David X. Faith
Magdalena X. Kunz
John N. Olsen
Marion E. Faith
Irma Faith
Winifred L.
Enid M.
Marilyn F.

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Family tree drawn by Christian Olsen

Comments from Winnie (Olsen) McLaughlin in January 2006:

Nils Olsen, the relative you mentioned in Norway, :
He might welcome an e-mail forward when you get the newly discovered data you hope will be sent.

My rollidex gives names of Nils Olsen's sisters: Elin and Tordis. Marilyn (Baurle) has met one or both, so she will know more, as, of course, does Nils. Nils lifetime work was with the Norwegian Royal Navy.

Another Norwegian relative who once visited a few hours in Berkeley : Odd Torkildsen; wife Grethe. From Bergen, Norway. His work was with a Norwegian cruise line, I think. Marilyn will know more re these people, too.