[top] A 1945 letter from Julia (McFarland) Knowles
written to Thomas and Sara McFarland
Transcription of this letter
[bottom] A 1956 letter from Julia (McFarland) Knowles
written to Sara McFarland shortly after the death of
Thomas A. McFarland, and shortly before Julia's death
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Transcription of above 1945 letter

Dear Tom and Sara:

My dear Brother & sister

I was glad to hear from you & to see you were well. Now Tom Mery will put you in Charlotte's address so you can have a time to write her a few lines. Charlotte [probably Julia's sister Charlotte] is asual. Mery [probably Julia's daughter Mary] sent her a pound & I sent her half pound of tender leaf tea. Poor unfortunate creature, she had the the height of bad luck but her old nurse is so good to her. Be careful of what you write. You see, Tellie wrote that nasty letter to the Masons & it hurt Charlotte so much, in 6 months neither Catholic or Protestant went to see her. After about 6 months only one woman kept going to see her & she is old & can't go out much, so Charlotte never sees a soul unless someone comes to see the landlady. And as for Carrie [probably Julia's sister Caroline], Charlotte wrote her of father's passing (see note below) & she has not stopped telling a lot of lies of him & myself. I just laugh & say please don't tell me anything about her .

Now Tom how is your home for heat. You must have it very nice. If I saw a wolf I would drop, or any other wild beast. The prairie wolves sure must be plenty. They come down in droves to Montana & then on floating wood to your country Montana, M. Milener used to tell me 20 years ago, will now Tom.

Tom, my son Bob is out for good on Tuesday & Jack is out 3 months ago. Bob is a fine young man but Jack is not so tall. One is 43 (Jack), Bob is 27 past. Well I have been laid up for this last, while the day before Thanksgiving, I took a weak spell....am able to sit up a while this last 2 days.

Well Tom, do you remember aunt Mattie [possibly Julia's sister Matilda?] & the candy scissors [chauns] spoons & the little tree she used to dress for us? Do you remember Billy [???] & playing the pins? My, we had plenty of fun & expect Teresa & Annie ["Annie" may be Caroline's daughter-in-law] to drop in. Agness's husband is looking very well & he tells me if the place is any worse than his life since Agness passed on, he gives [???] for he sure has no snap of it. He is alone & only for his faithful dog, he would give up. Money don't count [when] your partner is gone for good.

Mack is old & old fashioned & his family does as they please. He is so lonesome in that big house by the sea, but Tom, I have seen a great change.

Well, I will close wishing you all a merry & glorious Xmas to you all.

Your loving sister, Julia

Dec 7, 1945

Julia mentions "fathers passing" in her letter. On the surface, this might appear to be the passing of the father to Julia, Charlotte, Matilda, and Caroline (sisters). However, Charlotte and her brother Robert both report that these parents died in 1891 and 1893. Furthermore, Julia's husband died 1943-44, and therefore Barbara Johnson suggests that the father in "father's passing" is John Knowles.

A 1956 letter from Julia (McFarland) Knowles
written to Sara McFarland 4 months after the death
of Thomas A. McFarland, and one month before Julia's death
Transcription of this letter

Transcription of above 1956 letter

My dear Sara

I hope you are not sick booth mery & I think of you every day & how lonesome you must be but we know it is hard to sell a home just at thiss time of the yere but we pray for you to be lucky to sell it

Sara if you could visit your children so as you will have time to know what you can best decide on. The summer is gone & it is so dreary in winter. I dread the long cold days myself for I am not well & Mery being so poorly with the ilness but god is good & perhaps Sara god will give her back her health again. Tom was long feeling not so strong. I had father 27 years he never was able to earn any money to help me so I had to work so hard my oldest daughter stayed with me & what a help she was but now we are both very poorly but I am 82 past.

Well I hope god helps you & us so as life for us will be brighter & time tells what will happen. Will Sara I have been very poorly for over 2 weeks had a letter from Cusin Emily just before tom's death. she said she had a bad spell but was feeling a little better. She had a very unhappy life well Carrie & Charlot was very cruel to say the things they did. it didn't do them any credit. the booth was afraid [Aut] Mary might send me some money. Cusion Robert ) Emily & Heely ) Best ) Charlot & gorges graham Carrie ) those all got her money & had awful bad luck with love from Mery & myself

Aff sister Julia

October / 26 / 1956