Phillip Risdon
Rebecca X.
John Risdon
Edward Risdon
Betty Evett
Joan Torrington
George Risdon
Jane Harris
Robert G.
Edwin H.
Jemima J.

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Risdons in England
Burdick History

Also see The Burdick Book and Risdon census data. Information on the Risdon family in England is courtesy of Jennifer Topham and Julie Harper

Barbara Johnson, in March 2004, writes:
I found the some of the Risdons in the censuses. Hope you find it useful.

10 Jun 1870
Lindina, Juneau Co., Wisconsin, page 33, line 23
Risdon, George, age 63, Farmer, born in England
Risdon, Jane, age 60, Keeping house, born in England
Risdon, Charles, age 19, born in England

28 Jun 1870
Lake, Milwaukee Co. , Wisconsin, page 52
Cross, Norman, age 43, Farm laborer, born in New York
Cross, Henrietta, age 27, Keeping house, born in England
Cross, Alice, age 11, born in Wisconsin
Cross, Harry, age 6, born in Wisconsin
Cross, Henrietta, age 7/12, born in Wisconsin

10 Jun 1870
Mauston, Juneau Co., Wisconsin, age 33
Cole, Lewis R, age 29, Farmer, born in New York
Cole, Francis, age 26, Keeping house, born in England
Cole, George H, age 4, born in Wisconsin
Cole, Alvin V, age 1, born in Wisconsin

16 Jun 1870
Lindina, Juneau Co., WI, page 49, line 13
Fisbinder, Wm, age 21, Farm Hand, born in Illinois
Fisbinder, Elleanor, age 25, Keeping house, born in England

15 Jun 1880
Lindina, Juneau Co., Wisconsin, ED 189, Page 11
Risdon, G.T., age 74, Farmer, born in England
Risdon, Jane, wife, age 70, House keeping, born in England
Risdon, C.A., son, age 29, Farming, born in England
Risdon, Clanra G., wife, age 22, House Keeping, born in Wisconsin
Risdon, E.H., age 42, brother, Farming, born in England
Robinson, H.M., age 21, boarder, Teacher, born in New York

15 Jun 1900 Mauston, Juneau Co., Wisconsin, ED 81, Sheet 10B, Line 84
Fosbinder, William, head, born Jan 1848, age 52, married 30 years, born in Illinois, Day laborer, owns his house
Fosbinder, Ellener, wife, born Apr 1845, age 55, 8 children born-5 living, born in England, immigrated in 1851
Fosbinder, Sadie, daughter, born Feb 1877, age 23, born in Wisconsin, School teacher
Fisbinder, Charles, son, born Apr 1885, age 15, born in Wisconsin
Risden, Jane, m in law, born Jun 1809, age 90, widowed, 10 children born-5 living, born in England, immigrated in 1851

6 Jun 1900
Lake Geneva, Walworth Co., Wisconsin, ED 92, Sheet 8A, Line 94
Cross, Norman N., head, born May 1828, age 72, married 39 years, born in New York, rents a house
Cross, Henrietta, wife, born Nov 1846, age 54, 3 children born-1 living, born in England, immigrated in 1859

15 Jun 1900
Mauston, Juneau Co., Wisconsin, ED 81, Sheet 10B, Line 89
Cole, Lewis, head, born Feb 1840, age 60, married 34 years, born in New York, Farmer, owns his farm
Cole, Francis, wife, born Apr 1843, age 57, born in England, immigrated 1851

15 Jun 1900
Mauston, Juneau Co., Wisconsin, ED 81, Sheet 10B, Line 91
Cole, George, head, born Jun 1865, age 34, married 13 years, born in WI, Hames maker, owns his farm
Cole, Eliza, wife, born Nov 1867, age 32, born in Wisconsin,
Cole, Arthur, son, born Jul 1898, born in Wisconsin
Trimble, Nettie, sister in law, born May 1884, age 16, born in Wisconsin
Trimble, Nelson, father in law, born feb 1840, age 60, widowed, born in New York

Barbara Johnson writes (in November 2006):
Edward was baptised 8 September 1762 in Old Cleeve, Somerset - not sure when he was born. Jennifer Topham has him down as 1762 but a letter from my mother's grandfather (which we have found one or two mistakes in, so it is not to be utterly relied on) has him being the first of six children (we've found nine children, so there's one mistake!) If he was the first, I worked out he would have to have been born quite a bit before 1762. He was buried 3 August 1825 in Old Cleeve.

Joan Torrington was baptised 4 December 1768 with her sister Sarah. Her parents were almost certainly Hugh Torrington and Jane Potter. Great grandfather Francis said her father was Andrew Torrington, but it seems as if Andrew was her brother. There was certainly an Andrew Torrington born at the right time and place to be her brother and I have heard from Norman Torrington, who I think is descended from his son Andrew. Can't remember how I found him now - must get back to him to pursue this line. Anyways, Joan died 19 March 1838 and was buried 24 March 1838.

Edward and Joan married 16 November 1879 at St. Decumans, Somerset.
Edward's parents were Edward Risdon born 1724 (according to Jennifer Topham) and Betty Evett (don't know when she was born or who her parents were). They were married 30 September 1848 in Old Cleeve, Somerset. This I know from having seen a copy of the Parish Records at the Register Office in Taunton. Their children were Mary (born 1849 according to Jennifer, presumably died young as there was a later Mary). Edward (see earlier note), Rebecca born 1748 (she married Richard Veysey or Versey), Joan born 1760, Jane born 1765 (she married Robert Leigh 27 July 1793 in Carhampton), Mary (baptized 22 Jun 1750 in St. Decumans according to Jennifer - she married Edward Buller 23 March 1780), Elizabeth (born 1752), John (baptized 27 May 1754- he married Susanna Buller and they had 8 children of whom I have some details) and George (baptized 22 April 1756 - unmarried).

Edward died 15 May 1773 and was buried three days later. Betty was buried 3 July 1785 at Old Cleeve.

Edward's parents were Philip Risdon and Rebecca. They were married in 1715 according to Jennifer, and had seven children: (Elizabeth born 1721 - she married Benjamin Pring 18 October 1743 and they had a son, Benjamin), Rebecca (born 1722), John (born 1723 - he married Mary Luttrell - whose family feature quite a bit in the history of Minehead, Somerset - 19 April 1756 at Old Cleeve - seen copy Parish Records), Edward (see above), George (born 1726), Mary (don't know birth date, she married John Leigh) and Jane (born 1716). Rebecca (Philip's wife that is) died 17 September 1767 and it seems Philip remarried to Joan Williams about whom I have no details. He died 9 October 1769.