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Clements family tree
Print made in Northern Ireland.
Robert Orr Clements, son of Margery (McFarland) Clements;
Alternate: James Alexander McFarland
clothing dated by Leslie Bellais at 1880s
estimated age 18: birth about 1863
See comment at bottom of page 3
this person also appears on Page 6 upper left (?)

Of the two possible names for this person, Robert Orr Clements is preferred because Robert's known birth year (1857 from 1911 census) is closer to the birth year based upon dating clothing and the apparent age of the above young man, the latter two features subject to error. Thus, the above young man could be a teenager, but he could be in his early 20s as well. Also, tthe above person's photo on page 6 suggessts a better fit for Robert Orr Clements.

On the other hand, James Alexander McFarland (son of Catherine's older sister Jane) was definetely born before 1858 when his father died (from the father's Will) and as early as 1847 (his parents were married in 1846), giving James an 1880 age of between and 22 and 32. Most of this age range is implausible for the perrson in the above photo.

Kenny Clements (a relative of Robert Orr Clements living in 2017) does not have any data to bring to bear on the above photo.

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