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(clockwise from upper left) George De Vos, Winnifred Olsen, Marilyn Olsen, Walter Baurle, John N. Olsen,
Marion E. (Faith) Olsen, Magdalena (Kunz) Faith, Irma Faith, Enid Olsen (about 1950)
See the Kunz-Faith-Olsen family tree

(Females, left to right) Marina Tack, Cecile (Celina's daughter), Celina, Mary (Celina's daughter), and Eliza (Maurice's wife)
(Males, left to right) Joe (Medard) De Vos (husband of Marina), Joseph (Celina's husband), Maurice (brother of Marina Tack).
(These identifications by George De Vos in 2005) See family tree

From Marge Martin album (1907-10, Belgium). George De Vos identifies the right-most man as Joe (Medard) De Vos, but claims others are unrelated. Marge Martin felt the left-most man without a moustach was Cèsar De Vos. See family tree