wright family tree
Prints made in Northern Ireland.
Page 12 (upper left)
Husband of Emily ; (See comment on Pg 13)
clothing dated by Leslie Bellais at about 1880
estimated age 35: birth 1845
  Page 12 (upper right)
clothing dated by Leslie Bellais at 1877-79
estimated age 25: birth 1852-1854
Likely ID ; Emily McFarland (Person P)
See comment below and on page 11
Person P also on page 13 upper right in same dress
husband &

wife (?)

Page 12 (lower left)
unknown; clothing dated by Leslie Bellais at 1875-77
estimated age 25: birth 1850-1852
image badly damaged by foxing (see below)
Same as upper right, this page ?
  Page 12 (lower right)
Andrew Wright ;
clothing dated by Leslie Bellais at 1875-1880
estimated age 30: birth 1845-1850
compare with page 11 upper left,
page 6 lower right   and   page 23 lower left

The identification of the upper right photo (above) is based on the assumption that the lower right photo on page 11 shows 3 sisters born between 1842 and 1855. Among close relatives of Catherine (McFarland) Wright, this description fits only the 3 daughters of Catherine's older sister Jane, who married (a first cousin?) Alexander McFarland in 1846 (Alexander died 1858).

Lower left image was over 75% obscured by foxing mold, except for face and hands. An attempt was made to reconstruct the original image, but though the result is more pleasing to the eye, the reconstruction required potentionally inaccurate guessing of what the original image contained, and really amounted to digitally drawing clothes, hair, and drapes. A medalion is in the reconstruction, but it is not clear that the woman was wearing one. The couch on which the woman rests was left in its original condition (with foxing), but at the time this photo was taken, this couch was probably colored as the chair in the upper left image. The original unaltered image was saved, for comparison.