Will of Archibald McCaughan dated 1885
Located by Evelynn Cartwright and transcribed by Tom McFarland, February 2012

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McCaughan, Archibald

This is the last Will and testament of me Archibald M'Caughan of Grange Ballygawley in the parish of Errigal Keerogue and County of Tyrone , farmer.

I leave and bequeath to my trustees and executors hereinafter named all the property of whatsoever value and kind which I may die possessed of or entitled to. Upon the trusts and subject to the conditions hereinafter expressed of and consuming the same that is to say:

1st Upon trust immediately after my decease to give over to my dear wife Mary all the money chattels and effects which I may be possessed of or entitled to (except the farm hereinafter mentioned) for her own use absolutely.

2nd Upon trust to permit my said wife to have immediate and sole occupation and permission for the term of her natural life only of the farm in the townland of Grange which I hold from General A.G.M. Moore together with the house and buildings thereon and the appurtenances thereunto belonging and to have her accepted as tenant from year to year thereof for the aforesaid term subject to the punctual payment of the rent of said farm as same shall accrue due.

Third, upon trust that should my sister-in-law Martha McFarland on my decease reside with my wife as companion, and should she survived my wife (having lived with her as such companion as aforesaid) then to permit the said Martha McFarland during the term of her natural life only, to possess the said farm and premises (subject to the punctual payment by her of the rent of said farm as same shall accrue due) and the furniture stock, crop, and implements then being on the same, the said furniture stock, crop, and implements to be at the disposal by will or otherwise of the survivor of my aforesaid (some words missing)

Upon trust after the decease of my wife and of my said sister-in-law (in case she is permitted to occupy my farm or by virture of the preceeding trust) then in the discretion of my trustees and executors to utilize my said farm and premises for the benefit of the Parish Church of Ballygawley of which I am a member, either as a residence for the officiating minister for the time being, or to sell the same and invest the proceeds of such a sale in safe securities and apply the interest thereon to the annual parochial assessment of said church as my trustees and executors may deem most beneficial.

I hereby nominate and appoint Sir John Marcus Stewart Bart of Ballygawley Park, the Reverend John Maxwell Moutray of Richmount Rectory, and Mr. Thomas Turner, Merchant of Ballygawley all in the County of Tyrone to be the trustees and executors of this my will, dated fourth day of November one thousand eight hundred and eighty-five

((signed) Archibald McCaughan

(word missing) by the testotor and declared by him to be the last will and testament in presence (some words missing) his presence at his request all being present at same time have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses

J.G. Abraham , Solv. Aughnacloy
Edward Mullin, Ballygawley