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(clockwise from upper left) George De Vos, Winnifred Olsen, Marilyn Olsen, Walter Baurle, John N. Olsen,
Marion E. (Faith) Olsen, Magdalena (Kunz) Faith, Irma Faith, Enid Olsen (about 1950)
See the Kunz-Faith-Olsen family tree

(Females, left to right) Marina Tack, Cecile (Celina's daughter), Celina, Mary (Celina's daughter), and Eliza (Maurice's wife)
(Males, left to right) Joe (Medard) De Vos (husband of Marina), Joseph (Celina's husband), Maurice (brother of Marina Tack).
(These identifications by George De Vos in 2005) See family tree

From Marge Martin album., an uncertain group, possibly 5 or 6 of the 11 children of Mathilde (van Thournout) De Vos. Dated 1907-1910 from clothing styles by Leslie Bellais of the Wisconsin Historical Society. The following is proposed :

(standing left to right) Cyril, Cèsar ( = Charles), Oscar, and Medard (= Joe) ;
(seated) sister (Maria) Ghislena with (? possibly her husband Renč Algoet ?).

If the above assignment is correct, the photo date must be no earlier than about 1915, because Oscar was born in 1900.

George De Vos stated that the right-most man was his father Medard (= Joe), but felt the remaining people were inrelated. Marge Martin (who owns the photo) felt that the man standing 2nd from the left (with handkercheif in pocket) was her father, Cèsar ( = Charles) De Vos (brother of Medard)

Tom McFarland contacted the Belgian Beer Board to comment on the name of the beer. Filip Geerts writes (on 10 March 2011) : "Difficult, VERY difficult. Looks to me like this beer was named Coy'Heimsen brewed at Van Eecke (Watou), But ... I'm not sure of this. Cheers, Btw..... Great picture !!!!--" Filip Geerts, Brugge Belgium Europe.

The Van Eecke brewery in Watou, Belgium, has been in existence since the 1600s