Thomas Farley
Matilda J. McFarland
Thomas G.
Cresentia Bernard
Frederick H.
Henry Lambert
Lillian M.
Paul J. Moynihan
Jane M.
Thomas E.
Nancy Tigue
Kevin T.
Michael J.
Kathleen A.

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The 1900 census lists Matilda and her 3 brothers living in the same house in Fountain City, Wisconsin:
      [1] Fred W. McFarland, born March 1872 in Ireland, emigrated in 1891
      [2] Thomas A. McFarland, born December 1874 in Ireland, emigrated in 1894
      [3] Robert J. McFarland, born December 1878 in Ireland, emigrated in 1897
The 1920 census lists all 3 of Matilda's children still living at home in Fountain City, Wis.
The above information in part supplied by Thomas E. Farley of Tucson, Arizona, in September 2006