X. Sadleir
John Sadleir
Andrew McFarland
Anastasia Sadleir
 Andrew John (#1) 
 Matilda J. 
 Andrew John (#2) 
 Frederick W. 
 Thomas A. 
 Robert J. 

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Refer to a list of birth dates written by Katherine (Burdick) Murphy

Alberta Horan (email dated 26 August 2006) writes: I ....found a letter from the Church of Ireland written to my dad's sister Charlotte in 1935 after she had written for information. However, it states only birth record found was for Robert James; in 1878 (no month or day given). On the top of the letter is a notation "correct birthdate for Thomas Alexander Mcfarland is December 29th, 1872". The letter states all birth records before 1877 were sent to Dublin, and destroyed when the court house was blown up in 1916. In a handwritten list written by my mother, giving birthdate info on all our family, she listed dad's birthdate as 12-29-1872. In the insurance policy dad applied for with Modern Woodmen in Feb 17 1908, states he was born in Ireland December 24, 1974, which indicates he did not know the actual date at that time. I believe I would go with the date of December 29, 1872. I knew of [Matilda's] existence from mention of her in the insurance papers and a quit claim deed from Farleys to Thomas A. McFarland . Later Barbara [Johnson] obtained the info that she had settled and married in Wisconson to a man named Thomas Farley.....You should have had copies of letters from dad's cousin Emily, with some addresses, in case anyone went to Ireland.

Alberta Horan's daughter Joyce Keller (in August 2007) relates by phone:
In 1995, Joyce Keller's family stayed at a Bed & Breakfast operated by a Mrs. Lyttle (age about 75) and her son John (age in 30s), located near the southeast edge of Ballygawley, near the local Catholic church. A google search reveals that this Bed & Breakfast was called The Grange, which is the name of a local TownLand, address 15 Grange Rd., which is no longer a Bed & Breakfast since Mrs. Lyttle died. Mrs. Lyttle apparently kept several copies of a genealogical history called Ulster Heart written by the pastor of the C.O.I. in Ballygawley, now out-of-print.

Details of book:
Title: Ulster Heart, An Ancient Irish Habitation
Author: Rev. (Cecil) Brett Ingram
ISBN number: 0962154407
Published 1988 by All-Ireland Heritage, Dunn Loring, Virginia 22027 (Phone 703-560-4496 is a non-working number)

Mrs. Lyttle recognized Joyce's family as one of 2-3 distinct McFarland families who live in the local area, and said that ours contained two Andrew McFarlands, father and son. Mrs. Lyttle knew where the younger Andrew was buried, but did not have time to show Joyce that day. Apparently the graves are nearby, in an old abandoned cemetery. Thomas F. McFarland visited there in the early 1970s and saw the graves, which were still quite legibly marked. Mrs. Lyttle called a Church of Ireland church about 5 miles east of Ballygawley, on a high hill, not in a town, and arranged for Joyce to see the records, which were kept in a safe ; Evelynn Cartwright, a Canadian who has researched in this area, describes the St. Matthews COI at Ballinasaggart as the church Joyce likely visited. Joyce copied the records, of which 2-3 pages related to our family, but Joyce has subsequently lost her notes, alas. Joyce suggested that this Clogher church might not open its records vault to just anyone expressing an interest. Joyce thought she recalled seeing that Anastasia's husband Andrew was born in Aughnacloy, 5 miles south of Ballygawley.

A bible kept by Charlotte (McFarland) Graham, and passed to the George Ferris's family after Charlotte died, lists the following birth dates for Charlotte and her siblings:

The 1900 census lists Matilda and her 3 brothers living in the same house in Fountain City:

The 1920 census lists all 3 of Matilda's children still living at home in Fountain City, Wis.; it also states Juliana emigrated in 1895

Barbara Johnson notes: I downloaded an abstract of Griffiths Valuation of Ireland - there were six McFarlands and two McFarlanes, and one Sadleir all in Carnteel Parish and Tyrone County:

Irish birth registries list two people named Margaret McFarland registered in Clogher Parish, one born 1867 (film # 101142, vol 3 Pg 136), the other born 1869 (film #101197 vol.18, Pg 138)

Charlotte Reinhart, in an exchange with Barbara Johnson on the web, writes of seeing other people with the surname "McFarland" living in Trempealeau for the 1880 US census. The implication is that these people knew our family or are related, and that this relationship might be the reason that Matilda and her 3 brothers moved to Trempealeau, Wisconsin:

Name - Parent or spouse names - Home in 1880 (City,County,State) - Birth Year - BirthPlace - Relation

G. Mcfarland, wife Jennie Hale, living in Trempealeau, WI, born abt 1848 in Maine
Jennie Mcfarland, husband G. Hale, living in Trempealeau, WI, born abt 1850 in England
Charles, father Mcfarland G., mother Jennie Hale, living in Trempealeau, WI , born abt 1868 in Wisconsin Son
Chesley, father Mcfarland G., mother Jennie Hale, living in Trempealeau, WI , born abt 1872 in Wisconsin Son
Harry, Mcfarland G., Jennie Hale, Trempealeau, WI abt 1879 Wisconsin Son

Household Members: Name Age
G. Mcfarland 32
Jennie Mcfarland 30
Charles Mcfarland 12
Chesley Mcfarland 8
Harry Mcfarland 1

In the 1870 United States Federal Census, I found:

Name Home in 1870 (City, County, State) Estimated Birth Year BirthPlace Race Gender

Granville Mc Farland Hale, Trempealeau, WI abt 1845 Maine White Male
Jennie Mc Farland Hale, Trempealeau, WI abt 1846 England White Female
Charles E Mc Farland Hale, Trempealeau, WI abt 1868 Wisconsin White Male

The Mormon website lists several people named Granville McFarland, but one born in Blue Hill, Hancock, Maine on 13 July 1846, died in Oregon on 23 April 1916; father Jonathan Fisher McFarland born in same location on 12 October 1803, died in same location on 24 September 1849; Jonathan's father listed as Peter McFarland, born in Schenectady, NY on 4 June 1761, died in Blue Hill, Hancock, Maine, on 22 April 1846. No connection with Northern Ireland seems apparent in this data

* Starred data was located by Evelynn Cartwright of Canada using Emerald Ancestors, Ancestry.Com, and PRONI website.