Will of Edward Risdon dated 1825
Transcribed by Rosalind Baker and Tom McFarland, February 2007
ASCII source code for this page is a line-by-line transcription

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I, Edward Risdon of Washford in the parish of St. [Decumans] and in the county of Somerset, being of sound mind and in perfect health do make my last will and testament as follows: as I consider that my wife has 300 made to her by her father and given in trust for her to Wm. Leigh, Esquire of Bardon and Henry [Sco...ting] of [Shuston] the interest of which is to be paid her out of a [freehold] estate at [Streem] by her father's will and at her death the said 300 is given equally between all my sons and daughters, it is now my will that as soon as [conveniently] can be done after my death all my goods , chattels, [securities] for [money] [houses] and Lands on lease for [lives] and all property of what kind soever be valued by my Brothers if living at the time or some near relatives and divides between my sons and daughters in such proportions as I now direct, as I have lately given my daughter Elizabeth 300 [ready] money on her marriage with Mr. Wm. Symmons and my other children has hitherto received nothing it is my will that she shall [receive] 300 the less on that account. the portions shall be thus my Sons [each] of them to have 5. to [each] [daughters] 3 [except] as aforesaid the money already advanced is to be a part of it, this my last will the thirteenth day of [May] one thousand eight hundred and seventeen Witness my hand - Edward Risdon

APPEARED personally John Risdon and George Risdon both of old Cleeve in the county of Somerset Gentlean and made oath that they knew and were well acquainted with Edward Risdon late of [Washford] in the Parish of St. [Decumans] in the county of Somerset [deceased] and also with the manner and character of handwriting and [subscription] having frequently seen him write and [write] and subscribe his name and having now carefully [viewed] and [perused] the paper writing hereunto [annexed] puporting to be and [contain] the last will and testament of the said deceased beginning thus: " I Edward Risdon of Washford in the parish of St. [Decumans] and in the county of Somerset" ending thus "This is my last will the thirteenth day of May one thousand eight hundred and seventeen Witness my hand" and thus subscribed "Edward Risdon" these [deponents] lastly made [...] that [...][...] and in their [constionses=consciences] believe the whole [...] and [contents] of the said will beginning ending and subscribed as aforesaid to be of the proper handwriting and subscription of the said deceased John Risdon - George Risdon - on the 26th day of September 1825 the said John Risdon and [George] Risdon were duly [sworn] to the [truth] of this affidavit by virtue of the [...] commission before me -- Wm Newton [Com]