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Charlotte (McFarland) Kelly family tree
Print made by W. Benson, Belfast.
Probably Charlotte (McFarland) Kelly (born 1836)
Compare ear shape with that in alternate photo

Clothing specialist Leslie Belais at the Wisconsin Historical Society states (in red): "c. 1900......This one is difficult
because the bodice and skirt donít seem to me to go together. The bodice reads 1880s and the skirt seems to be c. 1900,
definitely not something worn in the 1880s. There is a chance the bodice was made around 1900 (the silk fabric almost seems
to have an Art Nouveau quality to it) and just has a clunky, old-fashioned quality to it or itís an 1880s bodice paired with a newer skirt.

To my eye (Tom McFarland) the outer format of this photograph appears pre-1890, but if this evaluation is correct, we must explain how a skirt in the style of 1900 manages to appear in a photograph taken in 1885.

William Benson is listed as a photographer at 22 Lombard Street starting 1892, and 30 Great Victoria Street starting 1895.
A photogrpher named Thomas Plimmer operates at 19 High Street as early as 1870.
Thus, if William Benson no longer works at the High Street address after 1892, then this photo was likely taken before 1892.
Renee McCormick states in email of 12 March 2018 : I ........ had admired her (shot silk .) skirt and looks like bow at neck to match"
Age of woman about 40. Based on an 1882 bodice date, born 1842; based on a 1900 skirt date, born 1860