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5. WESLEY DEWITT4 GRIFFIN (ROY DEWITT3, EARL V.2, DEWITT CLINTON1) was born June 29, 1913 in Greenbay, Brown Co., WI, and died July 24, 1993 in Showlow, Navajo Co., AZ. He married EILEEN MARION MCFARLAND October 15, 1938 in Santa Ana, Orange Co., CA, daughter of THOMAS MCFARLAND and SARAH BURDICK. She was born March 16, 1911 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., WI.

Notes for EILEEN MARION MCFARLAND: I have always know my grandmother as Sharon Parker. So have her children, Bobbe and Toni. When Bobbe and Toni asked questions, grandma never answered them.

Grandma told this story to me, Barbara A. Johnson, in 1992. She was born in Milwaukee, WI on March 11, 1911). Her parents were Thomas A. Parker and Sarah McFarland. She had two brothers, Thomas Parker and Eugene Parker, and one sister, Alberta Parker. When she was about three years old, she was sent to live with her aunt, Nellie Burdick, in California; she didn't know why. Her grandmother, Jemima Burdick, also lived with them. Sarah's parents were George Burdick and Jemima Risdon. They had nine children -- four girls and five boys. All the boys worked for the railroad and all died young of violent deaths.
I went to the Family History Library in Los Angeles to look for the Parkers and the Burdicks on the Federal Census. I found a Geo. Burdick on the Soundex for Milwaukee County. I found the entire family with the exception of Sarah and Nellie on the 1880 Census. I could not find anything on Parker on any of the censuses. I went to the local Family History Center and searched the entire Milwaukee area for Parker and could find nothing. I ordered a birth certificate for Sharon Parker, no birth certificate could be located. I stopped researching the Parker line.
In July 1994 I was looking through a drawer in grandma's bedroom. (I was snooping for information while she was out with my father and brother-in-law. It was a drawer full of pictures. I had looked through it once, but grandma came home. Luckily she went back out again, and again, I looked through the drawer. This time, however, I saw a piece of newspaper in the bottom left corner of the drawer. I very carefully pulled it out and discovered it was an obituary for Sarah Frances McFarland. As I read it, I realized that Parker was not her maiden name, it was McFarland. So I ordered a birth certificate for Sharon McFarland on Feb. 4, 1995. I received a birth certificate on Apr. 3, 1995, for Eileen Marion McFarland! When I told my mom, Bobbe, and my Aunt Toni, both were shocked.
In either 1977 or 1978, grandma and grandpa divorced. He moved to Arizona and she stayed in the house in Studio City. That address is 12747 Bloomfield St., Studio City, CA. Phone 818-762-6355. The house has been in the family since 1949. On March 13, 1998, grandma had a small stroke. Other than not being able to speak, she's okay. Between 3/16 and 3/20, grandmas was released from the hospital and someone threw an incendiary device through the front window. It landed on Toni's piano and rolled off the back landing on the floor. No fire, just minor damage to the top of the piano and the carpet. On Sunday, March 22, 1998 between 11 p.m. and midnight, a molotov cocktail was thrown against the front door of the house. Toni and grandma were still awake because they feared being bombed. Toni got grandma out of the house and called 911. There was major damage to the front of the house and portions of the room. Grandma and Toni were moved to the Sportsman's Lodge on Ventura Blvd, just off Coldwater Canyon. On March 27, 1998, Toni, Grandma and I went to Camarillo to find temporary housing for grandma. We looked at Villa Las Posas in Camarillo and grandma decided to live there. It's a retirment village for independent senior citizens and just built in December 1997. On Sunday, March 29, 1998, grandma's house was bombed again. This time the fire got into the ceiling. Further major damage resulted from this bombing. Grandma decided to sell her house; she was afraid to move back in. On April 9, 1998, grandma moved into her new apartment in Camarillo. On April 13, 1998, grandma's house was vandalized; someone put a hole in the front room wall. The house was never touched again and repairs proceeded unhindered. The house was put on the market in August and sold after eight weeks.
Today, November 7, 1998, grandma, Toni, mom and I went to a storage facility where the items from grandma's garage were stored. One of the things mom and I took was an old dresser. Grandma said this dresser was probably the one that Toni slept in right after she came home from the hospital as a baby. We took out the drawers to make it easier to get the dresser in the house. One of the drawers was lined with baby's wallpaper. Mom took out the paper to throw it away and found some papers. They were a genealogical gold mine! Grandma had hidden two obituaries of her grandmother, Jemima Risdon Burdick; a Certificate of Birth Registration for herself; a program from the Broadway Wedding Chapel in Santa Ana, CA for her and Wesley Griffin; and a Marriage License for her and Wesley Griffin. What was so exciting about finding this stuff is that I made another discovery. When grandma married grandpa, she hadn't changed her name! She married as Eileen Marion McFarland. She changed her name between 1938 and 1941 when Toni was born (her name on Toni's birth certificate is Sharon Parker).

In another box, were a few pictures, the Last Will and Testament of Nell Burdick, and a letter from Alberta Horan, her younger sister. The postmark on the envelope is April 25, 1989. The letter is dated 4-24 and says:

"Dear Sis--
Tom's son Brian just called me that Tom passed away from complications of his heart attack. They are having a small memorial service, so I'd not plan on making the trip. His son Tom is in Africa so won't be home, (can't read the word) their daughter Patricia (can't read the word) coming home from Colorado.
I talked to Tom after he came home, but his voice didn't sound the same. Gene has had two heart attacks, altho he looks good. He also has problems with his unirary tract or bladder. Anyway, sometimes passes a lot of blood, so I hope I don't hear any more bad news for a while. It's just hard for me to realize one of our family is gone.
No news up here except crazy weather. I am going to Walla Walla the 5th of May, so don't need a storm. I'm leaving the 15th of May for Germany via Calgary Canada. There was a $600 difference in the rate going from Canada instead of U.S.A. & it's a direct flight.
Love Alberta"
Alberta's address is:
Ms. Alberta Horan
410 8th St. S.
Grt Falls, MT 59405

i. BOBBE5 GRIFFIN, b. August 08, 1944, Burbank, Los Angeles Co., CA; m. CLARENCE EDWARD JOHNSON, March 16, 1963, Las Vegas, Clark Co., NV; b. November 19, 1937, Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN.

More About CLARENCE EDWARD JOHNSON: Fact 1: May 18, 1992, Suffered stroke and aortic aneurysm

ii. TONI GRIFFIN, b. August 08, 1941, Glendale, Los Angeles Co., CA; m. BRUCE MORTON WEBSTER, June 18, 1961, Studio City, Los Angeles Co., CA.

Obituary for Roy Griffin and Lillian Wells Griffin, sent to me by Wesley DeWitt Griffin and received 10 Oct 1992.

Man and Wife Die of Influenza only a Few Hours Apart.

On February 28th, 1891, a little son named Roy De Witt came to the home of Eva and Roy Griffin. After five short years the mother was called away, and in less than two years the father was called to join the mother. Little Roy made his home with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. James Askwig, and spent the early years of his life at Oakland. He attended Brown's Business College in Lincoln, later accepting a position in the Union Pacific offices in Omaha. In August, 1912, he was united in marriage with Lillian May Wells of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. To this union was born a son, Wesley De Witt, Jr., who is left to mourn the untimely departure of a living father and mother.

At the time of his death Mr. Griffin was cashier of the Butler County State Bank at David City, Nebraska. He daparted this life early Monday morning, Dec. 9th and left to mourn his death his wife, one son, one brother, Wesley A. Griffin of Minneapolis, and Ed J. Askwig of Oakland. He was a member of the Masonic Order, a young man of splendid character and was loved and respected by all who knew him.

Lillian May Wells was born at Oshkosh Wisc., Sept. 10, 1892. She spent the early years of her life at her Wisconsin home. In August, 1912, she was united in marriage with Roy De Witt Griffin, the couple making their home in Minneapolis and later at David City. She departed this life early Tuesday morning, Dec. 10, at her David City home. She leaves to mourn her departure one son, Wesley De Witt Griffin, an aged father and mother, two sisters, Mrs. Sadie Francis and Esther Wells, both of Omaha. She was a member of the Eastern Star Order, a young woman who loved her home and family and was loved by those who were acquainted with her.

A double funeral took place on Friday, the services being held in the open at the cemetery at Oakland, at 1:30, and were very brief. Rev. W. N. Wallis, formerly of Oakland, had charge of the services and spoke briefly on the test "If a man die, shall he live again?" The singing was by a quartet composed of Mrs. W. W. Roberts, Miss Rachel Carlson, E. W. Harding and C. O. Stauffer, and consisted of two numbers. There was an abundance of floral tributes from friends and relatives, and Mr. Askwig directed that the flowers were to be distributed among the sick folks of the community. This was a very thoughtful act and will be appreciated. The sympathy of the community goes out to the bereaved ones in their great sorrow.

Cause of Death: Influenza Pneumonia


26 February 2001 and 11 March 2001

Hi Tom,

As promised, here is what I have so far on the family. This will include information that I've received from you or Alberta. I'll start with Robert Burdick and move forward to me. If you'll give me your mailing address, I'll send you family group sheets for this family.

Since you know probably more than me about the McFarland line, I didn't go back from Thomas Alexander.

Also, could you tell me what sources you have for this family? Most of what I've gotten for the Burdicks, comes from Nellie Johnson's Burdick book. I do have death certificates for Sarah and Thomas, and Ellen Marion (Nellie) Burdick. I also have a birth certificate for my grandmother, Eileen.

I didn't go back from my dad, and I didn't go back on my maternal grandfather's side. If you like having collateral information, I'd be happy to send you this information as well. Just let me know.

Robert Burdick, b abt 1620 in Devonshire, England, d 25 Oct 1692 in Westerly, Washington Co., RI, m 2 Nov 1655 in Newport, Newport Co., RI to Ruth Hubbard who was b 11 Jan 1639/40, Agawam, Hampden Co., MA, d 1691 in Westerly, Washington Co., RI.


1) Thomas Burdick, Sr., b abt 1656
2) Naomi Burdick, b abt 1658
3) Ruth Burdick, b abt 1660
4) Deborah Burdick, b abt 1662
5) Roger Burdick, b abt 1664
6) Benjamin Burdick, b abt 1666
7) Samuel Burdick, b abt 1668
8) Tracy Burdick, b abt 1670
9) Robert Burdick, Jr., b abt 1674
10) Hubbard Burdick, Sr., b abt 1676

Hubbard Burdick, Sr., b abt 1676 in Westerly, Washington Co., RI, d 17 Apr 1758 in Hopkinton, Washington Co., RI, m 1714 in Westerly, Washington Co., RI to Hannah Maxson who was b abt 1682 in Westerly, Washington Co., RI, d 1752 in Washington Co., RI.


1) Hubbard Burdick, Jr., b 24 Nov 1716
2) Nathan Burdick, b 19 Feb 1717/18 (17 Feb 1718)
3) John Burdick, b 19 May 1721
4) Ezekiel Burdick, b abt 1723
5) Richard Burdick, b abt 1724

John Burdick, b 19 May 1721 in Westerly, Washington Co., RI, d March 1780 in

Westerly, Washington Co., RI, m 1 Dec 1750 in Westerly, Washington Co., RI to Elizabeth Babcock who was b 6 May 1729 in Westerly, Washington Co., RI.


1) Maxson Burdick, b 22 Jan 1750/51
2) Thompson Burdick (Sr), b 1 Sep 1753
3) Anne Burdick, b 2 Feb 1755
4) John Burdick, b 20 Sep 1756
5) Paul Burdick, b 24 Oct 1759
6) Abigail Burdick, b 22 Nov 1761
7) Sarah Burdick, b 7 Sep 1763
8) Frances Burdick, b 29 Mar 1765
9) Joshua Burdick, b 7 May 1768
10) Elkanah Burdick, b 6 Aug 1771
11) Hannah Burdick, b abt 1773

Thompson Burdick, Sr., b 1 Sep 1753 in Westerly, Washington Co., RI, d 5 Oct 1830 in Spafford, NY, m bef 1779 in Stonington, CT to Tabitha Wilcox who was b 23 Mar 1756 in Unknown, d 4 Dec 1827 in Spafford, NH.


1) Ethel Burdick, b
2) James Burdick, b
3) Nancy Burdick, b
4) Polina Burdick, b
5) Thompson Burdick, Jr. b
6) William Burdick, b
7) Lucy Burdick, b 1 Dec 1779
8) Tabitha Burdick, b 1782
9) Paul Burdick, b 1788
10) Betsey Burdick, b 30 Nov 1793
11) Sophia Burdick, b 1802

Paul Burdick, b 1788 in CT, d aft 1855, m Rebecca who was b 1794 in NY


1) James Burdick, b
2) William Burdick, b
3) Morgan Lewis Burdick, b 12 May 1813
4) Hiram W Burdick, b 1815
5) Susan Burdick, b 1817
6) Samuel Burdick, b 1820
7) Martha Burdick, b 1825
8) Elizabeth Burdick, b 5 Jul 1827
9) Thomas Jefferson Burdick, b 8 Sep 1833

Morgan Lewis Burdick, b 12 May 1813 in NY, d 31 Aug 1886 in Town Lake, WI, m 14 Sep 1837 in Town Lake, WI, Olive Simons Patterson who was b 1 Dec 1817 in Pottsdam,NY, d 7 Mar 1911 in Town Lake, WI.


  1. George Bradford Burdick, b 27 Sep 1838
  2. Alfred E Burdick, b 1841, d 1928
    married Marie Candace ? who died 1927
    Children include: (a) Clara Burdick McCreedy and (b) Madge Lu Burdick Breiul
  3. Martha Burdick, b 1843 d 1897, married Harry C. Fulton
    Children include:
    Ida Fulton Shunk, Horace Fulton, William Fulton, Arthur Fulton (d 1903, no children)
  4. Melissa Burdick, b 1846
  5. Ellen Burdick, b 1849
  6. Fred Burdick, b abt 1851
  7. Frank Burdick, b abt 1853
  8. William W Burdick, b abt 1855, d 1901 in Pierce Co., Washington
    married Julia ? Children include:
    • Elizabeth Burdick McCreedy
    • Harvey Burdick, d 1918 in Winnebago Co., Wis., m Sadie Cleveland
      Children include: Richard Burdick
  9. Melvin Lee Burdick, b 14 Jun 1857, married Mary ?
    Children include: Lynn Burdick, Harold Burdick, Addie Burdick
  10. Chester Burdick, died in Grand, Michigan. m Elizabeth
    Children include: Jane E. Burdick, Robert Burdick, John Chester Burdick

George Bradford Burdick, b 27 Sep 1838 in WI, died about 20 December 1920 at Soldiers Home in Clarissa (Todd County), Minnesota. Married on 4 Jul 1865 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., WI to Jemima Jane Risdon who was b 30 Nov 1838 in Romsey, Hampshire, England, d abt 1935 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., WI.


  1. Florence E Burdick, b 12 Apr 1865
  2. Olive G Burdick, b 10 May 1868
  3. Fred E Burdick, b 23 Sep 1869
  4. Frank E Burdick, b 29 Sep 1871
  5. Samuel W. Burdick, b 29 Sep 1873
  6. Charles Risdon Burdick, b 14 Aug 1875
  7. Sarah Frances Burdick, b 25 Jul 1880
  8. Ellen Marion Burdick, b 10 Nov 1884 (never married)
  9. George Walter Burdick, b 13 Oct 1877

Sarah Frances Burdick, b 25 Jul 1880 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., WI, d 17 Feb 1957 in Oakland, Alameda Co., CA, m 30 Nov 1905 to Thomas Alexander McFarland who was b 29 Dec 1873 in Bally Gawley, County Tyrone, Ireland, d 23 Jun 1956 in Great Falls, Cascade Co., MT.


1) Thomas Frederick McFarland,=C2=A0 b 16 Sep 1907
2) Eugene Russell McFarland, b 6 Aug 1909
3) Eileen Marion McFarland, b 16 Mar 1911
4) Alberta Lucille McFarland, b 17 May 1918

Eileen Marion McFarland, b 16 Mar 1911 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., WI, m 15 Oct 1938 in Santa Ana, Orange Co., CA to Wesley DeWitt Griffin who was b 29 Jun 1913 in Green Bay, Brown Co., WI, d 24 Jul 1993 in Showlow, Navajo Co., AZ.


1) Toni Griffin, b 8 Aug 1941 in Glendale, Los Angeles Co., CA, m 18 Jun 1961 in Studio City, Los Angeles Co., CA, to
(1) Bruce Morton Webster,
m (2) John Lawrence.
a) Robert Bruce Webster, b 21 Aug 1970 in Burbank, Los Angeles Co., CA, m 21 Dec 1990 in Seoul Korea to Melanie Patterson.

2) Bobbe Griffin, b 8 Aug 1944

Bobbe Griffin, b 8 Aug 1944 in Burbank, Los Angeles Co., CA, m 16 Mar 1963 in Las Vegas, Clark Co., NV to Clarence Edward Johnson who was b 19 Nov 1937 in Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN.


1) Barbara Ann Johnson, b 9 Jul 1964 in Encino, Los Angeles Co., CA.
2) SharonChristine Johnson, b 31 Dec 1965 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA, m 27 Jun 1992 in Ventura, Ventura Co., CA to John Thomas Knotek, Jr. who was b 8 Apr1961 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA.


a) Garret Austin Knotek, b 23 Oct 1993 in Klamath Falls, Klamath Co., OR
b) Jessica Danielle Knotek, b 25 May 1995 in Medford, Jackson Co., OR


Hi Tom,

I recently got back in contact with one of our cousins. His name is Bud Burdick and he's done a lot of research on this line. We're connected through (if memory serves) through Paul Burdick. He's been trying to find the last name of Paul's wife, Rebecca. He thinks he may have found something. This is what he wrote to me:

"Last summer I corresponded with a cousin who relates through Paul's daughter Martha. She was looking for info about Martha and her parents (Paul and Rebaca). She also knew that Martha had married twice but not a third time. With the third marriage name I gave her she was able to locate Martha's marriage in WI. On this certificate it listed her parent's as Paul BURDICK and Rebaca SHAFT. This is the only record found so far with the Shaft name.

"I knew that Paul's son Morgan L. was born in Hounsfield, NY (Jefferson County) in 1813, so have been searching records there. There is a Henry Shaft family there which lived close to a Ball Burdick family in 1820. I believe that Ball is our Paul. There is also a Thomas Shaft family who lived there and later shows up in Town Lake, WI where Morgan lived.

"I have also corresponded and met with a cousin who lives near Tacoma, WA and is persueing this Thomas Shaft, but can not link Thomas to Henry Shaft. We think that both Thomas and Rebaca are children of Henry Shaft. He has additional info on Henry Shaft but nothing on Rebaca, but knows this family had daughters which fit the age of Rebaca. It is also possible that Henry Shaft was married a second time. This name can also be Shaff, Schaff, Schaft, etc. Gencom does have some queries on Schaff. There is also a Peter Shaft web page. I think that Paul Burdick met Rebaca Shaft around 1810 in either Saratoga or Washington County, NY and followed Henry Shaft west to Hounsfield. Neither family stayed there long as Paul was enumerated in Quatauqua, Co, NY in 1825/1830 and Henry Shaft in Oswego County, NY about the same time."

I gave him your web address so he could take a look at what you've got so far and I also gave him your e-mail address. I encouraged him to contact you and I encourage you to contact him. Bud's also interested in learning more about the McFarland line.

LETTER DATED 29 MARCH 2004 ( also see Risdons in England )

Hi Tom,

I found the some of the Risdons in the censuses. Hope you find it useful.

10 Jun 1870
Lindina, Juneau Co., Wisconsin, page 33, line 23
Risdon, George, age 63, Farmer, born in England
Risdon, Jane, age 60, Keeping house, born in England
Risdon, Charles, age 19, born in England

28 Jun 1870
Lake, Milwaukee Co. , Wisconsin, page 52
Cross, Norman, age 43, Farm laborer, born in New York
Cross, Henrietta, age 27, Keeping house, born in England
Cross, Alice, age 11, born in Wisconsin
Cross, Harry, age 6, born in Wisconsin
Cross, Henrietta, age 7/12, born in Wisconsin

10 Jun 1870
Mauston, Juneau Co., Wisconsin, age 33
Cole, Lewis R, age 29, Farmer, born in New York
Cole, Francis, age 26, Keeping house, born in England
Cole, George H, age 4, born in Wisconsin
Cole, Alvin V, age 1, born in Wisconsin

16 Jun 1870
Lindina, Juneau Co., WI, page 49, line 13
Fisbinder, Wm, age 21, Farm Hand, born in Illinois
Fisbinder, Elleanor, age 25, Keeping house, born in England

15 Jun 1880
Lindina, Juneau Co., Wisconsin, ED 189, Page 11
Risdon, G.T., age 74, Farmer, born in England
Risdon, Jane, wife, age 70, House keeping, born in England
Risdon, C.A., son, age 29, Farming, born in England
Risdon, Clanra G., wife, age 22, House Keeping, born in Wisconsin
Risdon, E.H., age 42, brother, Farming, born in England
Robinson, H.M., age 21, boarder, Teacher, born in New York

15 Jun 1900
Mauston, Juneau Co., Wisconsin, ED 81, Sheet 10B, Line 84
Fosbinder, William, head, born Jan 1848, age 52, married 30 years, born in Illinois, Day laborer, owns his house
Fosbinder, Ellener, wife, born Apr 1845, age 55, 8 children born-5 living, born in England, immigrated in 1851
Fosbinder, Sadie, daughter, born Feb 1877, age 23, born in Wisconsin, School teacher
Fisbinder, Charles, son, born Apr 1885, age 15, born in Wisconsin
Risden, Jane, m in law, born Jun 1809, age 90, widowed, 10 children born-5 living, born in England, immigrated in 1851

6 Jun 1900
Lake Geneva, Walworth Co., Wisconsin, ED 92, Sheet 8A, Line 94
Cross, Norman N., head, born May 1828, age 72, married 39 years, born in New York, rents a house
Cross, Henrietta, wife, born Nov 1846, age 54, 3 children born-1 living, born in England, immigrated in 1859

15 Jun 1900
Mauston, Juneau Co., Wisconsin, ED 81, Sheet 10B, Line 89
Cole, Lewis, head, born Feb 1840, age 60, married 34 years, born in New York, Farmer, owns his farm
Cole, Francis, wife, born Apr 1843, age 57, born in England, immigrated 1851

15 Jun 1900
Mauston, Juneau Co., Wisconsin, ED 81, Sheet 10B, Line 91
Cole, George, head, born Jun 1865, age 34, married 13 years, born in WI, Hames maker, owns his farm
Cole, Eliza, wife, born Nov 1867, age 32, born in Wisconsin,
Cole, Arthur, son, born Jul 1898, born in Wisconsin
Trimble, Nettie, sister in law, born May 1884, age 16, born in Wisconsin
Trimble, Nelson, father in law, born feb 1840, age 60, widowed, born in New York

I'll continue looking for more information.

Have a good evening,


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