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McFarland family tree
Print made in Northern Ireland.
Person B
Clothing dated by Leslie Bellais at 1870-1890
estimated age 16-20: birth(1850-1870);
Most likely name : James Alexander McFarland , son of Catherine's sister Jane.
Alternate name: Robert Orr Clements, son of Catherine's sister Margery (See comment below)

Comments on identification: Clothing dates 1870-1890 ; the clothing style was common in the 1880s but the style was seen in the 1870s. This person looks 16-20 years old, hence born about 1850-1870. If the album was created by Catherine Wright, the early position of this image in the album implies a close relationship to Catherine. During a visit to the Ballygawley COI in 2017, we discovered Catherine's sister Jane, who married in 1846 to Alexander James McFarland, son of her uncle James. Alexander left a Will naming his son James and 3 daughters. The Will implies that in 1858, James was less than 16 years old. This album appears to contain images of James' 3 sisters, so it is reasonable that James be represented also.

The most likely names for the above young man are James Alexander McFarland and Robert Orr Clements (born 1857 from 1911 census), the only child of Catherine's sister Margery. This album contains two photos of another young man (on page 6 and on page 14). James and Robert are the best candidates for all of these 3 images, so whoever is pictured above, the other must be pictured on pages 6 and 14.

However, Robert Orr Clements is the preferred identity for page 6, because Robert's known birth year (1857 from 1911 census) is closer to the birth year based upon dating clothing and the apparent age of the young man in page 6, and if Robert is pictured in photo 6, then James must be the name of the above young man, since no other family males were born in the late 1850s.

Kenny Clements (a relative of Robert Orr Clements living in 2017) does not have any data to bring to bear on the above photo.

Other less likely identification include Catherine's only son, Andrew, who was born 1851 (from English census) or 1855 (from his headstone), but other images of Andrew suggest he was blond, and parted his hair on the left, both stable qualities. This person cannot be Catherine's grandson (Robert or James) because Catherine's only productive daughter (Matilda Jane) married in 1877. He could be a nephew through one of John Wright's brothers (Francis and Andrew); nothing is known of Francis, but Andrew married in 1842, and bore children Sarah, David, and James. He could be one of Catherine's nephews (Thomas or Frederick) through her brother Andrew McFarland, but Frederick parts his hair in the middle, and Thomas on the right. Finally, this person could be a brother of Catherine's son-in-law, William C. Brown. However, none of these identifications is completely satisfying.