Email from Warren Sadler
descended from John Sadler and Jane Marie Ridley

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Jane Maria Ridley reference

In the early 1800s, at least two men named John Sadleir (or Sadler) married women named Jane. One of these couples lived near Ahascragh in County Galway, Ireland, and never left that country; this couple had a daughter Anastasia who married Andrew McFarland. The other couple lived near Carrick-on-Shannon in County Lietrim, and emigrated to Canada about 1825. The name similarity caused some mingling of the data for these couples, but in 2009, descendant Warren Sadler commented (below) to clear up this confusion.

You have found me. And yes, I do know John and Jane (Ridley) Sadler. John is my second great grand-uncle. This is his birth family, known to be accurate in all respects except the presumed name of his mother, which I based on the use of 'Margaret' in the families of Edward's sons.

You reference to John and Jane who emigrated to Canada are indeed mine, as you will see by the coincidence in dates and locations...Mount Pleasant, where John served as blacksmith, is a crossroads community only a few kilometers north of Cavan, in Cavan township. These folks came over in 1825. It may help to clarify any confusion among offspring to know what I have of their line. I am unable to account for 'Sarah' who seems about the same age as Maria in my list...but Maria is well documented. I have quite a nice picture of her husband, Joseph Terrault. Best known among the sons is John James, who succeeded to his father's business and made a name for himself as the manufacturer of Fruit Cleaning Machinery.

1 John Sadler b: Abt. 1797 County Leitrim Ireland d: May 16, 1886 Mount Pleasant, Ontario
. +Jane Ridley b: Abt. 1808 Ireland d: December 9, 1893 Mount Pleasant, Ontario
.... 2 Robert Sadler b: Bet. 1820 - 1825 Ireland
.... 2 Elizabeth Sadler b: Abt. 1824
........ +Thomas Manuel b: Abt. 1822 m: 1867 Durham, Ontario
.......... 3 Charles Manuel
.... 2 [2] Margaret Sadler b: Abt. 1833 Port Hope, Upper Canada d: May 10, 1917 Port Hope. Ontario
........ +William Galbraith b: Abt. 1828 Ireland m: Abt. 1854 d: Bet. 1861 - 1871
.......... 3 [1] Francis William 'Frank' Galbraith b: 1855 Cartwright, Canada West d: Aft. February 12, 1942
.............. +Sarah Margaret Porteus b: 1857 Manvers, Canada West m: December 11, 1878 Ballyduff, Manvers Twp., Durham Co., Ontario
.......... *2nd Wife of [1] Francis William 'Frank' Galbraith:
.............. +Adelaide 'Addie' A Staples m: July 12, 1917
.......... 3 Nelson Galbraith b: Abt. 1857
.......... 3 James George 'Guy' Galbraith b: 1860 Canada d: October 14, 1911 Port Hope, Ontario
.............. +Jane 'Jennie' Sadler b: September 7, 1867 Ormstown, Quebec m: October 13, 1886 St. James Anglican Church, Ormstown, Quebec d: June 10, 1889 Marion, Illinois
.......... 3 John Edward Galbraith b: Abt. 1862
.............. +Teressa Byrnes
.... *2nd Husband of [2] Margaret Sadler:
........ +John Mitchell b: Abt. 1842 Canada m: September 24, 1874 St John's Church, Cavan
.... 2 Edward Sadler b: Bet. 1836 - 1840 Canada
.... 2 Marjorie Kimble Sadler b: August 4, 1843 Emily Twp., Victoria County, Canada West d: February 19, 1901 Manvers township, Ontario
........ +John McCrorie b: September 25, 1844 Lockport, New York m: March 23, 1870 Parsonage, Cavanville, Ontario d: February 21, 1927 Manvers township, Ontario
.......... 3 William John McCrorie b: September 4, 1870 Manvers township, Ontario d: January 11, 1899 Peterborough, Ontario
.............. +Sarah Ann Gillespie m: October 29, 1890
.......... 3 Henry Robert 'Harry' McCrorie b: May 29, 1878 Manvers township, Ontario d: February 8, 1942 Manvers township, Ontario
.......... 3 Margaret Jane McCrorie b: December 6, 1882 Franklin, Manvers Twp, Ontario d: February 24, 1964 Toronto, Ontario
.............. +Guy Goss Tripp b: January 1, 1880 Newport, Maine, USA m: September 6, 1905 Bethany, Ontario d: September 26, 1954 Manvers Twp, Ontario
.... 2 Maria Sadler b: Abt. 1845 Canada West
........ +Joseph Terrault b: Abt. 1843 Canada m: October 1, 1863 Newcastle District, Upper Canada
.......... 3 Lillie Terrault b: Abt. 1866
.... 2 Charlotte Sadler b: Abt. 1848 Cavan Twp., Durham county, Canada West d: Ohio
........ +Henry Lilly b: Abt. 1846 England m: March 4, 1874 Cavan Twp., Durham county, Ontario
.... 2 John James Sadler b: Abt. 1851 Cavan Twp., Durham county, Canada West d: 1932 Toronto, Ontario
........ +Kezia Parker b: May 30, 1855 South Monaghan twp, Canada West m: June 6, 1877 Baillieboro, Ontario d: 1933 Toronto, Ontario
.......... 3 Walter Alan Sadler b: May 5, 1878 Manvers Twp., Ontario d: September 27, 1926 Sioux Lookout, Ontario
.............. +Maggie Florence Baird b: 1879 Toronto, Ontario m: November 11, 1905 Toronto, Ontario d: Toronto, Ontario
.......... 3 Bessie Alan Sadler d: New York
.............. +Ramsdale

I spent several days with John Heueston, then president of the Irish Family History Society, in Dublin exploring the possibilities. The result was always the same. We left in 1816. We saw lots of useful records that might be related but literally none that could be confirmed to my line, so any links to others or other records were meaningless in the context of my family. I have had the registers from the Church of Ireland at Carrick in my hands. Lots of entries in the surnames of interest but unfortunately, the earliest entries are from 1826, one year AFTER my lot had left it all behind. I can find no references that would identify a relationship, and those relations would be cousins at best since the entire family had emigrated. That's not quite true--it appears eldest son Robert and his large family left later and lived in county Cavan, so there could be records of that lot.

Tom McFarland asked:
I gather that in your view, your family has no known link to County Galway in general, or to Ahascragh in particular, right?

That is correct. Edward was born and had his first son at Castletenison, then raised his family on rented farmland in county Lietrim not far from Carrick-on-Shannon. Only the eldest son seems to have strayed from there, marrying and settling in county Cavan before emigrating with his family.

Above information from Warren Sadler, by email in Novemer 2009