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notice: From the Chicago Tribune dated Saturday 6 December 1902.
MAHER : Theophile Daniel Maher, aged 87 years, husband of Sarah C. Maher. Funeral today from residence at Wilmette ; private.

In January 2002, Rosehill Cemetery states Sarah Landis Maher died on 11 March 1903, buried in Section 113, lot 124, south ½. Sarah's obituary was included in a scrapbook created by John W. Landis, but it is not known how Sarah is related to other members of the Landis family. There is only one Abraham Landis known in our branch of the Landis family, and this man would have been 77 years old in 1830, when Sarah was born.



Mrs. Sarah Landis Maher of Wilmette, heroine of the civil war, died yesterday at the age of 73. She was the daughter of Abraham Landis of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the first prominent member of the famous Landis family of that state. Her husband, who died last December at Wilmette, at the age of 87, was a construction chemist, and erected the first sulphuric acid plant in the United States in Philadelphia in 1842. He also erected plants in California and Chicago in the early '50s.
[Mr. and Mrs. Maher helped to make history at the time of the civil war, for their efforts saved kanawha county, West Virginia, to the Union. They were living at the time at Mill Creek, where Mr. Maher had charge of coal oil works. The sentiment was running strongly to the side of the secessionists when Mrs. Maher urged that, as there was not a Union flag in the district, her husband ride to Charleston, ten miles away, and procure silk materials so that she could manufacture one. The question of secession from the Union or from the eastern part of the state was to be voted on two days after Mrs. Maher received her silk, and she was compelled to work all day Sunday and all Sunday night to get the flag finished in time. The next morning, when the men of the district went to the polling place, they found floating above it a beautiful banner, Mr. Maher on a block ready to address them, and his wife by his side pointing to the flag as its folds flapped from the staff. Mr. Maher made an impassioned speech, and with the tears streaming down his cheeks, begged his neighbors to remain true to the Union. The appeal was not made in vain, and a large majority was given against secession. Mrs. Maher the took the flag and, aided my a large body of men, planted it on a hill overlooking the whole vally, where it stayed until it fell into tatters. Mrs. Maher was for many years a leading member of the Presbyterian Church in this city. The burial will be at Rosehill]
(a newspaper photograph is included; Cook County, Illinois death certificate #2664)
  • Sarah (Landis) Maher, with her husband Theophile (Therphin). Recorded in the Wilmette (Illinois) directory as living on Washington Street with husband and Sophia, and after her death on 11 March 1903, Sophia is listed as living at this address. In a scrapbook kept by John William Landis, Alice Landis and a Mrs. Mahier are listed as contributing to a Grant memorial in Chicago. Also see 1880 census with husband below.
  • Theophile Daniel Maher, listed in the 1880 Indiana census, New Albany Township, Floyd County (a suburb of Louisville), Page 250B, Dewey St. between 15th and Vincennes, as follows:
    name role age born father born mother born
    Maher Theophlin chemist 57 Virginia France France
    Maher Sarah wife 51 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
    Maher Nathan son/chemist 22 Illinois Virginia Pennsylvania
    Maher Sophia daughter 20 Ohio Virginia Pennsylvania
    Maher Mary daughter 18 West Virginia Virginia Pennsylvania
    Maher George son 15 West Virginia Virginia Pennsylvania
    Maher Walter son 12 Kentucky Virginia Pennsylvania

  • From Chicago Tribune, Tuesday 6 April 1965

    Calvin Davids McKay, April 3, 1965, beloved husband of Harriet Elsie, dear father of Ruth, grandfather of 2. Services Wednesday, April 7, at 10 A.M., Wm H. Scott Funeral Home, 1460 Sherman Avenue, Evanston, Illinois. Interment Memorial Park. Visitation Teusday, 7 to 9 P.M. Member Shriners Union Lodge No.7 of Denver, Colo., Rocky Mountain Consistory, No. 2, and Medinah Temple

    From Chicago Tribune, Thursday 9 March 1978

    Harriet E. McKay, mother of Ruth M. Eck, grandmother of Linda Lee Cox, great-grandmother of John R. Eck and Amy L. Cox. Crib side services Friday 2 P.M., Memorial Park Mausoleum, Skokie

    From a Sandwich, Illinois newspaper, clipped as part of a scrapbook held by the John Potter family, kept by Laura McMillan of Lewistown, Montana in 2005

    The brightness of these glad holidays has been suddenly shadowed by the death of one who was expected to contribute so much to the pleasure of every social occasion. The whole community was startled Tuesday morning when it was announced that Mrs. Vermilye, wife of Dr. V. Vermilye, died at midnight. It was known that she was quite ill but with her wonderful spirit and energy, she had recovered so often from similar attacks that we all held fast to the hope that she would again recover. But exhausted nature at last gives way after so many supreme struggles and Mrs. Vermilye, the light of her home and the life and joy of every circle in which she moved, with an energy that had never yet been subdued, was compelled to yield to the demands of the stern messenger death.

    Mrs. Vermilye was born in Duchess Co., N.Y. in 1829 [A note written by Phoebe's daughter Kate on a photograph states that Phoebe was "born Apr 23, 1827, died Dec 28, 1874"] and at the time of her death was 45 years of age. Her maiden name was Davids and she was descended from the Brinckerhoffs, one of the oldest and most substantial families of that part of the state. - She spent her childhood and early youth partly on the banks of the Hudson River near Fishkill and partly with her friends in New York City. She was married to Dr. V. Vermilye at the early age of 17, Mrs. A.M. Cox formerly of Sandwich and now of Chicago who by her own illness was unfortunately prevented from attending the funeral yester, was her sister. Her oldest brother Garret B. is a member of the form that carry on the celebrated Dunnemead Iron Works, Baltimore, and during the war was government Inspector of Iron Clads.

    Another brother, Henry is a chief engineer in the U.S. Navy and still another, Oscar who died at Norfolk, Va. held the same position.

    Dr. and Mrs. Vermilye came west in 1852 and settled in Newark [ Illinois] . While there the Dr. was chosen to represent his district in the legislature. About 11 years ago they came to Sandwich where they have since had their permanent residence.

    In the depth of our sorrow over the event which has saddened so many hearts we cannot do justice to the life and character of the deceased. She was in every respect a superior woman. Bright in intellect, emanently social in nature and genial and kindly in disposition she was a central object of attraction in any society and won for herself everywhere warm and admiring friends. As a wife and a mother, in the center of her own bright household, she gathered to herself the fondest and truest trust and affection.

    Often delicate in health her unconquerable spirit always sustained her and her cheerful voice and her remarkable social gifts made home ever attractive and joyous. But a few days since she was about the house attending to her domestic duties and ministering to her husband who has been ill for several weeks, bright as a ray of sunshine, her presence a sure preventive of despondency, when suddenly she was stricken with a fatal disease and in one week her spirit took its flight from its clay tenement.

    But hope takes bright wings across the dark flood, so silent its terrors and on the radiant shores beyond sees the lustre rekindled in the eyes that death's cold hand has closed and hears again the music of that voice the clear echoes of which are still ringing in the hearts of those that still are weeping.

    The funeral was from the Presbyterian Church yesterday at 1 P.M. Rev. Crofts preaching a very appropriate and impressive sermon to the crowded assembly that was gathered. Mrs. Vermilye leaves a family of 6 children the youngest a daughter of about 12 years of age. The sympathies of the whole community will be extended to the children so sadly bereaved and to the husband still suffering from disease, upon whom this terrible blow has fallen.

    Black : Probably from Sandwich Free Press, dated 10 May 1906.
    Red : Agras (a 2nd Sandwich newspaper) - reel #21
    Valentine Mott Vermilye was married to Phoebe Ann Davids, sister to Emeline E. (Davids) Cox
    Dr. Valentine Mott Vermilye, who came to Sandwich in 1861, dies at home of daughter
    Is Singularly Successful In Many Years of Practice here
    The funeral services of Dr. Valentine Mott Vermilye were held at the Presbyterian church Wednesday afternoon. The interment was at Oak Ridge. Rev. Bickenbach in his discourse said:
    Valentine Mott Vermilye was born in the township of LeGrange, Duchess county, New York, on the 4th of April, 1818. He was the youngest of seven children, two girls and five boys, all of whom attained the age of 83 and above, two of them reaching the age of 87 and 94. His mother was born on Independence Day, July 4th, 1776, at Saratoga Springs. The mother was of Holland descent, the father descended from the Huguenots of France. The family were members of a Quaker community, and all of the children remained throughout their lives an unquestioned reverence and love for the old Quaker faith and its principles of life.
    In early boyhood he attended the district school. From there he went to the Quaker academy at Poughkeepsie, where he heard such orators of the day as Henry Clay and Daniel Webster, and where, upon the death of the superintendent of the academy, he was called to take charge. He studied medicine in the medical school of Columbia University, New York, and graduated in 1844. He afterward studied law and graduated at Cleveland, Ohio, but having no taste for the profession, he returned to the practice of medicine.
    On November 5, 1845, he was married to Phoebe Ann Davis [spelled "Davids" in Agras] of Fishkill, N.Y., who died 31 years ago last december, in 1874. To this union were born eight children, two of them dying in infancy and of the two oldest a daughter Ino died in Sandwich in 1882, and a son Larrey died in Sioux City, Iowa, January 1905. The four children remaining are Mrs. Thomas Weir, Mrs. R.K. Woodward and Mr. Oscar Vermilye, all of Sandwich ["this city" in Agras], and Mrs. John Potter of White Sulphur Springs, Montana. Owing to distance and sickness only two of these were able to attend the funeral.
    In 1854 he came west and located at Newark [Illinois], where he resided for nearly seven years. It was during his stay here that he was a member of the legislature for two terms, representing Kendall county. This brought him into contact with Abraham Lincoln, of whom he was a close friend, and whose farewell address he was permitted to hear.
    In 1861 the family moved to Sandwich, which has ever since been his home and where he successfully followed his chosen profession, that of medicine, until nature asked him to rest. He was loath to leave the old home, sharing it with his son and family for seventeen years. During the last three years, he has lived with his daughter, Mrs. Woodward, the most of the time in much feebleness of body. But that strong constitution long and steadily resisted the encroachment of advancing weakness. At last true to his own prophecy and long desire, he quietly passed away on the evening of May 7, 1906, aged 88 years, one month, and three days.

    From scrapbook kept by the John V. Potter family of White Sulphur Springs, Montana, probably originally from a Sandwich newspaper

    The tidings of the death of this most estimable woman brings sadness to many hearts. The severe illness announced in previous Gazettes hastened on to its fatal termination, and on Wednesday, Feb 14th, 1882, as the day wore away toward evening, she breathed her last. Devoted as a wife, loving and faithful as a daughter and sister, true as a friend, in the meridian of live, in the midst of her bright earthly hopes and anticipations, she has been taken. From a large circle of friendships which she adorned, from a society which she made brighter by her cheerful spirit she has been removed. It seems almost impossible to realize the sad fact that she is gone. But a few months ago, she and her husband moved into their new, beautiful home and looked forward with fond expectation to years of domestic joy and peace. How rudely these ardent hopes have been disappointed.
    Yet the dark dispensation is illuminated by the confident faith that while the husband is left alone and desolate, the wife has gone before into the eternal mansions, whose splendors no heart can conceive. Here is the only relief, the one compensation for the loss and the sorrow. To this hope we commend our stricken and bereaved brother, and the disconsolate family from which a sister and daughter has been taken.
    Mrs. Ino Woodward was born Dec. 29th, 1846, and at the time of her death was a little over 35 years of age. Her maiden name was Ino Vermilye, being a daughter of Dr. V. Vermilye of this city. While she was yet a child the family was removed from their native place near Fishkill on the Hudson, living several years in Newark [Illinois] and about 18 years ago coming to Sandwich, wher they have since resided. It is seldom a death has cast such a shadow over the community and awakened such sincere sorrow.
    The funeral was held from the Presbyterian church, Thursday at 2 p.m., a large concourse of sympathizing friends assembling. The services were conducted by Rev. D.W. Falls. The remains were deposited at Oak Ridge Cemetery.
    Mysterious are the ways of God

    From Dames Funeral Home website

    Age 95, of Joliet, IL passed away Tuesday, January 5, 2010. Laine was born Mary Madeleine Woodward, June 14, 1914, in Chicago, IL, the daughter of John Guy Woodward and Charlotte Poulter Waterbury, and a descendant of two of America's oldest families. She moved to Joliet as a toddler, to the corner of McDonough and Dewey Streets, and claimed Joliet as her lifelong home. She graduated from St. Patrick's Grade School and St. Francis Academy. She attended Joliet Junior College.

    After the US entered World War II, Laine and her sister Ruth joined the Marine Corps. Laine enlisted in the first class of Women Marines, while Ruth was sent to Officer Candidate School. Laine later received a commission, leaving the service as a 1st Lieutenant. Proud of being a Marine, she became an active member of the Women Marines Association, Blanche S. Osborne Chapter. She married John E. "Jack" Downey on April 12, 1947. Jack passed away in 1994, after 46 years of marriage She was a past president of the Joliet Catholic High Mother's Club, and a member of the Visitation and Aid Society and St. Joseph's Hospital Auxiliary. She was a proud member of the Louis Joliet Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, and the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. She was a member of St. Paul the Apostle Parish for nearly sixty years, writing a column for St. Paul's "Carillon" for several years.

    She is survived by her three children, Kathleen (Mrs. George A. McConaghy) of Naperville, IL, John E., Jr. (Linda) of Malvern, IA, and James M., of New Canaan, CT, and three grandchildren, Christine M. McConaghy of Downers Grove, IL, Jennifer A. McConaghy of New York City, and Walker P. Downey of New Canaan, CT. She is also survived by her sister, Ruth Agnes Woodward (Mrs. Julian O. Cumberland) of Montrose, NY.

    Funeral Services for Mary M. Downey will be Monday, January 11, 2010 at 9:15 a.m. from the funeral home to St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church for a Mass of Christian Burial at 10:00 a.m. Interment Monday at 12:00 p.m. at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery where full military honors will be accorded. In lieu of flowers, memorials in her name to the Women Marines Association or Our Lady of Angels Retirement Home would be appreciated. Visitation Sunday, 2-6 p.m. at:

    3200 Black at Essington Rds., Joliet
    For information: (815) 741-5500

    Funeral offering, kept by the John V. Potter family of White Sulphur Springs, Montana, reprinted from The Independent Record of Helena, Montana, 10 Sept 1972

    age 79, died Thursday in a White Sulphur Springs hospital.

    Funeral services will be at 2 PM Monday at the Twichel Funeral Chapel with the Rev. James Anderson of Grace Episcopal Church officiating. Burial will be in the Masonic Section of Mayn Cemetery, White Sulphur Springs.

    Born in White Sulphur Springs Dec. 4, 1892, Potter graduated from Montana State College in 1915 and served two years in the army during World War I.

    He operated an abstract and insurance business in White Sulphur Springs from 1921 until his recent retirement.

    Married to the former Ruth M. Potts July 15, 1930, Potter served many years as county surveyor. Between 1939 and 1947 he served three terms as state representative and one term as state senator from Meagher County.

    He was a 50-year member of the Diamond City Lodge 7, AF&AM.

    Besides the widow of White Sulphur, he is survived by a sister, Mrs. Laura B. Stevens of Bozeman, one daughter, Laura Ann Lodman of Lewistown, and a son, John V. Potter Jr. of White Sulphur Springs.

    Original birth certificate of Marie Tack copied from records of Georgina De Vos
    (spelling edited by Chris DeVeth in Belgium, 2007)
    Royaume de
    de la
    Flandre Orientale
    commune de Machelen

    L'officier de l'état civil de Machelen, certifie que le
    huit Octobre mille huit cent quatre vingt cinq
    est né en sa commune,
    Marie Marina Tack
    fille de Constantin
    et de Rosalie de Loof, son épouse
    délivré à Machelen sur papier libre pour renseignment
    le [single digit number indistinct] Fbre 1914.
    [two official stamps]

    Marriage certificate (?) of Constantinus Tack and Rosalie De Loof.
    (obtained from Julie Tack of Saginaw, Michigan; spelling edited by Chris De Veth in Belgium, 2007)
    Afgeleverd aan
    Wet van 2 Januari 1936, Art. 6.
    KOSTEN :
    Zegelrecht K.B. 13-1-33
    Afschriftrecht K.B. 25-9-33
    Totaal frs.
    UITTREKSELS van Akten uit de registers van den Burgerlijken

    Stand der gemeente Machelen.
    (following handwritten)
    Het jaar achttien honderd vijf en negentig, den
    eersten Januari is te Machelen overleden : Tack
    oud vier en veertig jaar, vlas=
    koopman, geboren te Grammene en wonende te
    Machelen zoon van Charles en van Amelia
    Van Eechaute beiden overleden, echtgenoot van
    Rosalie de Loof, oud zes en dertig jaar, winkelier=
    ster, wonende te Machelen
    (end of handwriting)
    Voor gelijkvormig afschrift, op (-) gezegezeld papier.
    MACHELEN, den 24 September 1937
    De Ambtenaar van den Burgerlijken Stand.
    (signed and sealed [two official stamps])

    Obituary for Sara Frances (Burdick) McFarland, in Great Falls Tribune, 20 Feb 1957
    Memorial Obituary
    Falls Woman Dies on Visit to California
    Mrs. Sara F. McFarland, 76, a resident of this city since 1928, died at Oakland, California, where she had been visiting a son, Eugene R. McFarland. Mrs. McFarland suffered a fatal stroke Sunday.
    A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she was born Sara F. Burdick on July 25, 1880, and was married November 30, 1905, to Thomas A. McFarland. The couple moved to this city in 1928, and Mr. McFarland died here on June 23, 1956.
    The body will be forwarded to Croxford's Mortuary where funeral services will be announced later.
    Mrs. McFarland is survived by two daughters, Mrs. W.D. Griffin of North Hollywood, California, and Alberta Horan of Livingston; two sons, Thomas F. McFarland of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, and Eugene of Piedmont, California; two sisters, Nell Burdick of San Diego, and Florence Sims of Hartland, Wis.; eight grandchildren and numerous neices and nephews.

    Death Certificate of Frederick McFarland

    Obituary for Charlotte (McFarland) Graham
    Enclosure in Charlotte's Bible, owned by George Ferris
    Mrs. C. Graham
    The death took place [30 April 1948] on Friday last of Mrs. C. Graham, widow of Mr. G.F. Graham, Millbrook, Clones, a well known judge and breeder of shorthorn cattle and an extensive auctioneer.

    Mrs. Graham resided at Clones for almost 40 years, was of a kindly and friendly disposition and a faithful member of Clones Parish Church. She is survived by two sisters and a brother all living in America.

    The funeral took place on Sunday to Clones Parish Church. Rev. R.J. Williamson, M.A., officiated.

    Birth Certificate of Thomas Frederick McFarland
    Certificate of Birth Registration
    This Certifies that, a certificate of birth is on file at this office bearing the
    Name   Thomas Fred Mc Farland   Born on   September 12, 1906  
    At   Milwaukee, Wisconsin  
    Father   Thomas Mc Farland   Mother   Sarah Burdick  

    Milwaukee Health Department
    (signature printed) E.R. Krumbiegel, M.D.
    Commissioner of Health

    No. of Certificate   6963             embossed with seal of registrar of Vital Statistics
    Filed   Oct. 31, 1906  

    Marriage certificate for Thomas F. McFarland and Dorathy A. Landis
    Department of Health - Bureau of Vital Statistics
    License Number   73  
    Place of Marriage
    County of   Walworth  
    City of   Elkhorn  
    I,   Roscoe R. Luce, County Judge  , hereby
    certify that on the   3rd   day of   July  , A.D. 1936
    at   Elkhorn   in the county of   Walworth  , State of Wisconsin,
      Thomas Frederick McFarland   of   Milwaukee   State of   Wisconsin  
    and   Dorathy Adele Landis   of   Delavan   State of   Wisconsin  
    were by me united in marriage as authorized by a Marriage license issued for that purpose by the County Clerk of
      Walworth   County and State of Wisconsin, numbered   73   and dated the   3rd   day of   July   A.D. 19  36  .
    We, the undersigned, were present at the Marriage of   Thomas Frederick McFarland   and
      Dorathy Adele Landis   as set forth in the foregoing certificate, at their request, and heard their declara-
    tions that they took each other for husband and wife.
    Two witnesses
      W. W. Landis   (signature)
      Mrs. W. W. Landis   (signature)
    Signature of the person officiating and P.O. Address
      Roscoe Luce, County Judge, Elkhorn, Wis.   (signature)
    Name   Thomas Frederick McFarland  
    Residence   819 No. 16th St., Milwaukee, Wis.  
    Age   29   Color   white   (single) No. of marriages FIRST
    Birthplace   Milwaukee, Wis.   Nationality   American  
    Relationship   none  
    Occupation   Salesman  
    Name of Father   Thomas McFarland  
    Maiden Name of Mother   Sarah Burdick  
    Was a special dispensation issued?   yes  
    Name   Dorathy Adele Landis  
    Residence   Delavan, Wis.  
    Age   23   Color   white   (single) No. of marriages FIRST
    Birthplace   Chicago, Ill.   Nationality   American  
    Relationship   none  
    Occupation   at home  
    Name of Father   William W. Landis  
    Maiden Name of Mother   Adele Nenno  
    Was a special dispensation issued?   yes  
    Date of issue   July 3,   19  36   ;   Leo D. Dunlap   County Clerk

    Obituary for Thomas Fredrick McFarland, in Milwaukee Journal, April 1989
    Services were to be held Wednesday in Phoenix, Arizona, for Thomas F. (Tom) McFarland, 76, former credit manager for The Journal Co., now known as Journal Communications.
    McFarland died Sunday in Phoenix of complications from a heart attack suffered in January. He was 82.
    His wife Dorathy wrote this note on her April 1989 calendar
    Although born in Milwaukee, his family moved to San Francisco when he was young and eventually to Montana, where his father was a wheat rancher. McFarland worked at a variety of jobs, including forest ranger, sheepherder, freight wagon driver, and combine and threshing machine operator, before he landed at The Journal in 1928.

    At the time, the company was just beginning to use telephones to remind people who did not pay their bills that it was time to ante up. That was his first job here. He was named assistant credit manager in 1930, and later worked in advertising sales until being named credit manager in 1938.

    He held that position for 34 years before retiring in 1972. He then moved to Phoenix.

    "He is a legend in the credit department," said Donald Massa, senior vice president of finance and treasurer of the Journal Communications. "He was an outstanding credit manager well known for his firmness and understanding."

    McFarland is survived by his wife, Dorathy; two sons, Thomas Jr., and Brian, of Phoenix; and a daughter, Patricia McFarland, of Pueblo, Colorado.

    Obituary for Dorathy Adele (Landis) McFarland
    Arizona Republic dated 5 November 2003
    Dorathy A. McFarland of Phoenix Arizona passed away peacefully at home on October 31, 2003, at the age of 90. Dorothy Adele Landis was born on January 6, 1913 in Chicago, daughter of Adele (Nenno) and William Walter Landis, and spent her childhood years in Mobile, Alabama, and Delavan, Wisconsin, attending Wauwatosa High School in Wisconsin. On July 3, 1936, she married Thomas Frederick McFarland, and with their 3 children lived in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, from 1941 until her husband retired from the Milwaukee Journal in 1971. The couple then moved to Phoenix, where her husband passed away in April 1989. Since a stroke in 2000, Dorathy has been cared for by her son Brian and his wife Sue at their home in Phoenix. Dorathy very much loved her family, and was an avid bridge player. Dorathy is survived by son Thomas McFarland and his wife Susan of Madison, Wisconsin; daughter Patricia McFarland of Pueblo, Colorado; son Brian Douglas McFarland and his wife Sue of Phoenix, Arizona; sister Jeanne (Illian) Plotz of Gurnee, Illinois; grandsons William McFarland of Duluth, Minnesota and Timothy McFarland of Granite Falls, Washington, granddaughters Michelle (McFarland) Hinz of Phoenix and Diana McFarland of Madison; great grandchildren Nicole, Chance and Ellie.

    Correction to above obituary by Dorathy's sister (Jeanne Plotz = next entry): Dorathy spent childhood in Biloxi, not Mobile

    Obituary for Jeanne Carroll (Landis Illian) Plotz , sister of Dorathy (Landis) McFarland (above entry)
    probably in the local newspaper for Grayslake, Illinois. Jeanne is buried in Highland Cemetery, Guerney, Illinois, with an alternate memorial in Angola Cemetery (Lake Villa, Illinois) with her 2nd husband Harold Plotz
    Jeanne (Illian) Plotz peacefully passed away on August 6th, 2015. She is survived by her loving daughters, Carroll (Harold) Flood, Susan (Woody) Williams, and Sally Bailey; six grandchildren, and 15 Great Grandchildren, who will miss her dearly. A memorial service will be held on August 15th at Wildwood Presbyterian Church, Graylake, Illinois, at 2:30 PM. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Wildwood Presbyterian Church would be greatly appreciated.

    Birth Certificate of William Douglas McFarland
    (obtained by his sister Shelly McFarland)
    Certificate of Birth
    Certificado de Nacimento
    State of New Mexico   Estado de Nuevo Mexico
    I certify that the following birth is registered in the New Mexico Vital Records and Health Statistics
    File No 19670794134 Request No 26201239794 County of birth: Eddy
    Date of birth: February 25, 1967 Date of registration: March 20, 1967 Sex: Male
    Name of person Registered: WILLIAM DOUGLAS MCFARLAND
    Name of Father or Parent One: BRIAN D MCFARLAND
    Name of Mother or Parent Two: PATRICIA A DECAIRE
    No. 1575281   (signed) Celine Sanchez, December 12, 2003

    Marriage of Cresentia (Billy) Bernard and Thomas G. Farley
    supplied by Billy's granddaughter Megan Moynihan in April 2007
    Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Bernard, of Ladysmith, formerly of Iron River, announce the marriage of their daughter, Miss Crescentia, to Thomas J. Farley, of Milwaukee (original scan).
    Reverend Father Riesmey, of St. Mary's Church of Ladysmith, officiated at the marriage ceremony, performed June 27th, at eight o'clock.
    Miss Barbara Nowak [handwritten date "1923" above this name], of Chippewa Falls, attended the bride, and Mr. F.H. Farley, of Ely, Minn., attended the groom.
    For the past two years the bride has been supervisor of physical education in the city schools of Antigo. The groom is director of physical education in one of the large high schools of Milwaukee.
    Mr. and Mrs. Farley left at noon for an extended tour in the south. They will make their home in Milwaukee after September 4th.
    Second announcement of the same marriage
    Miss Crecentia Bernard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Bernard, of this city, and William Farley, of Milwaukee, were married at St. Mary's church Wednesday morning at 8 o'clock, Rev. Father Riesenmy officiating. Miss Barbara Nowak and Frederick Farley, both of Milwaukee, attended the couple.
    After the ceremony a wedding breakfast was served to several Ladysmith and out-of-town guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard.
    Mr. and Mrs. Farley left Wednesday noon for a short trip before going to Milwaukee, where they will make their home.

    Obituary for Jane Mary Farley
    supplied by Jane's daughter Megan Moynihan in April 2007
    Jane Mary Farley

    After an exuberant life, Jane died in Milwaukee on May 16, 2005. Jane was a journalist, filmmaker, artist, and bonne vivante. She attended Messmer High School and was graduated magna cum laude from Marquette's School of Journalism. From about 1953-1966 she worked as a feature reporter for the Milwaukee Journal. She left to start a promotional / educational film company and, as it's creative director, won many regional and national awards.
    "Champagne" Jane liked nothing better than a party. She was a warm, effusive, and frequent hostess. She had a dramatic and adventurous spirit. She was a witty and lively conversationalist who was fascinated by everybody and everything.
    She is survived by a daughter, Meg Moynihan, 257 W. Sidney St., St. Paul, MN 55107.
    No visitation or funeral. Instead, Jane wanted a party to celebrate her and her life. It will be held June 5, 2005 at the Milwaukee Press Club from 2-4 PM. In lieu of flowers, memorials to Marquette University - Department of Journalism, Box 1881, Milwaukee, WI 53201 or Milwaukee Jewish Home, 1414 N. Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53202.

    1603 S. 81st St.
    West Allis       414-476-2010

    Obituary of John Nicholas Nenno, published in New Ulm Review dated Wed. July 23, 1924
    Nicholas John Nenno (name as printed)
    Nicholas John Nenno, 401 Wheeler Ave, Mankato, veteran of the Civil War, died at St. Joseph's Hospital of Mankato at 8 o'clock Monday morning from a complication of diseases following an illness of several months.

    Mr. Nenno was born in Buffalo, N.Y. September 6, 1845. During the civil war he served in Co. D of the 43rd Wisconsin Infantry under General Sherman.wounded in the battle of Nashville which prevented him from marching to the sea. Mr. Nenno was united in marriage to Miss Marguerite Lynch on July 7, fifty years ago, they having recently celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. The deceased leaves to mourne his death his sorrowing wife and the following children : F.J. Nenno, Mrs. Ella McDonald, Mrs. W.E. Anderson, L.E. Nenno, Mrs. J.P. Saenger all of Mankato ; Mrs. W.W. Landis of St. Paul ; A.J. Nenno of New Ulm ; Mrs. W.P. Roscoe of Billings, Mont., and Mrs. E.A. Seely of Waseca, and fourteen grandchildren. Three sons have preceded him in death.

    Funeral sevices were held this morning at St. Mary's church of this city and interment was made in the Catholic cemetery. The remains were escorted to the grave by the G.A.R. of New Ulm of which he was a member.

    Unmentioned in J.N. Nenno's obituary above, and that of his wife below, is J.N. Nenno's first son,
    John J. Nenno, from an earlier marriage which was kept a secret from his children.

    Obituary of Marguerite Ellen (Lynch) Nenno, published in New Ulm Journal dated March 11, 1932
    Mrs. J.N. Nenno
    Local relatives received news, Monday, of the sudden death of Mrs. J.N. Nenno, nee Margaret Ellen Lynch, which occurred at the home of her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seely, in North Mankato, at 8:30 o'clock that morning. Heart failure was the cause of her demise, and she had been ailing for about nine months. Deceased was born at Hartford, Conn., June 14, 1855, being past 76 years of age, when the final summons came. With her parents, she came to Minnesota, when a young girl, and was married in New Ulm to John N. Nenno, in 1874. Some 33 years ago, the family moved to Sanborn, where Mr. and Mrs. Nenno conducted the Altermatt house, for three years, before going to Springfield, where they had charge of the Walk Hotel, for five years. In 1910, deceased and her husband went to North Mankato, later spending about two years in Clinton, Iowa. Since returning to the latter place, Mr. and Mrs. Nenno resided in North Mankato, where the former died July 21, 1924. Three sons preceded them in death. Surviving Mrs. Nenno are the following three sons and six daughters : Frank J. and Leo Nenno, and Mmes. C. McDonald, W.C. Anderson, J.P. Saenger, and Charles Seely, all of Mankato ; Albert Nenno, New Ulm ; Mrs. W.P. Roscoe, Billings, Mont., and Mrs. W.W. Landis, Milwaukee, Wis. She also leaves behind 12 grandchildren and one great-grandchild, as well as one step-sister, Mrs. John Igo of Fairfax, and a step-brother, Edward Butler, of Hector.

    Funeral sevices were conducted at the Catholic church in North Mankato, yesterday morning, after which the remains were brought to New Ulm, and interred in the Catholic cemetery. Deceased was a member of the Women's Catholic Order of Foresters, and of the Ladies Rosary society of North Mankato.

    Obituary of Donald N. Anderson, published in Phoenix dated December 9, 2004
    Donald Nicholas Anderson
    Donald Nicholas Anderson, 97, of Phoenix, passed away at the Forum Pueblo Norte in Scottsdale early Monday morning, December 6, 2004.

    Don was born in Springfield, Minnesota, at home on May 29, 1907 to William Chester and Elsie (Nenno) Anderson and was the oldest of three children. His family moved to Mankato, Minnesota in 1922 and he graduated from Mankato High School in 1925.

    Athletics and physical fitness were important in his life at a very young age. He played basketball in High School. He picked up boxing while in college at the University of Minnesota, where he won 2 Golden Gloves tournaments as a 160-pound middleweight. He was the University middleweight champion of the big ten and also his fraternity light heavy weight champion. Don maintained the fitness regimen he followed in college throughout his entire life, running, skipping rope and boxing. He was often seen in the gym punching the heavy and speed bags well into his 80's. He worked out regularly at the Phoenix Country Club and at the SAR Club in Scottsdale. He was the original physical fitness enthusiast.

    His life's career was in the highway construction business. After high school and before starting college, he worked for an uncle in Montana as a laborer learning the construction business. He put himself through college working on construction jobs in the summer.

    He studied at the University of Minnesota where he graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering in 1931. He then went to work full time for his uncle as a construction foreman.

    He met his wife, Aleen Rigg while working in Montana. They married in 1932 and had 4 children. In 1941, when the US entered World War II, he was called into the Navy, joining the Civil Engineering Corp. His assignment was to represent the Navy's interest in overseeing the building of dry docks by civilian companies at Naval Ship Yards. This assignment took him throughout the US and Europe.

    He left the Navy in 1946 and moved to El Paso, Texas joining college fraternity brothers with the idea of starting a construction company. In 1948 they went into business, forming Hansen, Anderson, Dunn in El Paso, and Western Constructors, Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona. Don moved his family to Phoenix at that time. Their construction projects included portions of I-10, Black Canyon Highway, I-40. and I-19. They built hghways, bridges, underpasses, and overpasses. Don and his two partners retired from construction business after 28 years in 1976.

    Don was a member of the Associated General Contractors, serving on their board for 7 years. He was an Arizona Registered Professional Engineer. He was a former member of the Phoenix Country Club and a member of the Fraternity of Sigma Phi Epsilon.

    He was preceeded in death by his parents, his two sisters, Margie Anderson and Kathleen Esser, and his wife of 40 years, Aleen. Don remarried in 1976 tp Marjorie Staples Lee, who survives him. His 4 children and their spouses also survive him, Mona Shultz (Theodore), Vienna, VA; La Donna Marietti (John), Kansas City, MO.; Stephanie Tribolet (Bill), La Jolla, CA; Donald Anderson, Jr. (Sandi), Scottsdale, AZ; 14 grandchildren and 27 great-grandchildren. He was a loving husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather and will be forever in our hearts.

    Visitation will be held from 6:00 - 7:00 P.M., with Scripture Service at 7:00 P.M., Thursday, December 9th, at Whitney & Murphy Funeral Home, 4800 East Indian School Road. Mass of Christian Burial will be at 1:30 P.M. Friday, December 10, 2004 at Brophy Chapel, 4701 North Central Avenue. Interment will follw at St. Francis Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Brophy College Prep, 4701 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85012.

    Obituary of Frank J. (Cap) Nenno, published in New Ulm Review dated April 10, 1947
    Frank Nenno
    Frank J. (Cap) Nenno, 72, prominent in the political and business life of this part of the state for many years, died suddenly in a Mankato hospital Thursday afternoon. Mr. Nenno had served as election judge Tuesday but suffered a stroke Thursday from which he did not rally.

    Mr. Nenno was appointed deputy internal revenue collector when President Wilson became president, an office which he held for 23 years. Eight years ago he retired and since then has been an accountant and assisted in filling out income tax returns for various clients in this part of the state. During the years that he was active in public life he was a candidate for GOP nomination from Congress from this district.

    Frank J. Nenno was born in New Ulm, November 13, 1874, and attended the local schools. He was employed in the Northwestern depot and then engaged in the saloon business for a number of years. Before he was appointed deputy revenue collector, he was interested in livestock feeding in South Dakota. After his appointment he worked out of New Ulm a number of months and then moved to Minneapolis. He later purchased a home on South State Street and resided there some years before disposing of it to Auditor C.E. Schmid. The Nennos then moved to Mankato to make their home. Mr. Nenno was a lover of fine horses and for many years was the owner of race horses which he entered in many events in southern Minnesota. Mr. Nenno and Miss Florence Runnels were married in Sioux City, Iowa, about 45 years ago. His widow and two daughters, Mrs. Walt [Rita] Hull, Denver, Colo., and Mrs. Gordon [Gladys] Collins, San Francisco, Calif., survive. There are four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

    Two brothers, Albert J. Nenno, Mankato, and six sisters also survive. They are : Mrs. J.P. [Lily] Saenger, Seattle, Washington ; Mrs. Wm. W. [Florence] Roscoe, Billings, Mont.; Mrs. Wm. W. [Adell] Landis, Milwaukee, Wis.; Mrs. Wm. [Elsie] Anderson; Mrs. Clint [Ellen] McDonald; and Mrs. Charlie [Lala] Seely, Mankato.

    Mr. Nenno was a 32nd degree Mason, and a member of the York and Scottish Rite Order.

    Final rites were conducted at the Kelly-Johnson-Bowman funeral home in Mankato, Monday at 2 P.M., the Rev. Jerry Lien officiating. Masonic services were also conducted in his memory.

    Obituary of Gerald Nicholas Nenno, published in Beaver Dam Daily Citizen
    Gerald Nicholas Nenno
    Gerald N. Nenno, 85, of 112B Industrial Dr., Apt 302, died May 14, 1992, at Lakeview Nursing Home. Closing service will be Saturday, 10 a.m., at Briese-Roedl-Weber Funeral Home to St. Peter's Catholic Church at 10:30 a.m., with Father John Simon officiating. Burial will be in St. Mary's Cemetery, Beaver Dam.

    Mr. Nenno was born August 12, 1906 in Beaver Dam, the son of John J. and Bertha (Zaastrow) Nenno ["Zaastrow" as spelled here, with 2 a's]. He married Loretta Franke on Nov. 9, 1926, she preceeded him in death. He married Pearl Baker Leisses on Nov. 7, 1982.

    He resided in Beaver Dam all his life and served in the Wisconsin National Guard for three years; was a member of St. Peter's Catholic Church, the Holy Name Society, where he was a past president; he had been an umpire for the Rock River League for many years; he was active in the Fraternal Order of Eagles, serving as secretary for ten years, and was president in 1941, State president in 1955; was a life member of the Wisconsin organization of past-presidents; Roamer's Club; American Association of Retired Persons; a volunteer of Dodge County Big Brothers Program.

    He was a member of Industrial Development Committee in 1954; former President of Boot and Shoe Workers Union #651; former president of Joint District Council, AFL; vocational and Adult Education school for 17 years, where he served as secretary and President; Police and Fire Commission for 15 years; former Eagles Drum and Bugle Corps; Eagle Degree Team for many years; and was honored as Father of the Year in 1978 by Ladies Auxiliary, of the Fraternal Order of Eagles.

    He is survived by his wife, Beaver Dam; one daughter, Marleen (Gerald) Berras, Beloit, Wis.; three sons, Robert (Mary Lou) Nenno, Beaver Dam; Alvin "A.J." (Carol) Nenno, Janesville; Terry (Jane) Nenno, Beaver Dam; eight grandchildren, two great-grandchildren; three step-daughters, Fay (Hilmer) Wahl, Beaver Dam; Gail (Charles) Fakes, Fox Lake; Cindy (Robert) Hankes, Beaver Dam; nine steo-grandchildren; three step-great-grandchildren; two brothers, Melvin Nenno, Michigan; Wilfred Nenno, Beaver Dam; neices, nephews, other relatives and friends.

    He was preceeded in death by his parents, three sisters, and one brother.

    Friends may call at Briese-Roedl-Weber Funeral Home on Friday (tonight) from 5 to 8 p.m., with an Eagles service at 6:30 p.m. and a parish vigil at 7 p.m.

    Obituary of Lala Seely, published in Mankato Free Press dated Oct 6 1985
    Eulalia Seely
    Winnebago - Services for Eulalia B. Seely, 88, of Winnebago, who died Saturday morning, Oct 5, 1985, at the Winnebago Baptist Home, were 10 a.m. today at St. Mary's Catholic Church, Winnebago, the Rev. Frank Enright officiating. Burial was in Calvary Cemetery, Mankato.

    Spencer-Owen Funeral Home of Winnebago was in charge of arrangements.

    Mrs. Seely was born Nov. 7, 1896, in New Ulm to John and Margaretha (Lynch) Nenno. A resident of the Mankato area most of her life, she graduated from Mankato High School in 1915 and married Charles Seely on Sept. 25, 1916, in Mankato. She had been a member of Holy Rosary parish in North Mankato and St. John's parish in Mankato. She moved to Winnebago in 1978.

    Survivors include one daughter, Eileen (Mrs. Alvin) Jurgenson of Winnebago ; one sister, Elsie Anderson of Independence, Mo. ; and several nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her husband in 1948, six brothers, and four sisters.

    Obituary of Charles Seely, possibly published in Mankato Free Press dated Feb 14 1948
    Charles A. Seely Dies Early Today, Funeral Tuesday
    Charles A. Seely, 52, 827 Nicollet avenue, died early today in a local hospital where he had undergone an operation several weeks ago.

    Born in Rome, Wisconsin, Mr. Seely had been employed by the Chicago and Northwestern railroad company for the past 32 years. For the past 20 years he had lived in North Mankato and had served as traveling freight and passenger agent.

    He is survived by his widow and one daughter, Eileen; his mother, Mrs. Ed A. Seely
    (Eileen Jurgenson states in 2001 that "Ed." is incorrect: should be Frank), Worthington, one brother, Earl, Minneapolis; and four sisters, Mrs. C.C. Steel, La Mars, Iowa; Mrs. H.J. Weber, Marshfield, Wisconsin; and Mrs. J.N. Kain and Mrs. Lee Anderson, both of Worthington.

    Mr. Seely was a member of the Knights of Columbus and the Elks Lodge.

    The body will lie in state at the Landkamer Funeral Home from 10 a.m. Monday until time of the services at 10 a.m. Tuesday.

    Members of the Knights of Columbus, relatives and friends, will meet at the Landkamer Funeral Home to recite the rosary Monday evening at 8 p.m.

    Funeral services will be held Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. from the Holy Rosary Church, North Mankato, with interment at Calvary.

    Obituary of Eileen (Seely) Jurgenson, supplied by the Spencer-Oweb Funeral Home, Winnebago, Minnesota
    Eileen Marie Jurgenson
    (September 23, 1918 - April 17, 2010)
    Eileen M. Jurgenson April 17, 2010 Winnebago

    Eileen M. Jurgenson, age 91 died on Saturday, April 17, 2010, at Parker Oaks Communities in Winnebago. Mass of Christian Burial will be held at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Winnebago, with Father Leo Koppala officiating. Burial will be in Calvary Cemetery, Mankato. Visitation will be one hour prior to services at the church. Spencer-Owen Funeral Home is in charge of the arrangements.

    Eileen Marie was born on September 23, 1918 in Clinton, Iowa, to Charles A. and Eulalia B. (Nennon) Seely. Following several moves, the family settled in Mankato. She graduated from Mankato High School in 1935 and from Mankato State Teachers College in 1939. After teaching for 5 ½ years, she went to work at Continental Can Company. She was united in marriage to Alvin Jurgenson on January 15, 1949 at Holy Rosary Parsonage, in North Mankato. They moved to Winnebago where they farmed until 1966. Eileen started working at the local school in 1954 as a secretary, until retiring in 1981.

    Following her retirement, she volunteered with the AARP Tax Program, continuing to do this for the next twenty-five years, serving as coordinator the last ten years. She did volunteer work at the Muir Library every Monday morning, was a member of the local Food Shelf and was a driver for the Meals on Wheels program. Eileen was inducted into the Heritage Club in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the future of Mankato State University through the Endowment Fund in 1994. Eileen was a member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church where she served as church secretary for several years and was a member of the Rosary Society. In 2005, she was chosen as Outstanding Volunteer Senior Citizen of Faribault County. Eileen was named the recipient for the 2010 Winnebago Hall of Fame. Her hobbies included knitting, bridge, counted cross stitch and plastic canvas.

    Eileen is survived by: several nieces and nephews along with many friends.

    Eileen was preceded in death by her parents and her husband Alvin “Jurgy” in 1992.

    Obituary of William Peter Roscoe Jr, published in Billings Gazette dated abt 3 Oct 1998
    William P. Roscoe, Jr.

    William P. Roscoe, Jr., 82, of Billings, died Friday evening, Oct. 2, 1998, at Aspen Meadows after a lengthy illness.

    He was born on July 21, 1916, in Billings, Mont., the son of William P. Roscoe, Sr. and Florence Nenno Roscoe. His father was a early-day highway bridge contractor in Montana and surrounding states.

    He attended Billings schools and Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wash. He graduated from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wis. with a degree in business. While in college he attained a flight instructor rating and went on to become a civilian flight instructor for the U.S. Army Air Corps during WWII. He was stationed in Cimarron Field in Yukon, Okla.

    On May 23, 1942, he married Emily Jane Covert in Yukon, Okla. During and after the war, they resided in Lima, Peru, where he was a pilot for a new airline, Pan-American-Grace Airways (Panagra). During these years he flew the Cordillera of the Andres and most of the South American continent.

    In 1947 he returned to Billings and worked for his father in bridge construction. He also worked for Montana Steel and Supply and Eaton Metal Products Manufacturing. In 1954 he and his partners founded Roscoe Steel and Culvert Compant. He was active in the business until his retirement in 1986.

    He was very involved in his industry and his community. He was a member of the Associated General Contractors of Montana and also served as President of the National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association. He served for several years on the Board of Directors of Deaconess Medical Center. He was a Past-President of Yellowstone Valley District of Boy Scouts and a recipient of the Silver Beaver Service Award. He belonged to Billings Rotary Club and was a recipient of the Paul Harris Award. He served several terms on the Board of Trustees of Carroll College in Helena; was a founder and Emeritus Trustee orf the Billings Area Catholic Education Trust (B.A.C.E.T.); belonged to the Highlands Club; B.P.O.E. #394 and the Service Corps of Retired Executives (S.C.O.R.E.).

    In 1983, he was chosen "Small Businessman of the Year" for the state of Montana and traveled to Washigton, D.C. to meet with other state representatives and President Reagan. In 1985 he was the recipient of the Philip N. Fortin "Philanthropist of the year", presented by Deaconess Medical Center.

    His interests were his home, family, his church, young people and their education, and the outdoors. He especially enjoyed his cabin on the Stillwater River where he spent many seasons planting and tending to his trees. After his retirement he and his wife traveled extensively.

    He is survived by his wife, Emily and six children. They are James P. Roscoe and his wife Lin of Billings, William P. Roscoe III and his wife Marianne of Sacramento, Calif,; Kathryn (Kati) Stack and her husband Tom of Missoula, Mont.; Teresa (Tris) Salyer and her husband Jim. John J. Roscoe and Michael P. Roscoe, all of Billings. He is also survived by 12 grandchildren, four step-grandchildren, two great-grand children and eight step-great-grandchildren.

    He was preceded in death by his parents, two sisters, Margeurite and Mary Bernice and one son, Judson Michael.

    Visitation will begin 9 a.m. Monday at Michelotti, Sawyers & Norndquist, Alderson Chapel. The Vigil Service will be at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at St. Patrick's Co-Cathedral. Funeral Mass will be celebrated 12:00 noon Wednesday at St. Patrick's Co-Cathedral with Rite of Committal at Mountview Cemetery.

    Memorials may be directed to Deaconess Billings Clinic Foundation, P.O. Box 3566, Billings, Mont., 59103-9978, Billings Area Catholic Education Trust (B.A.C.E.T.), P.O. Box 31158, Billings, Mont., 59107-9935, or the charity of one's choice.

    Exit or boarding pass for Maurice Tack and wife Elisa Haezebrouck,
    officially stamped in Brussels, Belgium on 20 January 1920, by the American consulate,
    as "travelling to the United States of America via Antwerp", bearing "Doc. No. 230, Visa No. 243"
    (spelling edited by Chris DeVeth in Belgium, 2007)
    No. 4528
    de Mr
    Né à Machelen floce
    le 5 Mai 1891
    Cheveux blond
    Sourcils    'id    
    Yeux bleus
    Front grand
    Nez ordinaire
    Bouche    'id    
    Menton    'id    
    Visage monstacker
    Barbe ovale
    Taille 1m 780 mm
    Signes particuliers néanty
    de Mme
    1 Septembre 1898
    1m 600 mm
    Au nom du Roi des Belges,
    Nous, Ministre des Affaires étrangères,

    prions tous les Magistrats ou Officiers, tant civils que
    militaires, quels qu'ils puissent être, des Princes et Etats
    étrangers, de laisser passer librement M onsieur
    Tack, Maurice, marchand de velos
    domicilié à Eeghem floce, accom-
    pagné de sou êpouse Haezebrouck
    Elisa. Sujets Belges

    avec ses bagages, allant en Amerique à
    Détroit, Michigan

    sans permittre qu'il lui soit opposé aucune entrave ou
    empêchement et de lui donner ou faire donner toute aide
    et secours, ainsi que Nous le ferions Nous-meme, en
    étant requis.

    Obituary of Madeleine De Vos (name misspelled below),
    published in Santa Cruz Sentinel dated 9 December 2005
    Long time Ben Lomond resident Madeleine De Vos passed away on December 3 at Dominican Hospital, Santa Cruz. Mrs. De Vos was born in Aalter, Belgium on February 22, 1904. She spent both World War 1 and World War 11 in Belgium. Trained as a children's nurse, Mrs. De Vos served in that capacity for some 25 years both in Belgium and in France. She came to the United States in 1958 where she married Joseph Medard De Vos also a Belgian native who had immigrated to the United States in 1914. They resided for some years in Berkeley before moving to Ben Lomond in 1973. Mrs. De Vos enjoyed her many friends and family during her long and productive life. She is survived by her step-son, Dr. George De Vos, Professor Emeritus at UC Berkeley, daughter-in law Suzanne Lake De Vos, three grandchildren, Laurie De Vos Moore of Bremerton, Wa., Dr. Eric De Vos of Saginaw, Mi., and Dr. Susan De Vos of Madison, Wi., and five great-grandchildren. A memorial servive is planned.".

    Obituary of Laurence LeClair McLaughlin,
    published in a blog created by his son Sean dated 8 December 2005
    Farewell, Pop
    Born: May 19, 1924. Died: December 5, 2005.
    Laurence “Larry” McLaughlin was a multi-talented man – entrepreneur, artist, poet and orchid hybridizer. Over his lifetime he won many awards in juried art shows from Miami, Fla. to San Francisco, Calif. He painted in many media, but his favorite was watercolor. He was a member of East Bay Watercolor Society and Pro Arts Gallery. He belonged to the Orchid Society of California and previously co-owned an orchid business based in Jacksonville, Fla. , Specialty Orchids, with his daughter Lynn Lisenby, which grew and shipped orchids worldwide. He specialized in growing oncidiums and odontoglossums, developing new hybrids many of which received awards and are considered important and valuable to hybridizers the world over.

    A prolific and published poet since his teens, his works have been included in many and varied publications, including The Miami News, an European Anthology of Poetry, and the Ina Coolbrith Poetry Circle. One of his poems was also included in a book of poems by his fellow Mensans. He enjoyed sharing his work with residents and staff at his latest home in a retirement community.

    Larry joined the San Francisco Regional Mensa when it was established and fulfilled early leadership positions. In his youth he was an avid swimmer, and a lifeguard at Venetian Pool in Coral Gables, Fla. He was interested in snakes and knew herpetology well. In wartime, because of medical deferment, he became a civilian welder for the Navy. An eager fisherman, Larry begin deep-sea fishing in the Atlantic, capturing handsome specimens of sailfish and swordfish. Later, he became interested in fly-fishing and learned the art of tying flies as well as of fly-fishing itself.

    As a Sierra Club member in California , he conducted walking tours at a brisk pace. On field trips with the Native Plant Society, he studied and photographed plant materials. In his home garden, he grew iris and roses and also had a specially built orchid house with his latest creations.

    Later in life, despite the physical disability of being deaf, he attended Cal State University Hayward, where he obtained a bachelor‘s degree in Biological Illustration. From age 16, his occupation was as a commercial artist. He worked in Washington, D.C., Miami, and San Francisco. He had special skills in gold leaf lettering. Prior to his retirement at age 63, he owned Hamilton Broadway Signs in Oakland . After retirement, he joined SIRS, Seniors in Retirement. Larry was a member of Rotary Club in Oakland and in Berkeley , and on his travels he contacted overseas Rotary groups as an ambassador.

    He loved to travel and tried to get to France every year, particularly Paris , his beloved city. He found inspiration to paint there. He was delighted to find a Poet’s Garden in Paris . Other travels with his wife included senior tours and a Friendship Force visit to Central Asia . Search for family roots motivated a ‘Clan McLaughlin’ trip in 2000 to Dublin and to the Northwestern counties of Ireland and Scotland, as well as to and London .

    He loved watching small children at play, and was devoted to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He took pride in encouraging the budding artistic talent of the younger generation. Over the past 25 years, he became beloved to his new extended family. His friends and family enjoyed his keen wit and love of puns, which he delivered with his trademark wry humor. He could recite lengthy poems verbatim, spanning decades of memory. He loved music and had retained the sounds of early listening despite his later deafness. Much of the imagery in his writing devolved upon sound. Numerous health problems required careful monitoring for many years, but he succeeded in having 81 years of fulfillment and accomplishment, with strong family ties.

    SPOUSE: Winifred (Olsen) DeVos McLaughlin of Oakland, Calif. Married 23 years.
    DAUGHTER: Anne Johnson of Jacksonville, Fla.
    DAUGHTER: Lynn Lisenby of Jacksonville, Fla.
    SON: Sean McLaughlin of Cocoa, Fla.
    STEP-DAUGHTER: Laurie Moore of Bremerton, Wash.
    STEP-DAUGHTER: Susan DeVos of Madison, Wis.
    STEP-SON: Eric DeVos of Saginaw, Mich.
    SISTER: Muriel Forlenza of Stuart, Fla.
    SISTER: Evelyn Colbert of Paducah, Ky.
    SISTER: Milly Gustafson of Stuart, Fla.

    Obituary of Don Gentner, written by his wife and published on his website dated 14 July 2005
    Don Gentner
    Don Gentner died peacefully at home in Palo Alto on June 12th with his wife Judith by his side. Don's vast curiosity, warmth, intelligence, strength and grace drew people to him, and once relationships had formed he tended them carefully. So when diagnosed with a primary brain tumor in June, 2002 he developed a health page to make sure his many friends scattered around the world could stay involved in his life as it entered this new phase ( As with the advanced melanoma Don survived thirteen years ago he met this latest cancer challenge with his usual combination of strength, optimism and acceptance. Don was born in Western New York on January 20, 1940 to Richard Francis Gentner and Florence (Winter) Gentner, the second of seven children. He left his hometown of Springville, New York in 1957 but maintained deep roots there while moving into a world of novel experiences and many rich, sustaining friendships. Don received his bachelor's degree in chemistry from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1961, and a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of California at Berkeley in 1967. He met his first wife, Dedre Cooke, at UC Berkeley; they were married in 1968 (divorced 1975). Following a year as a fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in Science and Theology in Chicago, he traveled to Africa to take up a position as lecturer in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Ghana, Legon from 1968-1970. He spent the years from 1970 to 1985 at the University of California at San Diego. The first year he worked as a medical researcher but shifted to the Department of Psychology, where he did cognitive psychology research in motor skills and learning. In 1981 he met his second wife, Judith Stewart, in the Psychology Department, and they were together from 1982 until his death. From 1986-1988 he was a senior researcher at Philips Labs, Briarcliff Manor, New York where he worked on text retrieval problems and helped to develop a novel user model and interface for a combination TV-VCR. Following this short stint in New York, he chose to return to California. From 1989-1992 he worked as a human interface designer at Apple Computer, before moving to Sun Microsystems where he continued to do human interface design until his retirement in June, 2000. Among his favorite projects at Sun were HotJava Views, and the Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines. Don contributed numerous articles to professional journals and held a number of patents. His "The Anti-Mac Interface" (written with Jakob Nielsen in 1996) continues to be a classic in the field. Don made sure that his "so-called career" left him plenty of time for things he deeply loved like spending lots of time with Judith and friends, traveling, doing carpentry projects, avidly going to movies, and pursuing his more than 30 year genealogical project. Genealogy was an ideal environment for him, with many puzzles to solve and opportunities for making new connections with people spread around the world. Some of that work is captured in the volume "The Wiesental-Springville Connection: a genealogy of families who left Wiesental, Baden, Germany and settled near Springville, New York, USA in the 2nd Half of the 19th Century", and on his Web site. He is survived by his wife, Judith Stewart, and his siblings Marjorie Mooney, James Gentner, Thomas Gentner, Diane Leggero, Leslie Gentner, and Audrey Parsons. Celebrations of Don's life will be held on July 16th from 5-7pm at the home of friends in Menlo Park, California and on July 30th from 5-7pm at the home of Diane and Michael Leggero, in Springville, New York. Don will be buried at dusk on July 30th near his parents and grandparents in St. Aloysius Cemetery, Springville, New York.

    Obituary of Elizabeth Nenno Wilson published on the website of an Olean, New York, funeral home
    Sun Lakes, AZ-- Elizabeth H. “Betty” Nenno Wilson, formerly of Lackawanna and Olean died Thursday (December 15, 2005) in Sun City, AZ.

    Born November 5, 1923 in Allegany, NY she was the daughter of Clyde W. and Catherine Wilson Nenno, Sr. On December 26, 1942 at St. Bonaventure Church in Allegany she married D. James Wilson who predeceased her February 16, 1996. Mrs. Wilson was a 1941 graduate of St. Elizabeth’s Academy in Allegany. She was a member of St. Steven’s Catholic Church in Sun Lakes, and of the Lady’s Guild of the church. She also was the vice president of the John Arien Council #9678 Knights of Columbus Auxiliary, was a member of The Court Msg. Baker Catholic Daughters of the Americas in Lackawanna, and was a member of the Buckhorn Elks Lodge #2656 of Mesa, AZ.

    As an avid golfer, she was a member of the Oakwood and Ironwood Country Clubs in Sun Lakes and formerly belonged to the East Aurora Country Club, the South Shore Country Club and the Bridge Water Country Club in Canada. She also held many offices in the Buffalo Inter Club Golf Association, the WNY Golf Association, the Interclub Team Association, the Buffalo Seniors Golf Association and the Canadian Golf Association.

    She authored a book, “The Nenno Family- How They Lived”, which is not a genealogy, but rather a chronicle of the life and times of the Nenno family from the 1600’s. It has been placed on the internet by a Professor from the University of Wisconsin, himself a Nenno descendent.

    Surviving are 1 son Michael B. (Robin) Wilson of Buffalo; 2 grandsons; 1 granddaughter; 3 great grandchildren; 1 sister Teresa M. (Gordon) Meyers of Olean; 3 brothers William E. (Sonya) Nenno of Mesa, AZ, Clyde W. Nenno, Jr. and Leo J. (Patricia) Nenno, both of Olean and 16 nieces and nephews. In addition to her husband she was predeceased by a sister Mary L. Diffenderfer and a daughter-in-law Katherine Wilson.

    There will be no visitation. Friends are invited to attend a Memorial Mass of Christian Burial on Monday (January 2, 2005) at 11:00am in St. Bonaventure Church. Rev. Richard Husted, pastor, will be the celebrant. Burial will be in St. Bonaventure Cemetery. Memorials, if desired, may be made to the Allegany Area Historical Association. Local arrangements are under the direction of the Casey, Halwig & Hartle Funeral Home, Olean. 3128 Rt 417w, Olean, New York 14760, phone: 716-372-0254

    Obituary of Gustave Brinkmeyer from the records of his granddaughter Joan (Brinkmeyer) Juehring
    Gustave Brinkmeyer (1860-1933)
    Gustave Brinkmeyer was born in Lippe Detmold, Germany on June 19, 1860. There he received his education, was baptized and confirmed. In the year 1883 he came to America, locating near Hubbard [Iowa], where, with a few months exception, he made his home.

    In April 1884 he married Minna Dubberke, and they resided on a farm southwest of Hubbard until they retired and came to town about 18 years ago. About a year ago, the deceased began to fail in health and on Wednesday noon, June 28, 1933, he was released from his sufferings, reaching the age of 73 years and 11 days.

    Aside from his widow, he leaves to mourne his loss, four sons: Arthur, Emil, and Paul living near Hubbard, and Harry oif Chicago; five daughters: Martha Anders, Minnie Hendrickson, Dora Klemme, Lydia Hendrickson, and Elnora Maley, all of Hubbard community.

    Two children preceeded him in death, He leaves two brothers: Julius of Jasper, Minnesota, and Gotlieb of Germany, 33 grandchildren, and many other relatives and friends.

    Funeral services were held Friday at Zion Evangelical Church in charge of the pastor, Rev. E.G. Bizer. Pall bearers were his 4 sons. Music was furnished by trhe quartette, Mrs. Emma Meier, Mrs. John Boeke, and Messers Carl Weichmann and John Boeke. Interment was in the Hubbard cemetery.

    Obituary of Wilhelmina Brinkmeyer from the records of her granddaughter Joan (Brinkmeyer) Juehring
    Wilhelmina Brinkmeyer (1863-1941)
    Wilhelmina Brinkmeyer was the daughter of Christian and Louise Dubberke, born in Seebrucken, Germany on April 13, 1863. In infancy she was presented to God in Holy Baptism and later confirmed in the Christian faith. She came to America in 1882 to Hubbard [Iowa]. On April 18, 1884, she was married to Gustav Brinkmeyer at Little Rock, Arkansas. After a few months stay there, they came to the Hubbard community, living here ever since.

    For many years she was a member of Zion Evangelical and Reformed Church, and was always regular in attendance of the German services, until these last years she was unable to attend. She was a Christian woman, a good mother to you, and a friend many shall miss. Her life also held sorrow. A daughter died in infancy. A beloved son, Otto, passed away in 1913. And then a severe loss came at the passing of her husband on June 28, 1933.

    For several years she has been ailing, being bedridden for about a year. She was patient in sickness, strong faith in God and Christ, and was eagerly awaiting the summons to come home. She passed away June 6, 1941 at 7:00 p.m. bringing her age to 78 years, 1 month, and 23 days.

    Mourning her passing are 4 sons and 5 daughters: Arthur, Martha Anders, Emil, Paul, Minnie Hendrickson, Dora Klemme, Lydia Hendrickson, Elnora Maley, and Harry of Hammond, Indiana. Also 33 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren.

    Funeral services were Monday, with Rev. Bizer in charge.Burial was in the Hubbard cemetery.

    Obituary of Gustav Mannetter from the records of his granddaughter Joan (Brinkmeyer) Juehring
    Gustav Mannetter (1868-1951) Laid to Rest
    Gustav Mannetter, son of Fred Mannetter and his wife, Louise Rasche Mannetter, was born on February 14, 1868 in Lippe Detmold, Stemmen Germany. He was baptized in infancy and later on as a youth was instructed in the Christian faith and confirmed and received into the fellowship of the Christian church. When he was a young man 18 years of age, he together with several companions came to America to make his future and fortune there. He made his home in the Hubbard community. In 1890 he was married to Louise Drawe. His wife preceeded him in death February 25, 1932.

    During the Christmas season 3 years ago he became very ill. During these past 3 years his children patiently cared for their father month after month. It was indeed a fine example of love and patience on the part of the children. Finally, after a long period of patient suffering, he went home around four o'clock on Saturday morning December 15, 1951, at the age of 83 years, 9 months, 2 weeks, and 1 day.

    Since 1933 he was a member of the Home Dept. of the Sunday School.

    The children who mourn his passing are: Mrs. Herman Hanson, Alfred, Mrs. Wm. Below, Mrs. Paul Brinkmeyer, Mrs. George Dubberke, Mrs. Ernest Ziebell, Walter, Gus, Mrs. Russell Boeke, all living in and around Hubbard [Iowa], and Otto living at Dodge Center, Minnesota. Also 34 grandchildren and 37 great-grandchildren. Two brothers and one sister survive his passing. They are Fred Mannetter of Hubbard and Carl Mannetter of Elna, Iowa, and Mrs. Amelia Prussner of Hubbard.

    Obituary of Louise Anna (Drawe) Mannetter from the records of her granddaughter Joan (Brinkmeyer) Juehring
    Louise Anna (Drawe) Mannetter (1872-1932) dies following operation
    Funeral services for Mrs. Gust. Mannetter, Sr. were held at the Zion Evangelical Church Sunday at 2 p.m. with Rev. Erich Bizer officiating. A large concourse of relatives and friends were present to pay their respects and to sympathize with the mourners. Interment was made in the Hubbard cemetery.

    Louise Anna Drawe Mannetter was born November 18, 1872 near Hubbard. It is here also where she spent her childhood days. In November 1890 she was married to Mr. Gust. Mannetter and together they lived on a farm near Hubbard until 8 years ago, when they moved into town. Mrs. Mannetter had been ailing for some time, but in spite of her ailments, she was always ready to cheer others. She was a good wife, mother, and friend whom many will miss. She was a member of Zion Church and Zion Ladies Aid and attended as often as she could.

    On Saturday February 20th she was taken to the hospital for examination and was operated on Tuesday. She took a turn for the worse on Thursday morning, and having bidden farewell to her loved ones, who were all assembled in her room, she calmly passed from this world into realms above about 5 o'clock in the afternoon, February 25, 1932. She reached the age of 59 years, 3 months, and 7 days.

    Mourning her sudden departure are her hisband, Gust. Mannetter and ten children: Mrs. Herman Hanson, Alfred, Mrs. Wm. Below, Mrs. Paul Brinkmeyer, Mrs. George Dubberke, Mrs. Ernest Ziebell, Walter, Gustave, Mrs. Russell Boeke, and Otto all of Hubbard [Iowa]. Also 26 grandchildren. The following five sisters also remain: Mrs. Henry Klemme, Mrs. Fred Kix, and Mrs. Fred Wehmeier all of Hubbard, Mrs. Fred Baurle of Conrad, Iowa, and Mrs. Carl La Cour of Dixon, Illinois.

    Obituary of Thomas A. Weir copied from a Sandwich newspaper by Ken Bastian
    Thomas Andrew Weir
    Thomas Andrew Weir was born in Jackson, Washington County, N.Y., October 5, 1841, the eldest of a family of two brothers and three sisters.

    At the age of 20 he enlisted in the 123rd Regiment, New York Volunteers and served until the end of the Civil War.

    Soon after receiving his discharge he came to Sandwich where he clerked for Culver Bros., until becoming a member of the firm Woodward and Weir. After dissolving this partnership he retired from business for several years. About 1900 he again entered business in the firm of Weir & Kleinsmid, which he continued until 1903 when he bought out the entire business. In this business he continued until the time of his death.

    On May 17, 1883, he married Marie Vermilye, who with one son Glendon, and his sister Mrs. Ida Leonard of Youngstown, N.Y., survive him.

    About a year ago Mr. Weir was operated on at the St. Charles Hospital, and although he was able to be around for several months, yet he never regained his strength. About two weeks ago he took to his bed and passed away January 29, 1919.

    Funeral services were held at his home Friday. Rev. Hal E. Norton officiated. Interment was made in Oak Ridge Cemetery.

    Obituary of Marie (Vermilye) Weir copied from a Sandwich newspaper by Ken Bastian
    Marie Vermilye Weir
    It was with great sorrow that the community learned of the death of Mrs. Marie Vermilye Weir, who passed away at her home on West 3rd Street in Sandwich last Monday, February 3, 1930. All her life, except the early childhood years, were lived in Sandwich. She had enjoyed good health until about a year ago when she had a serious illness from which she never filly recovered. Her last illness was of about ten days duration.

    Marie Vermilye, daughtrer of Dr. Valentine Vermilye and Phoebe Ann David Vermilye ["David" spelled this way], was born at Newark, Kendall County, Illinois, December 19, 1852 and at the time of her death was 77 years, one month and 15 days old. When she was seven years of age she came with her parents to Sandwich, where she grew up and spent the rest of her life. After graduation from the Sandwich schools she taught school for a number of years.

    May 17, 1883 [she] was united in marriage to Thomas Andrew Weir of Sandwich. Her husband preceded her dying about ten years ago. For many years she was afflicted with deafness, to which she was keenly sensitive, and which limited the fullest expression of those qualities of mind and character with which she was so richly endowed. She was a woman of excellent character, devoted to her home and was held in high esteem.

    She is survived by one son, Glendon V. Weir of Sandwich, one brother Oscar Vermilye of Sandwich and two sisters, Mrs. Jessie Woodward of Long Branch, NJ and Mrs. Kate Potter of Los Angeles, CA.

    The funeral service, conducted by Rev. Thomas McGregor, was held at the home Wednesday afternoon at 1:30. Two hymns were sung by Mrs. A.E. Woodward. Interment was made at Oak Ridge Cemetery. The relatives have the sympathy of the community in their bereeavement.

    Obituary of James H. Weir copied from a Sandwich newspaper by Ken Bastian
    but the relationship of James to other Weirs unknown
    James H. Weir

    The funeral services of James H. Weir were held from his late residence in this city Sunday afternoon (September 9, 1894). They were conducted by Rev. H.T. Horn, assisted by Rev. Dr. H.D. Hunter and Rev. Daniel McGilvery. Deceased was a member of the Grand Army of the Republic.

    Obituary of Bessie G. (Delano) Weir copied from a newspaper near Sandwich by Ken Bastian (SF 9 / 17 / 1931)
    but the relationship between Bessie Weir and Thomas A. Weir is unknown
    Bessie G. (Delano) Weir

    Bessie G. Weir, the daughter of William and Helen Delano, was born at Sandwich, IL June 13, 1873, and died at her home in Plano, Thursday morning, September 10, 1931.

    In 1898 she was united in marriage to Fred A. Weir. While she had no children of her own, she was ever a loving mother to Mr. Weir's three motherless children and later to his grandchildren, all of whom will always hold her in grateful and loving memory.

    She leaves to mourne her departure a most devoted husband, and the following relatives: Mrs. Vivian Sampson and family, Fred Weir, Jr., and family of Plano; Mrs. Bessie Densch and family of Sandwich; a sister, Mrs. Hazel Winchell of San Pedro, CA, and an aunt, Mrs. Charlotte Kelts of Sandwich, besides a host of other relatives and friends.

    The funeral services were held at the home in Plano, Saturday afternoon, at 2 o'clock with Rev. Waechter of the Federated Church of Sandwich in charge.

    The remains were laid to rest at Oak Ridge Cemetery. The pallbearers were Allen Sampson, William Densch, Fred and Howard Delano, George and Edward Huth

    Obituary of Lee F. Landis was emailed by his grandson, Brian Rader, of Henderson, Nebraska

    Funeral services for Lee F. Landis, 90, of Cherokee Village, will be Tuesday morning at 10 at Tri-County's Cherokee Chapel at Hardy, with Rev. Jim West officiating. Burial will follow in Oaklawn Cemetery at Highland.

    He died Friday at Eastern Ozarks Regional Health System hospital in Cherokee Village. He was a farmer for many years and a member of the United Methodist Church of Cherokee Village.

    He is survived by his wife, Erma M. Landis of the home, two sons, Donald L. Landis of Morton, Illinois, and Kenneth E. Landis of Aledo, Illinois; two daughters, Norma J. Bemis of Seaton, Illinois, and Lois M. Rader of Little York, Illinois; one brother, Max B. Landis of Macomb, Illinois; 11 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren, and 4 great-great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by one daughter, two brothers, and a grandson.

    Visitation will be from 5 to 7 this evening at the funeral home.

    Obituary of Naomi (Nina) (Berglund) Landis was emailed by her great-grandson, Brian Rader, of Henderson, Nebraska
    Mrs. James Landis

    Rushville -- Mrs. Nina A. Landis, 78, of Industry, died at 11:45 p.m. Monday at Phelps Hospital shortly after being admitted. Death was attributed to a heart attack.

    Funeral services will be at 2 p.m. Thursday at Industry Methodist Church, with the Rev. Russell Coats and the Rev. Fred Norman officiating.

    Burial will be in Oak Wood Cemetery at Macomb. Visitation will be at Clugston Funeral Home in Industry after 1 p.m. today

    Born Oct. 23, 1880, in Nebraska, she was the daughter of John and Caroline Berglund. She came with her parents to Industry as a child. She was married to James Edward Landis Jan. 1, 1902.

    Surviving are her husband; four sons, Dr. Oral Landis of Decatur, Gerald of Springfield, Lee of Aledo, and Max of rural Macomb; two brothers, Alfred of Macomb and Frank of Bushnell; 12 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren.

    Obituary of Ethel Kelly appearing in the Tyrone Courier & News dated 31 January 1990
    this was attached to email of 2 July 2012 from Helen Grimes of the Armagh Public Library (U.K.)

    The death has taken place of Mrs.Kelly, formerly of Dyan, who was a resident in Copperfields Nursing Home. Mrs. Kelly has reached an advanced age. Sympathy is extended to her son Jim and all the family circle.

    (On the next page of the same newspaper)
    KELLY January 27th 1990, at a Private Nursing Home, Aughnacloy, Ethel, wife of the late James Kelly, Knocknacloy, Brantry, Dungannon, and mother of Doris, Ivy, Jim, Renee, Hazel, and Heather, interred in Eglish Presbyterian Churchyard on Monday afternoon. Deeply regretted.

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