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Wright family tree
Print by W.J. Hunter, Armagh.
ID #1 :
Emily McFarland and husband

Alternate earlier photo
ID #2 favored by Renee McCormick :
Emily Wright and husband

Alternate earlier photo

Clothing specialist Leslie Belais at the Wisconsin Historical Society states: clothing dates from "c. 1885"
Male age about 35, born about 1850; female age 25, born about 1860

Both Emily Wright and Emily McFarland were in their mid-twenties at marriage, but Emily Wright is known to have married William C. Brown, and photos of William Brown in this album do not resemble the (apparent) groom in the above photo. Thus, this writer (Tom McFarland) favors Emily McFarland and husband for the above photo.

W. J. Hunter & Co is listed as a photographer in "The Annual Index of Periodicals & Photographs for 1890" published by Mowbray House, London, and a photograph with similar framing dated 1881 is posted online at