digital transcription by Tom L. McFarland in August 2001

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From the back cover of an old bible in the Wm. Jandt collection of Edgerton family relicts
[probably written in 2 sittings (1897 and 1914) by Charlotte Judd Davids]
Sherry Jandt writes the following in February 2005, in response to a request by Jim Downey :

We examined the Bible and found it was published in 1804. The inscription in the front is as follows:

Philadelphia, Christmas 1832
Given to my dear daughter Hattie [=Harriet ?]
Jan 1st 1883 to be given to my granddaughter Charlie when she thinks advisable

(unable to read 1st initial) W. Brown [probably Calvin Brown]

There was no special page anywhere that we could find for family records. We did, however find reference to a book - History of Sudbury, Mass.

We do not know if the Bible was part of the things Charlotte received after Emmett passed away or if they were part of her personal possessions.

[added later] My apologies, after discussing it we decided that Char got all of Emmett's things when he and wife were placed in a nursing home and the family broke sold the house.

Henry Stephen Davids - son of Henry Van Wort Davids and Maria (Brinkerhoff) Davids, born at FishKill-on-Hudson - Duchess Co. N.Y. April 4, 1839:

Adeline Coy Brown - daughter of Calvin Brown and Susan Whittaker (Segar) Brown, born at Sackett's Harbor, N.Y. July 18, 1850
Married at Mare Island, California, December 12, 1872, Henry Stephen Davids and Adeline Coy Brown
Born April 27, 1875 - At Mare Island, California - Charlotte Judd Davids - daughter of Henry Stephen Davids and Adeline Coy (Brown) Davids
Died - At Shanghai, China, Sept 14 - 1878. Adeline Coy Davids of cholera. Buried at Mare Island, California
Died - at Sandwich, Ills Feb 8 - 1888 - Henry Stephen Davids, Bright's disease (a kidney disease marked by albumin in the urine). Buried at Sandwich, Illinois
Born - At Chicago, Ilinois Dec 23 - 1870 - James Robert McKay - son of Angus and Catheran (Harris) McKay
Married at Kenosha, Wisconsin - December the 31 - 1893 - James Robert McKay and Charlotte Judd Davids
Born - At Chicago - February 25 - 1895 - Calvin Davids McKay, son of James Robert and Charlotte (Davids) McKay
Died - at Chicago - April 20 - 1896 - James Robert McKay - of tuberculosis - Buried at Forest Home Cemetery - Chicago
Married - at Oak Park, Ill., George H. Edgerton and Charlotte D. McKay - April 25 - 1899
George Harrison Edgerton - is the son of Thomas Emmet Edgerton and Rachel. born at Hanover, Ill. Sept. 27 - 1868
Born at Oak Park, Ill. February 19 - 1906 - George Emmet - son of George H. and Charlotte D. Edgerton.
Born at Oak Park, Ill. Oct. 31 - 1909 - Florence Adeline - daughter of George H. and Charlotte D. Edgerton.
Born at Sandwich, Ill. Jan 19 - 1913 - Charlotte Rachel - daughter of George H. and Charlotte D. Edgerton.

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