Katherine (Burdick) Murphy, in a letter to Albrta Horan, states that her father copied an old family tin type. This is probably the copy, but the original tin type has not been located.

(front row, left-to-right): Frank Burdick, son of George Bradford ; Morgan Burdick ; Olive Patterson Burdick ; Harry Fulton ; Martha (Burdick) Fulton (daughter of Morgan, holding child).

(back row, left-to-right): Frederick Burdick ; Jemima Jane Risdon (Mrs. George Bradford Burdick) ; George Bradford Burdick (it was apparently fashionable to leave civil war uniforms unbuttoned) ; Samuel Burdick (father of Katherine Murphy) ; Charles Burdick.

George Burdick (5th son) not yet born in 1880

all 4 boys probably sons of George Bradford Burdick, who had 5 sons and 4 daughters. Birthyears for the 5 sons are : Fred (1869), Frank (1872), Samuel (1873), Charles (1875), George (1887). This image from a scanned photocopy kept by Alberta Horan; Photo about 1880, based on apparent ages of the children.
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