Constantinus Tack
Rosalie De Loof
Maria M.

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The above trees based (in part) upon :
[1] the birth certificate of Marina Tack is available,
[2] a marriage certificate for Constatinus Tack and Rosalie De Loof, and
[3] communications of Chris de Veth of Belgium provide alternative trees which are consistent with the birth certificate in [1]
[4]See email # 1

The website called "Geni" overseen by Louise Bartnicki sends notices regularly, including this data, which may describe the "unknown" sibling in the above tree:
1 new Smart Match was found in De Vliegher Web Site Family Tree, managed by Firmin De Vliegher (contact), on

This matches Diane Tack's Geni profile.

Diane Tack
wife's great aunt
Parents: Constantinus Tack and Rosalia Tack
Diane Tack
Parents: Constantinus Tack, Rosalia Tack (geboren Deloof)
Siblings:, Jules Tack, Marie Marina Devos (geboren Tack), Remi Tack, Irma Heyndrickx (geboren Tack), Maurice Justin Tack, Rene L. Tack, Herman E