Gabriel Jorisen Fyllingen
Martha Bastesdatter Reigstad
Baste Gabrielsen Fyllingen
Ole Gabrielsen Fyllingen
Martha Nilsen
Christian M. Olsen, Sr.
Nicholas G. Olsen
Caroline Johnson
Nils Olsen
John N.
William X. Wolfrath
Ernest Willvonseder
Giovanni Greto

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Family tree drawn by Christian Olsen

Email from Dawn Olsen. The above tree was drawn through information from Winifred and Marilyn, two daughters of John N. Olsen, and Nils Olsen in Oslo, together with a tree drawn by Christian M. Olsen Jr., who lived in Norway during his youth. The name "Olsen" enters the family tree with Christian M. Olsen (the elder), through the Norwegian custom of naming children after the father's first name; in this case, Christian M. Olsen's father was Ole Gabrielson Fyllingen.