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These are among the oldest photos in the album. The woman is Emeline's mother, Maria Brinckerhoff (1806 - 1885), identified in the Potter Album. Leslie Bellais, of the Wisconsin Historical Society, writes "from what I can see [the man's] clothes are definitely 1870s. [The woman's clothes are] definitely 1860s. The cut of her bodice combined with a bishop sleeve was only worn in the 1860s. Her hairstyle is definitely out of date for the 1860s, and is probably something she wore in her youth. ... The woman is wearing a hoop skirt; it is not a mourning dress." The man could not be Henry Van Wart Davids, who died (according to James Downey) in 1842, but he is likely Garrett Davids (1823-1885) who would have been about age 50 at the time the clothes were purchased; an alternate photo of Garrett Davids identifies him. See research done by James Downey. Photo of maria by Phillips, 111 Bowery, NY; the number "3" is handwritten on the back: photo of Garrett Davids by Richard Walzl's, Baltimore, with a 2 cent proprietary stamp on the back, and handwritten number "6596"

(left) Maria Brinckerhoff , mother
of Emeline, Henry, and Phoebe Davids
  (right) Garrett Davids (?),
brother of Emeline, Henry, and Phoebe Davids
Alternate photo