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Email from Dawn Olsen

From: Dawn R. Olsen [drolsen@charter.net] Sent: Sun 12/11/2005 11:38 AM
To: McFarland, Thomas L
Subject: Olsen Family Tree

Hello Thomas,

My name is Dawn Olsen and I am researching my husbandís family tree. I think I may have found something interesting within your site. See this excerpt:

Marilyn (above) contributed most dates above, and also contributes the following, quoted verbatim (from website:

"There was Moroni Olsen Hollywood MGM star, making at least 60 movies between 1928-58 who had a brother Edward and sister Anna. Anna died as a young woman on a bridge or off it (!) accident? Moroni never married. Edward did and had at least one son named Edward who is\was a lawyer in California. I've asked Winnie many times to look him up and contact him via law channels out there, but she doesn't. There was Christian Olsen who married Margaret? I have that name somewhere. He was first cousin. They had two boys, both now deceased. First was named Kenneth. He married Joan? (have that, too) They had 5 children. John lived in St. Louis...Enid met him out there. I don't know details, but Joan Olsen would."

Christian Olsen
Margaret Kypke
John J. Murdock
Maude [Murdock]
Joan X.
John C. Olsen
Doris L. Murdock
5 kids
John M. Olsen
Dawn DuBose
Jane A.
Susan D.

This looks incredibly similar to my husbandís family. I would love to have your feedback. The Olsen lineage has not been easy to research. Olsen Family Tree

Have a Great Day!

Dawn R. Olsen

(second email)
I quizzed my husband last night; he confirms that Kennethís wife is Joan and that they had at least 5 children. He also states that the Olsen children are quite well to do in New York due to the land that was purchased by Kenneth and left to the children. He also confirms that Christian is from Norway not Denmark and Margaret Victoria is half Norwegian and half German.

A phone call would be wonderful; I donít mind giving you my cell phone number, 314-368-4897.

Wow, thanks for the infoÖthis is exciting.


This email was forwarded to Marilyn (Olsen) Baurle, and the two people were to talk this over and report back