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Wright family tree
Print made in Northern Ireland.
Person Y
clothing dated by Leslie Bellais at 1882 (split skirt)
estimated age 35-45: birth 1837-1847
This person may also be the subject of photo 45

This woman is wearing a wedding ring. Known females in Catherine's family born between 1835 and 1851 are:

Anastasia (Sadleir) McFarland (most likely)
Charlotte (McFarland) Kelly
Matilda Jane (Wright) Kelly
Ellen (McFarland) Robinson
Matilda McFarland
Emily McFarland

Of these, the last 3 are pictured together on page 11 and do not resemble the above woman.
The second and third women in this list cannot be ruled out, but other McFarlands are of much thinner build than the above woman.
If this woman is Matilda Jane (Wright) Kelly, she would be 31 years old in the above photo; the above woman looks older than 31.