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Email from Chris DeVeth to various people including Tom McFarland on 31 October 2004

Hello Tack family,

I have not received any news from you since I met Chris in Brussels - he even promised me a few pictures he took of me and Nathan. Further I ran into this message via Roots Web and I cannot figure out where the TACK's mentioned fit in. What about you ?


-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: mardi 5 octobre 2004 2:59
Subject: Pincket-Tavery Families

Hello Listers,
I previously was a lister and now that I have a little more time, I'm back to try again. I am interested in any word from descendants or any information regarding my family and/or my husband's. Following is what I have to date:
EDWARDUS TAFFEIREN, born 6/May/1855, Zedelghem; died 13/June/1924

MARIA LAKIERE, born 11/August/1862, Wyngene; died 22/April/1921
3 daughters,


1 son (my father), CAMIL PETRUS TAFFEIRENE, Oostcamp; name on passport -CAMIEL TAVEIRNE; name on U.S. Army papers -

born 3/June/1889; died 7/Oct/1962 -

HELEN MARGUERITE LION, Yper; born 8/May/1886; died 18/Sept/1965. They moved to Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan after WW1, Sept. 1919. My husband's grandfather, JULES PINCKET born 30/Sept/1877 in Belgium; died 17/April/1961 in Mt. Clemens, Michigan - married LEONA TACK, born 6/1883 in Belgium; died 11/Oct/1952 in St. Clair Shores, Michigan.

JULES PINCKET had a brother, PAUL and a sister, EMMA.

LEONA TACK had 3 sisters, IRENE, ZOE, and a third I do not know. She also had 1 brother, TREFONT. Two of the TACK sisters married VAN HOLLEBEKE brothers. IRENE married OSCAR LAPIERRE. They all had travelled to the U.S., Michigan. Any help is sincerely appreciated.

As you can see, our family remained quite "Belgium". My father was a bit of a hero at his local pigeon club-bar as all four of his children married Belgians (my sister married a Van Hoet; my other sister married an Allemon; my brother married an Allemon. The Allemons and Van Hoets were cousins. I would think that there are some descendants of these wonderful people who have joined this fine web site. Any information is appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
Margaret Tavery Pincket

email received from Martine Taffeiren on 11 November 2005
From: Martine Taffeiren []


My name is Martine TAFFEIREN, from Belgium, Bruges
I tried to answer to the following e-mail but unfortunately this was no longer active. Perhaps you are related to this person?

Anyway after searching the web I found your e-mail.
If I can contribute in any way to search of relatives in Belgium, perhaps I can be of some help?
My fathers name is Rogerus TAFFEIREN and my grandfathers name was LEON TAFFEIREN (born in 1898).

Greetings from Belgium

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