Angus McKay
Catheran Harris
James R. McKay
Charlotte J. Davids
Sylvester Eck
Isabel X.
Calvin D. McKay
Harriet E. Reynolds
John W. Eck
Ruth Ann
Clifford J. Cox
Linda Lee
Julia Smith
John R.
Debra Colangelo
James Perry

Amy L.

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Information about these people from [A] a chance discovery in the California death index showing that Calvin D. McKay died in San Diego. [B] Calvin's death certificate revealed his wife and burial site, which then supplied Harriet's death date. [C] Short obituaries of both Calvin and Harriet were then located in the Chicago Tribune. [D] A search for Linda Eck in California on-line marriage index revealed her husband Clifford Cox, whose California phone number was listed. Additional information from Linda Lee Cox. Information for John R. Eck from a face-to-face meeting with Tom McFarland on 23 August 2003 in Las Vegas. John owns pictures of James McKay and others. Dates for Calvin McKay come from a record in a bible. In 2012, Julia L. (Smith) Musall contributed information on her marriage to John R. Eck.