Will of Alexander McFarland dated 1858
Located by Evelynn Cartwright and transcribed by Tom McFarland, August 2017

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Alexander McFarland is a son of James McFarland of Cooley Townland near Omagh who married
Jane McFarland, daughter of Andrew McFarland (born 1790) of Armaloughy townland near Balleygawley.
Alexander and Jane married in 1846. as witnessed by Andrew McFarland (born 1790), who died in 1857.
Thus, the Andrew McFarland referred to in this Will must be Andrew McFarland (born 1830), father and son.

Alexr McFarland
Died 16 Sept 1858
[?] of Assets
£ 245.0.0

I Alexander McFarland of Cooley being weak
of body but of a sound mind do hearby make this
my last Will and Testament. I hereby bequeath my body
to the earth and my soul to the God who gave it
after disposing of my goods and Properties in the
following manner in the name of God Amen.

1st I bequeath my farm in [Edenaforgry = Edenderry??] and upper
Cooley Drive and [Cess] to my son James
Alexander McFarland the first two [Edinafoggry = Edenderry??]
upper Cooley to come into his possession at the
age of Twenty four, the next two [Druroc] and [Cess]
to come into his possession at the age of sixteen
years, and if he should not survive to the
aforesaid age, the said propertys to be sold
subject to my wife Jeane [= Jane ?] McFarlands annuity
of Fifteen Pounds Sterlg. and the amt. of said
Property to be equally divided between the
surviving daughters which then may be alive.

2nd I bequeath the farm on which I live in Cooley to
my beloved wife Jeane McFarland to bring up
and school my children on and at her death
to pass into the hands of my son James Alexr
McFarland, and should any misunderstanding
arise between my wife Jeane McFarland and
and my son James Alexr McFarland, I do
authorize my executors to pay my wife the
sum of Fifteen Pounds sterlg. a year or give
her a portion worth that sum of said farm.

3rd I bequeath to my three daughters [Elena = Ellen ?]
Jeane McFarland, [Tilda = Matilda ??] Jeane
McFarland, and Emily Mary McFarland
the sum of * Four * hundred Pounds
sterlg. each to be risen off my farms
[Edinafoggry] upper Cooley [Druroc] and
[Cess] from year to year and paid [put] to
( Interest to it amounts )
the required sum of twelve hundred Pounds
sterling to be paid by my executors to
my daughters at the age of twenty one
or sooner if required.

[written vertically for earlier asterisks, and referred to later in this Will]
* If the sum is above the four hundred
pounds for each daughter, whatever that sum may be is to be equally
divided between each daughter then

4th I bequeath to
John McKee, my land servant, the sum of
fifty pounds sterlg. to be paid him by
my Executors or my son James Alexander McFarland at any time they may choose
to remove him or dismiss him from servise.

I do appoint Andrew McFarland of
Armaloughy and William Gay of [Aughlish]
and Matthew Gay of [Tallysalla] to carry out the
intention of this my last Will and testament.
Dated this 7th September 1858. [Signature] Alexr McFarland
Witness present William Cochran, Chas. Kerr, Martha McFarland

No. 2 In Her Majestys Court of Probate. The
District Registry of Londonderry, In the good
of Alexr McFarland deceased, I William Cochran
of sixmile [ans] in the County of Tyrone, farmer,
make oath that I am one of the subscribing
witnesses to the last Will and Testament of the
said Alexr McFarland late of Cooley, in the County
of Tyrone, deceased , the said Will being now hereunto
annexed, bearing date 7th September
1858, and that the said Testator Executed the said
Will on the day of the date thereof by signing
his name at the foot or end thereof as the same
now appears thereon in the presence of me
and of Charles Kerr and Martha McFarland
the other subscribed witnesses thereto all of us
being present at the same time and we
thereupon attested and subscribed the said Will
in the presence of the said testator and of each
other. And I further make oath that the word
"paid" and the "interest" to it amts interlined
between the 11th and 12th lines from the top of the
2nd page and the paragraph written in the margin
of the 2nd page beginning with the word * if and
ending withe the word living * were respectively
inserted in such Will previous to the execution
of said Will by the Testator as aforesaid, William
Cochrane - Sworn at Omagh on the 2nd day of
June 1860 before me and I know the [Deponent]
and certify he is above the age of 21 years
Robert Ferguson. Master [Exty]. Alexr C. Buchanan

For Probate, see probate book Page 245.