From the collections of Kathleen McCandless,    Grace Wachowiak, and   Fred Wilson

Three weavings by Anastasia Sadleir. According to legend, only these three tapestries exist,
given to Anastasia's daughters, thereafter to be handed down to the eldest daughter.

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Sampler #1, created by Anastasia Sadleir in 1847

Sampler #1, bottom 2 lines, showing coarseness of the weaving
reads "A. Sadleir . Aged . 10 . Years . This . 22d Day . of . September . 1847 ... "

Sampler #2, created by Anastasia Sadleir, perhaps later than 1847

Sampler #3, created by Anastasia Sadleir, depicting Mary Queen of Scots giving up her crown.
This object owned by Grace Wachowiak, granddaughter of Matilda (McFarland) Farley

Sampler #3, showing detail of weaving

Sampler #4, creator uncertain, possibly also Anastasia Sadlier.
This object owned by Fred Wilson of Armagh, Northern Irelland, great-great-grandson of Charlotte (McFarland) Kelly