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  1. Illinois marriage records
  2. Illinois death records
  3. California death index
  4. California births
  5. US Social Security death index
  6. Mormon Genealogy website
  7. Mormon International Genealogical Index search page (may need to sign in)
  8. alternate Mormon International Genealogical Index search page (may need to sign in)
  9. US Census from 1820 through 1930, originally on microfilm, but recently on two websites available at the Wisconsin Historical Society : and Heritage Plus
  10. Obituaries from newspapers near Sandwich, Illinois, supplied by Ken Bastian of that city, who collects obituaries and organizes them on his home computer.
  11. Rhode Island Cemetery index
  12. Website maintained by the late Don Gentner for Nenno family
  13. Using clothing styles to date photographs
  14. (expanded version is free at Wis Historical Soc)
  15. Wisconsin Historical Society Vital Records database
  16. Mesa , Arizona, family history center (Arizona obituaries)
  17. Griffth's Irish Land records (1848-1864)
  18. Irish Times
  19. Roots web : County Tyrone parish and townland maps (unavailable?)
  20. PRONI : County Tyrone parish maps and townland names
  21. Place names in Northern Ireland
  22. Irish world (searchable partial index for Irish County Tyrone)
  23. Ask about Ireland or Ask about Ireland (Griffith's Valuation; Ordnance Survey maps)
  24. Ireland national censuses of 1901 and 1911
  25. PRONI - Public Records Office of Northern Ireland and see baptisms
  26. Emerald Ancestors
  27. County Tyrone gravestone project (also has marriage dates)
  28. Roots Ireland (limited scope free search. Records cost 5)
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